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TODAY  Saturday 20th May 2017


catch up with the string of
"needing high-priority participatory-democratic scrutiny
by The People"  -  of the World - not just of the British Isles. 



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2140 Wednesday 10 May 2017  


In point of Detail,
neither this Earth
nor any future supportive-place
for this Earth's homo-sapiens-sapiens,
can be expected to oppose the Self-Extinction of this current Human-Race

Neither Life-Itself  nor this Earth's Supports for It
are now in any position to allow -
nor in any iota encourage -
imbalancing :

nor "allow" the  "skipping"
of Natural-evolution and progress
nor of Civilisational sequential-time-frame Tasks and "steps".

You, yourself, and "I", for instance:

(i) established yourself "self-sustainworthying" (24/7 continuously) -your-many=parts-self,

and thenly

(ii)  begun co-taskly building your first dyad-sustainworthiness-ing bases and "nett-progress" recording -
again continuously nett-24/7 -

you will need to be

(iii) co-positivisingly and inter-accountably
"sustain-worthy-ing" your Civilisation -
entailing "up-scaling" "sustain-worthy-ing" -

whilst down-scaling every "non-sustainworthy" thing
[maybe "alas! ]

person -
It means "cutting-down" [to "size"]
every under-sustain-worthy-ing person,

every family,

and every neighbourhood, community,
or other 'collection'-of-persons,

"cutting-down" any group, club, party, organisation, nation, class,

and Other-Body .of people.-
including "capping" all individual-property-&-'wealth'

and terminating altogether Individual-Capitalism and "Private" Wealth and "Rights"

in favour of "Cooperatively-Capitalistic-Sustainworthying"  ...

----------------------- 2100 Wednesday 10 May 2017 ----------------

As one Mrs Margaret Williams
(nee Crow then of Saltash Secondary School, Cornwall near Plymouth before either of us "went up" to university)
once said to your now-author-publisher here
-  a propos our Need for greater Public Safety: -

"Make it work -. if need be, simply sign a public letter 'Civis' "




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0100 Tuesday 02 05 17

Click on  "peripheral learning" 

and do a little "self-healthing"

along with as it published knowledge and practical-know-how-guidance
from Caroline Myss's  The Anatomy of Your Health  [CD-series] 




==========                     0131 Tuesday 02 05 17                          ========



So start "doing" directly from new 
and woefully-neglected 

but not yet "lost" nor "burned" 

real-life sources -
that'll help you begin "doing" a few human things better and better
instead of simply reading-all-about-them  -
but remaining "paralysed" from putting them into sustainworthy action   

1.  The Busy Person's Guide To Easier Movement [Frank Wildman] 
"Go slowly;  
Stay comfortable;  
Carefully find and stay within your limits - 
but do not 'pump' or otherwise 'try to 'test' or 'strengthen' them;  
  Rest frequently." 
---------- 0527 St 29 04 17  jsdm ------------

 2. Reclaiming Vitality and Presence  [Charlotte Selver & Charles Brooks]
"We can not 'teach' you anything here - 
but we can help you to discover or re-discover what is already there, inside of you".


 3. Holistic Living [Patrick Pietroni] 
Prince Charles: "Human nature is such that we are frequently prevented from seeing 
that what is taken for today's unorthodoxy is probably to be tomorrow's convention". 
He went on to say:"The whole imposing edificeof moden medicine, 
for all its breathtaking successes, is like the celebrated Tower of Pisa, slightly off
 balance ".


 4. Health Care Together [Johnston & Rifkin] 
A foreword by 'supervisor' Fred Abatt concludes 
(") I have no hesitation in recommending the participatively cooperative learning methodology 
for community education advancements ("). 
page 10 also shows how to distinguish "Participativity" from Top-Down "Directivity"; 
and the final section gives an overall Strategic Insight into key-implementations, sequences, 
and 'powers-that-be' not-necessarily as all being "frogs choking the fountain".


 5. The Thinking Body - a study of the balancing forces of dynamic man [Mabel Todd, 1937 ]. 
The first great medical and humanitarian expertise work stepping "outside of the box"
to help us move ourself healthily as 'flesh and blood'; 
rather than or in essential addition to 'efficiently cranking ourselves as strong speedy machines'.   

 6. Six Thinking Hats [E. de Bono] 
Note how the Red hat "No fault" timeslot for participants to express their emotions 
without having to "explain why"; but the Black 'risks' mode does need us to 'scrutinise' and justify.. Bono has also written a work on peaceful-sustain-worthy-ing  called "Positive Revolution"



 7. How To Win Every Argument [Madsen Pirie]  
Take one fallacy at a time.
The actual aim is to practice recognising others' dishonest tricks and flaws, 
for the overall co-friendly Purpose of building a Sustainworthy Civilisation.


8.  Logic: Theory and Practice (Rennie & Girle)  
'Old' but sound; 
and the only book I know to include the (better-than-Venn-circles) rectangular-diagramming by Veitch-Karnaugh.


  9.  Leader/Teacher/Parent/People Effectiveness Training [Thomas Gordon] :
'Method III' essential 'No Lose' Cooperative Problem Solving. 
[print out our 5-steps guidance sheet - below]

=================================================================   0555   jsdm      =======================================================================

 10. Joining Together [Johnstone & Johnstone];  a long-established tertiary text 
containing "cooperative-&-participative" enablements for the "Lifeplace"
as well as standard "directive-competitive" skilling.for "The Workplace".


11. Wisdom of the Body Moving [Linda Hartley] :  the evolutionary history, and practical know-hows, 
of our human-body's movement-abilities, and "explorations" to increase our self-controllabilities. 

 12.  [Everyday 'Arts for Every-Body' to strengthen our personal and mutual wellbeing].

 13,  Effort [Laban & Lawrence]:  still the best all-round and balanced basis 
for comprehending and improving human movement, both 'economicly' and 'dramaticly'



========== these lists can be further extended ==========   

DVDs and Other Evidential or Informational Recordings

Planet Earth  [David Attenborough]   
How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth  [Attenborough 'hosts' advancing knowledge from other experts and younger-scientist-teams]

Forces of Nature  [Brian Cox]      

Movement Meditation  [Buddhist Monks demonstrate 'slow holistic body-movement 'meditations' '     DVD   ]

Trigger Point Therapy    [ DVD] 


0740 Thursday 19 January 2017 We have received Robert A. Johnson's book Inner Gold  [understanding psychological projection]  
and within Marion Goodman's front cover note thereon that

 (") The healing-helping power of Robert's writing is  - palpable (") 

This little word "palpable",  leads us into "body-feelings" 
and the essentially "new-educational-foundational" faculty of 


with its many-branched "Garden of Eden Fruit Trees" senses, 
but singular sort of verbal-meaning - ["] body-senses-enabling ["]       (*  see Thomas Hanna Somatics for a good basic guidance)


There are no "Healers"  
 -  only "self-healers" and "self-healing-helpers" 



=========       0600 St 29 ASpril 2017  and more basics in progress  ============

Also expedient is for us to "utilise" a few 'domains-of-existence'

e.g. the domains of SPACE, QUANTITY, TIME form a basic and 'elementary' group:-

One moves in Space in  the three directions 
[erroneously-commonly known as 'dimensions'] i.e. horizontally, vertically, and longitudinally;

with varying Quantities (inches, yard-long strides);

and within a certain overall Time-frame, and with varying 'innate' sub-timings (such as slow-walking but quick looking-around) esentially including their quantified duration  ( - 10 minutes overall timeframe, 2 seconds-per-stride, 4 glances side-to-side per stride). 


Often one needs to be wary with how the words from one's outside-world 
"affect" one -  
but maybe "manipulate" - even "exploit" -
your mind 

and thereby your beliefs and body-actions too:  
this is especially so with many "politically or acdemically correct" terms

e.g. "energetic"   [see * below for 'the answer']  - also beware wrong spelling coming from a "leading authority" - "extroversion".

Green for "go", 'though -  much and even most, "practically all",  of what such a 'leading authority' is saying may be the fact or truth that is needed 



* the grammatical extension of the term "energy" is like unto that for the term "synergy"  i.e. "energic"  NOT  (") violently-energetic(")


There are more Sustainworthy-ing Basic References in .


Method III 'No-Lose' Problem Solving
print this out - and 'propagate' it

Especially to be better cooperatively-prepared, 
copy this greatly-neglected 
but 'Win-Win-Win'
Cooperative Problem Solving Method III :-

'Method III'
Friendly First-Resort ‘No-Lose’ Problem Solving :

 [Those who shun this 
(so-far voluntarily-honourable) 
foundational progress 

must remain enslaved to Competitive Adversary Law processes
                           and thereunder must buy, turn to, and interminably await,                             
the costly and stultifyingly-slower 'wheels'  
      of Adversary 'cold-war' stand-offs, solicitors and Law Courts] .

{Method I the 'bosses' usually win; Method II the 'underlings' usually win}.

(With acknowledgement to Dr Thomas Gordon in 
Leader Effectiveness Training 
& other exponents e.g. Robert Bolton in People Skills).

Introduction: Please read through every part of the following lines 
before attempting to judge, 
or even think about, this methodology.

The guidance lines are of primary and ‘deal-breaking’ necessity. 

Guidance (Rule) #1:  No-one can come with any competitive 
or comparative advantage.

Each comes 'empty-handed' or with a ‘blank slate’. 
Each participates equally, patiently, 

To allow improvement by suggestion, participants might agree to 
a penultimate round, 
so that any input may be clarified/& unanimously-approved; 
before confirming every input “in ink” by the final round.  

Guidance #2:  Move in one direction around the round-table; 
at each step many patient rounds will usually give much

 better results than merely one, two or three hurried rounds. 
Each person gets equal 
non-transferrable time per round.  

Guidance #3:  Silence is absolutely 'Golden',  
whilst each individual may be descending 
deeper and deeper inside theirself, 
until they have finally arrived at, and formulated into words, their own 
latest-recognised real and important need.   

Guidance #4:  Keep going around at each step, 
until each participant has clearly stated 
in their own words what their ultimate need is. 
NB Everyone needs to include, at every step, advocacy-allowances for 
Persons-Not-Present Who-May-Be-Affected By The Meeting’s Decisions 
and Planning and Implementation.                                                  

Guidance #5: Remember: NO interrupting, interpreting, altering; 
NO competing. 
Let each finish verbatimly at first. 
You might have agreed to penultimate rounds for 
“clarification & unanimity”; 
allowing and even controlledly-encouraging 
a possible suggestipn for improvement to any individual’s input 
or part thereof; before confirming all Inputs 
to be in the end “signed by each participant in black ink”. 


This Method III requires co-voluntary personal and unequivocal 
otherwise, you must "go queue up to fight it out in Court”.   

To continue go to page 2 for the Five  Steps and some support sources.

page 2 of 2

Method III : every-one gets their real need recognized 
and cooperatively planned to be met.  

Step 1 :  Each participant submits wording or amendment to describe 
the Problem-Situation 
at first needing to be written up on a whiteboard 
or butcher’s-paper, 
and needing agreement by each participant 
before moving on. 
Keep going around until what your scribe has written up on the whiteboard 
is perfectly approved 
by each participant in a penultimate “clarification” and “unanimity” round.

Step 2:  Each participant suggests a solution 
that they imagine might meet every-one’s need 
in the above-written situation.  Once again no interrupting, no paraphrasing, 
no ‘improving’ the speaker’s own wording. 
[Insert a “clarification & unanimity” round, to be sure]..

Step 3: Go round and round, evaluating each ‘imagined’ solution; 
e.g. by a show of  left-hand = 1 point, right-hand = 2 points, 
both hands = 3 points, no hands = 0 points.  
[Again maybe do a “clarification/unanimity” round].  

Step 4: Select one of these shortlisted solutions; 
OR cooperatively cobble-together an eclectic-solution 
made up of the best features from any of the solutions submitted in Step 2. 
[“Unanimity” round].

Step 5:  Go round and round again, 
this time constructing firstly a Plan A, 
that will best honour and ‘win-win-win’ meet each participant’s (and absentee’s) 
most-important or vital real-need.                                                                                        

That settled, go round and round again, 
constructing a Plan B "back-up plan", 
for what to do, for whatever could go wrong in Plan A ‘from the inside’, 
or sabotage it ‘from the outside’.                                                                                                       
Further back-up
 (contingency) plans should be decided upon. 
And  don’t omit “unanimity” rounds, to be sure evry-one is 'happy-so-far'   


Step 6:  Would now be the actual nitty-gritty action 'on the ground', 
'at the coal-face' and 'in amongst the grass-roots' trialling and “live-actioning,: 
the practical implementation of Plan A, and of its contingency back-up planning 
where necessary;
[Dr Edward de Bono's Six Action Shoes may prove useful for doing this Implementation.].

Remember: ‘Win-Win-Win-(Win-Win-Win-Win)’ is a good mindframe, 
and from it can be included at the very least  the most-important real-needs 
of other parties who are unable to be present 
in the ‘No-Lose’ planning meeting itself. 

Those actually present and participating will little doubt settle satisfactorily 
their own needs and how best to satisfy them, 
but those present need also to include adequate advocacy 
for all absentees' needs and hows, 
some of which at least might be quite different from the 'present' members'.

==========================                          0545 St 290417   jsdm                                                   ==========================








Even 'though it is now 
and ever-insidiously-insanely 
too late

to save our Food & Water Lifesupports from extinction and deadly-toxification and pollution;,
and to save the Earth's Mineral-Wealth, and Travel & Heating-Fuels, from increasing depletion and further irreversible wastage and destruction,

and too late for anyone to save our various populations
from increasing overcrowding, disease, delusion, and depressive warmongerings,






At this outset, 
it's best to 'dip in'
and selectively tackle and "do" one at a time

just reading-about-it is now
"useless old academic waste of both time and human-life-energy" 



it certainly is not too late to increase our individual 
and possibly small-neighbourhood-groups 
and enjoyment of "whatever's left of Life".
Even whilst the "socially-mobile" professional people-pyramids are "increasing their 'earnings'"
and "feathering their own nests"
with multiple human-livings -
[in the case of the most-class-and-self-deluded topmost, most efficient, most-productive, highest-'earning','most-experienced', and 'indispensable' people, 
to the tune of tens and hundreds of human-livings each per week]

it is still possible to 'separate' one's-self from all of that wastage, and multi-focus upon "co-sustain-worthy-ing" -

and  should "co-sustain-worthy-ing" neighbours and services fail,

you can still be self-improving - alone.
"Alone - "
The not-for-profit, power nor prestige Guidance Sources, 
freely shown for you to acquire direct from affordable sources

on the 'New-as-well-as-Old-Basics' pages in

will reward you in some proportion to the daily time you allow them to lead
and further life-educate you,
as distinct from 
Career and Workplace Skills-Training you -

this latter being probably more "destructrive" of Life-on-Earth  and of our longest-term Needs towards space-emigration to an "Earth-2" elsewhere in this or another Galaxy.

Haven't you noticed - ?
how none of the Governors, Teachers and Organisation-Owners 
and their "Peace Foundations", "Mindfulnesses", "Religions", "Health-Services", "Social-Mobility Ladders", 
"Educational", "Career Skills", "NVQ Certifications",


"Longest-Term Individual and Environmental Sustain-worthy-ing and Holistic Health Building"
in their Constitutions, Legislations, Rulings and Practices ?
You name the Organisation 
[e.g. "The UN", "Findhorn"; Oxfam", "St Luke's", "Greenpeace", "The Church of England", "The Catholic Church", "Judaism", "Mohammedanism", "Rotary"]

 - none of them has either "Longest-Term Sustainworthy-ing" or "Holistic Health Building" in its Constitution, in its main Legislation, 
and being effectively delivered via its On-The-Ground Practices

nor even in support of 
attempting to "self-improve",  as it were in response to such 'worldly' and 'divine'-messages as

The world is in a Mess
Whatever Shall I do ?
A quiet 'voice' then answered  
"Just make a better 'you' -"

"Just making a better you, 
and a better 'me' - 

Please see the 'New-as-well-as-Old Basics' pages 
( as well as here in )

{One newly arrived personal-guidance book at this voluntary Lifework-station is helpful
for delivering yourself from any suppressed or uninformed ancestral families and from any 'unaware' family faults or failings:  

It Didn't Start With You   by Mark Wolynn (2016)

{"} how inherited family wounds, shortcomings,and disasters still 'shape' who we are 
and how we get along,  
and how to end the cycle {"}