So much is being "left out" -

and the "dangers" of both constitutionally and "popularly"
giving the [Non-Elect] PM "lone-pwer" to "Call an Early Election"

in the middle of our Human Race 
"Like a mighty Ar-my ..." 

already striving and already struggling in mid-stream
to cross
an hugely-insidious
"Life-on-Earth and Human-Civilisation-Itself Extincting"
unstoppable and uncontainably

- possibly, hoever,  our http://lordsoftheblog.net
Lord Norton

is one of those who have managed to be
not  parfticipating in the above-said 
"Mighty army -

unawarely moving to cross the insidiously undertowing and imperceptibly

"Dark River of Both Life and Death" .   .   .

but halfway across being one-way-top-down ordered  
"Mark Time -  Tread-Water" -

whilst we hold an Emergency General Election".

One can almost "hear" more heads than one crying:

"We should have constitutionally carried-forward "Never try to change horses mid-stream"



One-Human-Living has acknowledged us this Sunday morning :-


Lifefresh has today warned us to be "factoring-out" - 
(from our Life and Governance Reasoning and Argumentation)
- such distractions, disinformations, and 'non-sequiturs' as
"Rhetoric and Enthymeming"

{Rhetoric is "creative-'dramatic'-'emotive'-expressionism" - "picture-sketching" -
(in Parliament often deliberately used 
to block-out moral-reasoning, formally-constructive-argumentation, 
 rational-scrutiny of 
the core-need that should be under-discussion/debate/the legislative process)
.  ; 
is deliberately-excluding, or 'accidentally'-'unwittingly'-leaving-out

and not even mentioning the existence of,
essential facts, factors, knowledge and/or 'know-how' 
of the Matter-on -the-Table 
and under legislative or constitutional discussion or 'debate' }.




As if "enthymeming" were not enough to start the day with, 
my 24/7 'live-in' homeless caree was already up, bathroom-refreshed,
and taking her essential cup of milk, 
along with starting her (also effectively 24/7 "lifesupportive-activity")  - Word-Puzzles :
one of which is evidently titled "Clever Clogs" - - - 
('scornfully' bad English and/or "Thinking"; she reckons).

The relevance here 
[to our Westminster House of Lords's 'Debate' on British Shared Values,
and indeed to our whole 
'Benignly-Covert-Oligarchic-Democratic-and-Parliamentary-Processes' (jsdm)]
might be due to my response 
to this dear old but quite deeply iatrogenicly-disabled and impaired 
Polish-Australian great-grandmother:
I said " clever feet, Adela" - {"what nonsense" Ms Lewandowska snorts back} -
"clogs are only lifeless wood it is the feet inside them that have the clewverness - that's if they can and have been moving themselves and making different shapes and patterns of movement" I say "that's the only cleverness in that -"
(Adela): "it's stupid-" 
(Adela truly needs to be real-life applying and integrating what's left of her human-energies, mind, and 'holy-spirit')
"- there is only one clever -  God's the only one clever - and there's only one God". . .


It is Sunday again !
0700 Sunday 03 December 2016

We hope you will still feel 
to the participatively-'no-lose' 
Earth-1 and the Human-Race "Sustain-worthy-ing" Movement

herein open for discussion, constructive-support, and 'scrutiny'.




to immediately see what one 'isolated' other British citizen is legally and openly saying to Democratic-Britain "via Westminster Parliament Level 
the following submission  to The House of Lords's "two-way-democratic reach-out diret to the Public" 
http://lordsoftheblog.net --> Lord Norton's knowledgeable clarification
on "PMs power to Call an Early Election":-

JohnSDMiles of 39B1

03/12/2016 at 9:29 pm

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

We have quite a few possibly ‘ruling’
and certainly ‘deeper’,
but insidiously ‘life-improvement-sabotaging’
‘hiding’ behind this “Early-Election” tangled-knot.

Firstly, the inability of our Past-Entrapped Constitution to provide constructive-flexibility and to be kept up-to-date,
along with our Peoples’ and Establishments’ inabilities to make it resilient and up-to-date-able.

Secondly, the similar respective inabilities of “The Monarchic Democracy” and “The People”
to keep their inter-dependent “selves” up-to-date
in both extraverted and introverted “holistic body-mindfulness” and in “linguistic-clarity, charity, self-corrigibility, and honesty.

{Witness the current House of Lords “debate” upon
“The UK’s Shared Values and their places in public policy”…
[jsdm critically] Our peoples House of Protection and Essential-Advocacy (the House of Lords)
appeared “unanimous” in praising
the UK Monarchic Queen’s Church of England’s chief the Archbishop of Canterbury
for tabling and ‘brilliantly’ introducing this “key-debate-topic”:
our ordinary clear-thinking-public’s first quick round of scrutiny
already knows, and can therefore make no fair-sense of,
this Top-Christian-Archbishop
[“top” under The Queen that is]
bearing the totally one-sided Militantly-Downwards-Dogmatic-Law
that only the One-Anglican-God and His Christian-Life-Values can be 1st priority for future legislation
and the Rule-of-Law over “All of the People – All-of-the-Time”.

Specificly this “debate” comes down from the one-and-only tripartite Superior on Earth
namely Her Majesty The Queen –
who in turn and equally, of course, sits under the One True Anglican God-the-Three-in-One (‘which is in Heaven”) ].

Secondly, the words of “value” to be chosen by our ‘Advocates’ in the House of Lords

{relevantly, this House is the Peoples’ Last Protection
against “being-ripped-off”‘ by other powers
but saliently by the Big-Business-Serving House of Commons}

appear to be almost all “higher-mind-conceptual-labels” :
“moral”, “ideal”, “common-man’s abstractly-descriptive”, and “vernacular”;
and are mostly Rhetorical and SCA [State-of-Consciousness-Altering] -words, phrases, sentences, and whole-speeches.

[ such terms as “loyalty”, “democracy”, “determination”, “prosperity”,
“family-values”, “home-ownership”. “hard-work”,
“freedom of religion”, “fairplay”, “decency”…
few if any of which could be used as practical-keywords in any
“How-to know and uphold a Value” legislation
and its subsequent Rules & Regulations.

Far from being a “better-practices-focusing” cooperative-discussion
and then ‘necessarily-and-traditionally’ a win-lose-debate”;
and far from being drawn from and in-depth-instanced by,
direct-evidences from the lifeplaces-and-lives of the People,
and from the “grass-roots & coal-face”
of the “all sorts and conditions of people” –

this majorly vital Need-for-Values-Advancement debate
including possible radical changes, additions to, and subtractions from.
the hitherto not-only-“best-class-level-values”
but “best-all-people-sharing values”
keeps us still-entrapped in traditional Altered-States-of-Consciousness.

Another ASC strong-people-supporter-and-recruiter from inside the Church of England would be
“All People That On Earth Do Dwell – ”
[not just in the U.K.]
“Sing To The Lord-[Christ-Alone] With Cheerful Voice;
“Him Serve With Fear – His Praise Forthtell;
“Come Ye Before Him-[Only] and Rejoice”}.

[Very rousing music, and ‘wholesome-sounding’ words too –
but altogether subliminally State-of-Consciousness Altering:
see “Your Body: biofeedback at its best” (without instruments or machines)]

Parliamentarians, to be effective as citizens and human-beings,
but especially as Earthlife-and-People’s-Needs-Advocates in Legislative Duties,
all, including the involved Staff and supportive Civil Servants,
need to be both mind-and-word-perfect:

and are needed to be vigilantly-immediate to “factor-out” both Rhetorical-Argumentation and ‘Enthymeming’.
Tackle that
and ‘tangled-gordian-knots and ‘insidious-sabotages’
such as this ‘Can PMs Call Early-Elections’ “maze”
will disappear – deprived of ‘holey’ ground to put down roots and survive in.

(There is more
but time and space do not permit -)




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