Be Clear;

Be 'Charitable';

Be Self-Corrigible.


Those are the three principles of Good Communication and Honest Argumentation -


they are overarchingly and underpinningly relevant, because :_



have to decide,

as you go along,

such 'conflations', 'confusions', deliberate dis- and mis- informations -


between  "sustainable" and "sustainworthy";

"responsible" and "response-able"



and we'll 'think' of [not "up" ] a few more later on ...



Life-Duty calls > > > 1330 Th 20 October 2016


Our technician has cleared our PC up [except for the "tapped-in" hacker's usually fast keyboard-strokings coming in through my loudspeakers]
 rescued me from the ”ambush-funnels” that many “improve your computer” sites turn out to be –

and re-installed all the games I use.

And even SKY is very difficult to contact;

for me it’s turning out to be “impossible” to send an ordinary “contact us”, “feedba ck”, “problem” to SKY,  
for instance, after my two new Q boxes had started alright, and would record programmes and delete when need be,
after only a few hours, the Delete function ceased working

so I notified SKY
[who eventually arranged for a tech to come 30 October;]

But two days later, the “Record” function also packed up   –
so I’ve been trying tried to report that
so that the tech can be fully-prepared  –
but I can’t get through: their Site is also like a “maze” !

Vis a vis the Create “removing colours, spaces and font details” when being copied,
 my tech suggested 
Start the text in a Word document.

[But  I’ll try copying from Create to a Word doc first (‘though  I don’t suppose that’ll  ‘work’  ]- 


Just tried that; but Word doesn't copy the colours -
both Lifefresh (Create) and One-Human-Living (BlueHost-Weebly)
show only  'standardised' the Font, and both show no Colours.


'see you later'   about 9 p.m.


What "Greatest-Purpose"

do you serve -

or maybe is 
being held secretly In Trust for you 
by yours
the  One and Only True God;

or could some "surreptitious" 
or even "brilliantly-and-persuasively-clever" 

be "employing" your "essential services"  ?

Two 'question-points' :-

1.  If you can't answer that 'situational-essential' truthfully & thoroughly
then you could completely skip question- point 2,

2.  How well does "The 'Big Overall' Purpose" you serve 


( or Not )

your "personal-life-purpose" -

to be 
longest-term sustainworthy ?




1030  "Heard" high pitched net-inter-communicative high-pitched 'squealing'
39B1's 'new' discovery:
Experiential-Deduction:- Therefore there is "variability" possible with or 'within' Continuousness.

"So On We Go ..."




from One-Human-Living 1044


0500 Tuesday 18 October 2016


Stage A . 0   Record All Earth-Life and Non-Life "Things"

including Solar-Systemic, Galactic, and Universal
Factors and Influences;

The-Natural "versus" The-Civilisational


.1  List Life forms & Life-Supports by Name & Holistic-Description"  

.2   Prioritise all items "priority-wise"  

.3   Cost all "Items"  

.4  "Ecolonomise" each and all Things,
- as
Items, Factors, Essentials,
Needs, Wants, Wishes,
Dreams, Fantasies, Imagings, Imaginings,
"Not-Sure-Whats", and "Don't Knows"
[including "In-Progresses", "Not-In-Progesses", "Elsewheres and/or Otherwises", "Inkllings" and "Unknowns".

.5  Ensure All Included
both the "here-and-now" and the "far-distant-future". 




(1) Stage "n":- 
If any "item" is "vital", then so is its Costing" (vital).

(2)  Lifeplace-Enablements 



0543   > 


A 'Closed' and yet 'Open' Question   'netted' by One-Human-Living  :-
Since we, 

as an inescapable part of the "massive Black Hole" 
"swallowing" us into annihilation in the centre of "our" galaxy,

are within an insidiously "shrinking" galactic-space

all that is beyond this our galaxy will appear to be "expanding" -

the Expanding Universe  !

-  when in fact that Universe could even itself be  "shrinking" -
but at a slower rate 
than this 'our' Galaxy 
is being 'ironicly'
and 'imperceptively' 


- by "our" very-own Galacticly Massive Black Hole  ?

1552 M 17 10 16




1029  from One-Human-Living 

(now in lifeplace-writing-desk preparation)


Open Letter to an Imprisoned Innocent Colleague



An 'exploratory' series of co-educational Letters, articles and 'educational-short-stories'

(and hopefully,  'as well sometimes as 'long' ')


  from One-Human-Living   Monday 17 October 2016  


(please read upwards)


 "Being Called 'Leader' Will Never Make You One"

[ chapter heading in a serious and up-to-date Human-Improvement work ]


Once again
and 'sustainworthyingly'

being one of the "Majority" does not mean that you are"right" -
nor that you are "more right than the minorities involved".

The overwhelming majority of Germans 
much more numerous than this 'Brexit majority' of 52% 

voted for Hitler, remember.

The 'majority' in Syria 
not only go on 'voting' for 
and supporting 
the 'failed president Assad'

they go to war against the (then in the beginning) peacefully-revolutionary masses, 
and as such 'loyal-patriots' they even commit genocide 
and kill innocent children and defenceless people.

There are numerous instances of Majorities not only "getting it wrong"
but of also "marching triumphantly" and waving "The" flag forever thereafter;

of "ethnicly-cleansing" minorities;
of self-, and class-,
deludingly ignoring; 
and arrogantly opposing 
the real-life-and-future Needs of great numbers of 'minority' peoples.


The missing and suppressed constitutional, 
and basic-educational, 
governance, community, and individual 
'No-Lose' legal-resort 

The friendly 'win-win-win' 
Method III of Needs-&-Hows Recognition 
and Cooperative Problem Solving...

Which is where we;
and a greater Sustainworthinessing
come in.




Part One:                                                   The 'Supersystem'

         Part Two:           Hot-  and Cold-  running People and Problems.

Part Three:                 Taking Control of the 'Supersystem'

   Part Four:                                             Thinking for Wellness.

Part Five:                                      Towards Superimmunity.

As we approach the year 2000 we are confronted with a bewildering host of suggestions and admonitions
on how to lead our lives from the cradle to the grave. /

"Certain interpretations of Christianity have split the mind from the body
and this has aided and abetted modern medicine's perception
of patients as a collection of organs. /

"The ramifications of Dr Paul Pearsall's work are immense.  
The individual using, for example, diet and distress-reduction techniques
as tools
rather than as ends in themselves 
can devise a balanced approach to daily living which will keep
heart-disease under control -
and will keep 'at bay' dis-ease of the immune-system such as Cancer
which Dr Pearsall shows is directly affected by tghe way (we) think and use (our) emotions./ 

"We can get to better health
through understanding how our emotions affect our body, and vice-versa./

"So this book is to be read just once
but picked up from time to time for refreshment.  
It is for every-one.
Children and teenagers, above all, 
should be encouraged to
dip into it./  "     
(The Foreword by Peter D. O'Neill)

to be ever-sustainworthily-movingly


and all of our Living-Lifesupports

in 'perfect-order-ing'

chapter 10:  A Booster System
A One-Month Immunizer Programme Boosting Your Immunity

chapter 17:  Growth Through Crisis;  Hurting and Learning

chapter 19:  Making The Connections






0705 6 7 8 9  Saturday 15th October 2016  >   >    thank you  One-Human-Living


for 0730 90-minutely sub-start-time
the sooner we together proactivate sustainworthinessing the better ...

Yesterdays Big Blockage 
todays big issue

and also since

"One Friday morn - when we set sail . . .     "





from One-Human-Living 1225


We are a "Sustainworthy-ing" websites-corner (along with 

and one of our pursuits is 
the finding of "sustainworthy things" 
and the
"carrying-forward" of them

especially for ourselves 
to at least begin the
 personal-individual and likeminded community proactive-living and sharing
of those "sustainworthies" 

into "posterity's longest-term 
[maybe millions of Earth1 years].

I'm finding 
(as this site's Administrator, JSDM of 39B1 and PL6 5LY) 
that a part of our daily  
self-optimising and self-healing
involves different sorts and 'sizes' of "cat stretching"

which I have found to be a lively-energic "tightening"
 of a lot of body-muscles
into a "shrink" 

and thereafter into some sort of "stretch-ing" -

 before 'middling' and 'centering' our usual-self 
and carrying-on again.

Just Now - 1100(odd)
I  caught some of the Westminster parliamentary online session
concerning A-and-E patients
 who've been put through painful and lengthily-extended suffering
 and often in a greater-context, through quite gross "neglect".

Lord Cormack I think it was who included
 at the end of his short delivery on this Neglect and pain-causing 
(') loopholes in the law and in practice(')
the words ["]  We should not deny to others those things from which we ourselves have  benefited ["].

So here we are again,
each better-self-awarenessing and self-enabling
and better 'staying comfortably within our limits'

and frequently 're-membering'
that we need to be 'alternating' more often and in more ways.

Alongside the good-old 'civilisational'
"Women Are Virgins" and "Virgins Are Rare"
[thanks to 'Rocky' electronics-instructor at St Loyes College 199Ts]

"We" just discovered & do now add:
"Nature 'nows' it without knowing it"



0735 Friday 14 October 2016.

Thank you.


"We" have just joined and posted a new topic,
upon "Sustainworthinesses"
on WikiHow.

"How" - we bow now, in place of pipe-of-peace-co-smoking




>   >    1800  39BV1 off life-supportive duty UFN*
( watching a movie)

[part of (your) "Mainstream" choice to Destructively-Competitively 


your way to 

(w-h-e-r-e-e-v-e-r- )

(        without   us         ).


*   UFN    Until Further Notice




"We need to up-front-initially

clearly-distinguish between

genders and ages and  [_ _ _ _  ]


Rule #1:  Let 'God the Creator' be the only one taking the ending " -or "

e.g. "creator":


Men become "creaters"

Women "createsses"

Girls:  "   ????  

Boys:  "   ???   "

{  Let the stem-term's endings be thus varied  }



-       -       - 

"So On We Go ..."


Well-fare is our Concern ...


therewitrh also "up-to-speedness" and "sustainworthiness" ...






An overheard anonymous 
to the World's Leaders' 
& their "Loyalist" Peoples'


Life-Destructive Conduct:-

' ... Well, you didn't want to participate 
with us -

so now you'll find your-selves 


 not against us 


without us  ! " 

{Please note that the "correct" English-Mind must mindfully-hold this up as being  "equally-friendlily"}







It might appear that "Today's Late-morning password is "Lily ?"
[with the voice raised at the end, don't forget]

{source: 0845 Th 13 10 16 :  
wherefrom also the following "improvement-amendment" to a "previous" carry-forwardable ...  [LOST IN TRANSIT]



==============  2243 W 121016  =================





(we two all-alone 'nonogenarians') 
has midday horizontally-stretched, rested, and snoozed-off;

and now ( ~ 1600) have just discovered 
that the Miles Mitchell outside access concrete steps 
are almost wide-enough 
(and both deep and riserly enough)
to utilise the old and longstanding 'skill' of 
"S-shaped climbing a hill"

{[(  we, (i.e. 39B1), 
have also just promised online, 

to the House of Lords's 
- Lords Hylton (and Deech) public-reach-out democratic posts,
that we (39b1) shall remain ever watchful of their proceedings 
{ under the now "constitutionally-correct, win-lose adversarial, globally-politico-economic Ruling 
of all Workplaces and of all Lifeplaces }   )]}




39B1 - been awake and doing since 4 a.m. today Wednesday 12 October 2016 -










Needing Sharing with the Worldwide Public 

I just completed an "up-grade" to my SKY Television HD+ contract, by adding their new "Q" improvement.
But it was not notified and made clear to me 
that I would be losing all the recordings I rely upon in that "old" Sky+HD harddrive memory.

The problem only came to me after the engineers had just left, 
but had not made it clear 
that all of the recordings I have kept, and do rely on 
for both health and to be helping the improvement of our general human civilisation,
my recordings of e.g.  "How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth"
"Rip-Off Britain"
and quite serious "Earth-citizenship" documentaries, 
News items;
All my History essential recordings;
Westminster Parliament proceedings and information;
Healthy human activities, 

and also importantly "Danger" and "Risk" programmes 
such as "Yellowstone's Overdue Life-Extincting Mega-Volcanic Eruption - 

and other "quality of human life" programmes, 
such as from from Eden, National Geographic, Yesterday, 
and SKY Arts "Dance Mums", "Bolero", L'Arlesienne ...

had now been "lost".

The higher authorities can get the Police to "seize" such harddrives
and can find and use as evidence that harddrive's contents.

But SKY telephone-answering technician says 
one-way 'dictatorially' 
that there is now no way this harddrive
[still in my possession by the way] 

can have its recordings viewed, 
nor copied again to the "improved" Q box nor to anywhere else.

except by my cancelling all the new "improvements"
and paying for the engineers to come back,
'rip-out' all the new, at my expense, 
 reconnect the old SKY+HD box 
and give me back its viewing card.

[ Note further, it used to be possible to copy from the TV to one's computer harddrive]

SKY "deceitfully-&-autocraticly" 
has de facto "stolen" all my recordings

 and at one insidious stroke "suppressed" a vital lifesupport 
not only for the individual but for  our worldwide improvement 
of what are increasingly becoming 
 failures of both National civilisations and the Global and "Earth" civilisation and citizenships. 

SKY already further "pushed me back into my box" by telling me that 
Government would not be interested in even looking at, let alone "scrutinising", such a matter 
1549 Monday 10 October 2016 > That's my worldwide civil duty done so far - 
over to you "people-of-this-living-human Earth"  







What One-Human-Living was trying to communicate to us was , and actually is "and always will be"

that we humans, of all the other lifeforms upon this Earth, need to be

"self-controllingly" optimising our movements such that we 
take Two-Steps Forward and one step back



"overlappingly"  ;


and also Socially and Collectively be doing it 





Worth-Sharings ?
All of the words meaning "alternating" :-

39B1's :-  The case of "Don't You Rock Me Daddy-o ..." (rpt'd)
Oxymoronicly, i.e. "self-contradictingly"

"Rocking" is a form of "alternation"
"Alternation" has a sense of "repetition" -

[Go for your lives, please , and finish this off ...

39B2's also "up" again
and we two must be minding our "own" {y.o} home-base


2130 Saturday 091016





0256  from One-Human-Living 

There is no sight nor sign of "one human being = one-human-living"  

nor of a "Sustainworthy-ing Peoples-Movement";

nor even of any sub-neighbourhood even beginning 
'No-Lose' Method III Cooperative Problem Solving,

I'm afraid the 1st World Militant Power and Luxury 
and Self-Deluding 
blindly "In the Zone" focused on
'We the Strong Win - You the Weak Lose' 
Militant Adversarism
has left it 
too late 

 for Nature to save us
[Nature is being destroyed and extincted by "our" Ancient but Obsolete Constitutional Powers-That-Be]

and civilisationally they have left it
too late 
to build the essential 
"One-Human-Living" Leadership and Governance 
that this Planet Earth now increasingly desperately Needs

and therewith
also too late
to establish or enable the 'masses' to proactivate
the requisite mass awarenesses, insights, willingnesses, 
and life-supportive enablements
that saving and sustainworthy-ing both Earthlife and Human-Civilisation
 have for so many decades been Needing 
Now increasingly-destructive and adolescent power and luxury conflicts 
both internationally and internally
are "winning-the-field"

but by insidious successions of "Pyrrhic" victories.

but alas! those Majority Powers-that-Be 
are dragging practically all of us peaceful-revolutionaries 
down with them - 

such that it really has become the case that
We Can Do Nothing 
to Save 
this Living-Earth's and our Present Lifesupports 
nor Our and this Earth's Offsprings' 
  Like "falling-dominoes"
one "community" after another 
we are all going down.

Thank God for Supermarkets and Home-Deliveries;.
eat, drink, be merry - and 'take care'  
that surely is our "healthy-alternative-right" . . . . . . .
0232 St 08 10 16




1830 Friday -  from One-Human-Living :-

1829 Friday 07 October 2016 
World-wide Peoples, please note and when possible "Mediate"
between us ordinary folk 'trapped' between the 
"Population Matters" Organisations 
"Peacefully-Revolutionised Worldwide Human Civilisation Sustain-worthy-ing" Disorganisations 
and the following 'inter-communication-roadblock' trap

To "Population Matters" :-

********, your response is not a response; it is almost pure arrogance.

You try to Trojan-horse your shortcomings onto me, with 
"I should like to hear more about your views"
showing that neither you nor your colleagues have caught up-to-date with what was already in public-train and on at least one of your tables;
and you had already 'blindly' [some would add "dumbly"] and pejoratively procrusteanised the whole Purpose I serve as 
"your (mere) views"
when what you need to become two-way communicative about, and to have clearly stated instead of "views" was 
"the facts, findings, guidance-sources, and affordable-needs-&-hows you have submitted " .
Evidently neither you, your superiors, nor any of your members, have checked with (over 500 published submissions from MilesJSD since May 2010).; ..

In both the overarching Planet Earth Predicament, 
and the underpinning 'lowest-paid-and-appreciated lifesupportive workers and frugal-lifestylers on the Ground' -you and all of your "Population Matters" hierarchists, 
along with, and militarily-dominantly-under, Individual Capitalism and Adversary 'Win-Lose" Three-Party-State Oligarchic State posing as "Democracy"
have become an insidiously Unsustainworthy and lethally-parasitic-burden -
a burden not only only upon us real-life-budgeting few "sustainworthiness-ers",
but upon the whole of this Earth's Lifesupports 
{see also Professor Jonathan Stone 1990s Australian Studies "...our Human Race has become a Plague upon Earth";
and Sir Charles Sherrington Man On His Nature ~1950 ["]...this planet is a whole Living-Being ... and needs our utmost care ..["] 
published long before Professor Lovelock "discovered Gaiia" but never publicly recognised Sherrington's previous ground-work therein }..
Because this Issue is being maintained by your superiors as a Conflict 
a covered-up conflict, between the Beyond-Means-Costly Life-Destructive Global-Militantism of 'Win-Lose' Individual-Capitalism 
[which you and literally millions of otherf well-intentioned people but maybe 'de facto helplessly' have to continue serving] 

and on the other side, 'officially-&-officiously-ignored-and- repressed' Peacefully-Revolutionary Sustainworthy Earth and Global Civilisation           
which latter we non-organising and thereby "incognito"  Few 
do work and live "hard" to begin "personally-living", socially-practicing, and constitutionally-establishing;

I think because of this Greater Conflictual Matter this little e-mail one betwixt "Population Matters" 
and JSD Miles's Persuasion & Voluntary Commitment to "Human-Civilisation and Earthlife Sustainworthying"

needs the worldwide public's shoulders and hands, to "judge and facilitate": 

and, I can only trust the world's people to 'interimly 'life-support' 
both the 'internally-trapped' many and individuals (such as maybe yourself); 
and  we other Few "sustainworthying outsiders".

John S.D. Miles 
of 39B1;  
Natural British Citizen and Voluntary Unpaid Protagonist.of Peacefully-Revolutionary Earth1 Lifesupports and Human-Civilisation Sustainworthying.




 1143 from One-Human-Living :-

1133 Friday 07 October 2016 

In terms of, 
as well as in the Shadow of,  
this Current Era's 'linguistic' advances :

(a)  Since "No man can serve two masters", 
even the Bible falls erroneous
[because the Whole-Truth is "No man can serve more than one master". ]

(b) "Shadow" has become confusingly, mind-deceptively and dangerously, foggy :
["The Shadow Of Your Smile" and "Dancing With My Shadow" are pleasant affairs]

(c)   Horrific crimes and neglects in our laggardly democracy
are whitewashingly called "Friendly-Fire" and "Ethnic Cleansing" 
by both Politics and Education.

(d)  Our Westminster Parliaments have to have a "Shadow Opposition",
 and Human Development has "Shadow sides" 
[World Wars 1 & 2 are a 'Human Race International Shadow' ;
and in the 'Social-Walk of Life' 
such monstrously murderous and terrifying 'things' as Jack-the-Ripper 
are 'merely' a 'lesser social-shadow within the greater overall World Civilisational 'Shadow' '].

(e) Numerous "Self-Help Development" books will tell you 
how to 'deal', 'come-to-terms with', even 'befriend',
 your own personal 'Shadow-Side'.

"Why do the Nations so furiously rage together;
And why do the People imagine a Vain Thing ?"

1100 Friday 07 10 2016


Since the House of Lords's
has "suppressed" my reply to 'Howell of Trent Valley',
I have submitted a shorter version:-


My ‘reply’ to Howell, not published, simply said
(“) If your analysis is complete, then all we need to start doing is utilising, from bottom to top and back down again,
the ‘No Lose’ Method III of Cooperative Problem Solving.(“)

But I also added that
(“)Since our Constitution and our Governance people are “closed” to such advances,
we “at the bottom” should be “outside-of-the-box” starting
it in small ‘togetherness’ sub-neighbourhood groups;

but so far are somehow “top-secretly” prevented from so doing.(“)

0000Th-Fri 08-07 10 16




 1230   from 1 Human Living    Thank you -

to such positivisngly-energic things, places, words 
and hymns as "New Every Morning Is The Love"

should be counter-balancing-added at least one verse saying 
"New Every Night and Day Is Also the 'New-Evil"  
[new-sorts-of 'destructivity', 'wastefulness', and 'sabotage'}.

Instance:  I found a new "position";
I accidentally spilled my bedside urine bottle on my sheets.
and my 'flatmate' 'blitzed'my ears from behind and I shouted at her for it.
I am "cluttered-under" still ;
must clear ready for the TV technician 10 October.


P e a c e  

Busy tidying 'clutter' into 'own places' 
 1815 to at least 2100
By the way, "access passwords" are continually being added-to, or taken-away;
but given an honest not-for-profit, power, nor prestige,
 dedicated and  would-be co-learning-and-contributing "life-sustaining sober person" behind the contact,
 even the briefest "secret link" may "get you in"

at least at some safe 'pre-beginner' level -

Just be conducting yourself 'within mutual gentle-wellbeing sharing' easy limits

Try a softly monotoned single syllable, for instance, with plenty of regular spacings for easy breathing and 'consideration'.


  Both up and Sorting ... thank you
1730 W 06 October 2016  




Choosing -
your new but so far 'secret' Sustainworthying Neighbourhood Co-Learning Group
will be practicing guidances, at the moment it is still

Choose whether you are willing and able to meet-together 
1   spirit-to-spirit
2   mind-to-mind
3  face-to-face
4  hand-to-hand-
5  part-body to part-body
6 whole-body to whole-body
or what else ?
0900  ^



1025 from One-Human-Being 




Time to start moving much of the below-previouses

to other pages

or hidden 'artchives' ...

thanking you





1145  to  One-Human-Living :-

Once the Miles Mitchell Men-and-Womenfolks' Mutually Mindful-Movement 
both knowledge & initial-know-how -wise,
included every-body,
it'll probably be
"One Speed Suits All" 

And some  "moving-along tunes" might be

"Merrily We Roll Along . . . . " 

The Boy Scouts', Girl Guides', Cubs', and Brownies' Gang-Show and Stage-Revues signature tune 
"We're Riding Along On The Crest of The Wave"
["and the sun is in the sky ... "]

and in 3/4 as a change from 2/4 and 4/4 time
 "One Finger One Thumb Keep Moving -"

and 123 123 123 123
"Row . . Row . . Row . Your Boat . . Gent . ly Down . the Stream . . . . . 

-------- Butt we must await the leadership of "The Committeds" first ...

========================= 39B here must full-time Domestic Tasks now  from > > 1150 Monday 04 10 16. ==================================== 





0123 M 04 10 16

 'Good morning all'  - and thank you again One-Human-Living for your opening today :-

0128 Monday 04 October2016
"Say It With Music" 
be  more sustainworthy

{- as well as being more natural, ubiquitous, and lowest-possible-extincting-and-destructive than 
the now obsolescent 
 Sustainabily's definiens for "sustainable" - }

"Say It With Flowers"

[39B2 - snooloo and sleeping] 
39B1 here - but on DD [Domestic Duties]  ...

0149 Monday 04 October 2016  


Yes, actually 39B2 now up and "middle-of-night self-refreshing"


Most of our lifeplace timeframe, we are "sorting out" the good from the bad, 
the 'carry-forwardable' from the 'leave-behind-full-stop'.

For instance, the continual "mixed-messagings" of every-one's individual and social conduct 
[psychologically- strictly, "behaviour" includes "your autonomic and unconscious movements and stillnesses e.g. your "hormones" but also your "medically-precribed drugs].

Mind-Health Psychologists, 
but also such tour-de-force "Whole of Life itself" researchers as 
Desmond Morris in "People Watching", 

consider such "behavioural signs" as the various parts of the Communication-Mind,
the Voice for instance can include a perpetual 'racket',  'drone',  'misery-puss'
or even a 'NOW soldier - - put your hands in the air -  NOW'
sort of pitch or stance.

How does this refer to my  'here and now' ?

Watching, and listening to my recording of TV's "Dance Moms",
I find most of their 'body-language' "carry-forwardable";

but most of the voices contain a "fixed racket" -

you know,  you're in a hustling bustling supermarket counter queue
or some other "next please" race-place such as the GP's 
"You've got 10 minutes- seven minutes left - come along now, where's the PAIN ?"

Many voices on TV, and very often in the everyday "professional" world, 
come with this, even 'professionally habituated',  
-       -       -

What of it ...   ?
well, since my caree is very low on "filtering' and 'selecting', but can 'take-in' short "racket-=free" pieces of the sacreenery,
I've simply muted the sound ... 
  1520 Sunday [more than part way to wards Monday 4th October already]



===== hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm =====






==hmmmmmmmm ==

1647 Saturday from One-Human-Living  

1630 St 011016
and we've just "clicked"
with a 'home-delivery'  of "domestic-life-supports"

For those 'too young' to 'remember',
in the "good old days" {including through World War 2 }  

when you'd "hit it off" with someone, you had "clicked".
Also today, a young 'stranger' hinted at our need to seriously-converse about 
"Sustainworthiness"  "Clean drinking water for every-one" and 
"How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth", 

"whilst we've still got peace and a few minutes of 'true-democratic time' every day" 
kind of thing ;

and we're looking forward to actually sitting equally 
around one of the Resilient Round Tables
that our Taxes are overdue to have set up in every Neighbourhood  
and in every "sub-sub-sub-neighbourhood" - 
so that we can be "truly participating" in the 




of this so far
"Only Living Planet in both The Universe and 'God's House' "

   'chow'-  be having a good evening -


and corrigenially:  "Let's keep on re-discovering the same parts of our Body" 

================================================================================= ==================

From One-Human-Living 0827 -   0903 today Saturday 01 10 16 

Lets just keep re-discovering the same partys of our Body . . . 

0857 Saturday 01 October 2016


2030 Thursday 29 September 2016

Watching the "reaching outwards to our body-space limits, "Flames of Paris" ballet by the Bolshoi -

we've had to pause the previously "heavy" and "maze-like" academic explorations of "Morality"
and hundreds of universirty students being guided by a professor
into and then 'out-the-other-side-of'' Utilitarianism and its competitive 'Cost Effective Analyses"
 see a different page for our story of the

Diminishing Utility ...

e,g, when we 'hit' 8 billion human mouths to be being fed daily, will that make us more or less "attractive" ?389b1


Clue:  How about "Cost-Effectiveness" ['ings']then ?

in each [contrasting]
there has to be self- and collective- control
of the alternation between limits 

mainly between 
openly-advancing and closedly-'freezing',
and between 
various quantity and quality prioritisations .  .  .  



you there, Lifefresh ?
how about


"so what ?"
Lifefresh responds:  
Recognising three "Human-Life Places"
(1)  The  75%-timeframed  Lifeplace
(2)  The 25%-timeframed Workplace
(3)  The 1% to 99% varingly-timeframe-able Incapacitation/Disabled/Impairmented Place :-
(2)   [The Workplace]
Absolutely depends upon input from (1)

for the express Purpose of supporting
both (1 and (3)  
-  and "Itself" (2)  The Workplace .
In these Senses
(as Laban and Lawrence distinguished -
in  time to help the Allies defeat the Non-Sustainworthy "Third Reich" under Hitler and his Hench-people -)
human-movement can be usefully seen as needing to be "made"
(i)  more dramatic than economic
(ii)  more economic than dramatic

where "economic" means "minimum necessary effort-elements"
"dramatic" means "stretching and shrinking" to "exaggerate" and also to "underdo, even omit altogether"
one or more of the elements of human-movement,
{see elsewhere within and
for details}



0730 Wednesday 28 September 2016   

The whole world of Peoples, 
not just of Governments, "the Needy billions", or "the Wealthiest" ;
not just "the Brexits", "the Chinese", or "the failing-foreigners",
but both every individual and every size of family, 
every neighbourhood, nation, and United-Nations Organisation, 
needs to be 100% Needs-&-Affordable Hows Cooperative Problem Solving.
[do please print-out "Method III guidelines from page "Basics" here or in  ( )

Longest-Term Situation and Predicament
1.  Earth's Vital 'Resources' [we here term them 'Lifesupports'] are Finite [*]

[*]  It takes only one vital-lifesupport to become more 'scarce' (**)
for our whole human-race,
as well as many other food and civilisation lifesupports,
to be extincted.

Whilst the Colonial Era should have been over and redressed decades ago, it has not;

worse, national and some "allied-international" constitutions have not been brought up-to-date
and remain both inaccessibly stuck-in-themselves {the Lawyers, Politicians, and Establishments call it single- double- triple "entrenchment"} 
and "sticking, preventing" all of us, and every individual, from trying to become adequately sustainworthy.

(**) being Bio-Extincted and Non-bio-Destroyed (including daily-wasted)
would surely be "totally-unacceptable"
but has never yet been seen and remedially-governanced
not by Establishments-&-World-Leaders, not by  Politics-&-Militancy nor by Economics-&-Education...

continuable 0813




One-Human-Living led the "walk" this Tuesday 27th;  we might be in time tol help continue, if not complete this _


"Homo sapiens sapiens"
Your "human-reasoning - twofold intellectualised-intelligence" [* see note in]
is your response-ability 

to maintain your responsibility


to "operably-share"
our "hierarchical" or "three-directional" r-a & r-i

Situation #1 :-  "Worse" than this UK British-person's five-fold consuming and also
 "blindly extincting and destroying" this Limited-Living-Earth's 
[we Brits-&-Brexits (in that historical order) 
are "living" at least 4-times beyond our human-race's "fair-share" 

and of this Earth's means, 'global-hectare-wise']

the 'average'  USA-individual is 'destroying' 9-times his/her fair share. . .

-     -     -

The world's {the HUMAN-EXPLOSIVELY-DOMINATED world} Extinction-In-Progress
needs to also 'factor-in' the PERCENTAGES nation-versus-nation, and UN biome-by-biome:

e.g.  to 'weigh' in the Big Balance the Chinese hugest population#s consumption by 4-times as many persons as the USA's, and over ten times more 

"Bulk-National-Consumption/Destruction"  >   >   >


Now look at the international 
Situation #2

Apart from the Human-Overpopulation-&-Under-Lifesupportive situation:Both China and the USA have internal "Natural-Disasters" futures weighing them down;
and both have "historicaly unpayable internal and international 'debts' "
(as the English simile goes "Like dead and rotting Albatrosses hanged around their respective Necks"

such that USA is prepared to "limit" China militarily if "necessary"

whilst China is 'dug-in' to see USA economics and currency "brought-down"  

Sub-Situation:  USA next "World Super-Power President is lined up to be one of two veritable "weaklings"
each differently "short of a world-life-supportive strategy"
as far as our Human Race-&-and-Earth1's Lifesupports and Thrival-Survival are concerned each have an "in the zone focus"  Pyrrhic Victory lined-up.

whilst China  
is much more darkly 
maybe 'insidiously' set 
to 'infiltrate' world-wide national-populations





0820 T 270916







2105 Monday 260916

please see  ???      [as urgently as possible - to keep the 'essentiual-servfices' informed ]

a waking conscious memory-dream-thought :-

"Blue Skids Beneath The Wheelie ..."  
[Tune: "Blue Skies Around The Corner  ... come round the corner with me ..."]

"One Step At A Time - Sweet Jesus ..."

"We only know ..."
 [ ... there was an angel-like glow, in the eyes of the strange little girl ...]

that when one can be
"better", "less-effort", "somewhat-speedier"
doing some-thing, some-how,
one should  [as often as possible]  
that some-thing,
some-how-self-and-others-safely. . .      

Your guidelist can start with  the eight basic human movement 'pairs'  
Pressing:Gliding; Wringing:Floating; Thrusting: Dabbing; Slashing:Flicking, from Effort by Laban .  

The safety-first guidelines from either  

Relaxercise [by Bersin, Bersin & Reese]   or  The Busy Person's Guide To Easier Movement [by Wildman].

both advise being
safely self-balanced and comfortably still,
going all-the-time slowly,
feeling every and the slightest sensation,
not testing nor pushing your limits (but certainly carefully finding them) 
resting frequently    
allowing your breathing to 'happen' easily

 (now  ~2100 Monday 26 September 2016)  >>> >   >    >     >         

----- 10pm -----             Good night, again          ------   midnight  ------




1-Human-Living was first in again 2018 today Saturday evening- thank you;



Include us in the "Earth-citizens sustainworthy & carry-forwardable 
of the Issue of Citizenships [both Earth and National] 




and 1920
we in Life Refreshment caught up again with listening-in
to a further Bach chorale
"O Sacred Head, Surrounded ..."



(1900 )
so if and when we find any "good" news, we'll introduce it here progressively above


and especially of this surfeit of criminally-crazy civilisations around this "Globe"

  trying to make sense of our respective 'life-avenues'  

39B both 2 and 1   -   up and "doing"


1830 St 24 September 2016 





1925 Saturday   please go progressively upwards from here this time



go down to below 0640 and start at "so bye bye for now" ( please )


( 0657 )

with the "Past" playing and singing the Bach music which was 'permittedly-hijacked' as the Christian-methodist-and-Anglican hymn
"The Duteous Day Now Closeth" -
'tis as if that now-present "Past" ** is actually and lively 
leading our way, today and forw2ard-ever 

** Gilbert and Sullivan
(together - no 'hijacking' there)

"The Past Is Dead ..."

"So on we Go ... Welfare is our concern ,,,"

go to the top of page
0640  both of us "awake-awhile"
0600 Saturday 24 September 2016 -  have already jobbed us here 
to attempt resuming major-timeframed large scale overclutter - 
and lack of both space and hands-on-paid-help,
Tidying practical-strategy

and in-action proactivities 
[in the absence of 'those-responsible' - 
by all concerned

so bye bye
 for now






0625  Thank you One-Human-Living for rounding-off our "passing-insight", we'll follow you, now :-



0609  is up first, 
today Thursday 220916, with the following passing-insight :-

0515Th22 September 2016

We two here in 39B need a domestic and neighbourhood "fresh start" -  

and we believe that

so do the overwhelming majorities of People -
 in the whole-concentricly pulsing "hordes" of human-beings 
in neighbourhoods, nations, regions, and United Nations -

and we need a thoroughgoing and completely-"global" 



 we fear 
that this is being deliberately prevented 

 both by "top-down" Establishments, Judiciaries, Constitutions, Governments, and "Individually-Rich"-Families and Cartels
and by "bottom-up".individuals, neighbours, and NGO communities

whose dominant numbers are unawarely "lost" 
under an insidiously dark and worldwide 

blindness-of-heart, ignorance-of-sustainworthiness, and greed for 'Satisfaction-Now'.

Here in 39B all we can be trying to proactivate is
"One Finger One Thumb Keep Moving ,,,"
We may be only "one-human-living-being at a time"
but we do feel the presence of a positively-spiritual 'co-trust'

such that we can declare 
"Thank you, Life - we're with you !" 

-------- 0618 --------- 





1-Human Living has been "up-and-at-it" again:  thank you.


39B1 is running a "world-financial-economics-watching" ["hobby"] account with FXCM.UK -  ~ $US1000 -


whilst 'we' 
{sustainworthiness proactivistes} 
patiently await the world-power-majority to come to their senses 
and majorly support, instead of wasting, us 
("us", even as a slowly-growing-microscopicly-tiny few)


("struggle" would be the real-er term)

to keep our heads above "water"
[at least our Noses]

happens to still be long-term
in the red.

{   Sounds completely "crazy", doesn't it !  }

So do we need to find a long-term Greening methodology ... ?

Your 39B1 has been sat here at this 'Life-Sustainworthying life-work-station
since around 2300 yesterday Tuesday, attempting to find such a Starting-Base -

At nearly 0300 Wednesday now, this 39B1 intends to "self-refresh"
then "horizontally-recuperate"

"Bon Chance" 
to you






Thank you, -  for giving us a briefish "up-front" Overview:-

 1255 Tuesday 20 September 2016



and in our older 'sister' 
not-for-profit, power, nor prestige voluntary-citizens websites,

the visitor will encounter a deep-divide

A.  The Longstanding "Industrial & Private-Individual-Capitalistic" Establishment -


B.   A Longest-Term Future Orienting "Sustainworthy" and "New" Civilisation
aiming to collect the most-sustainworthy elements and 'things' from past and present civilisations
and "Carry-Them-Forward"
whilst also "back-burnering", "disempowering", "minimising", "obsoleting" and so forth
those things that we find or "reckon" to be "non-" or "insufficiently" or "un-"sustainworthy"

-   -   -
(please read on down this multi-informative front-page ...

we are but two 90-year-olds 
who also need domestic-time 
to prepare our next meal 
and to "do the chores"  -

so please excuse us for a few hours whilst we
 "disappear" into the "background bushes".

JSDM 39B1  & AK 39B2  Miles Mitchell Avenue,  PL6 5LY,  U.K.  






1329 Monday 19th inst 



Fresh from 1-Human-Living:


maybe it's you, 

"knows all about all of the 
Human Energies"
Grounding (oneself); Centring; Boundarying; Bonding; Sounding; Facing; Spacing"
[and perhaps eighthly "Transcending"]

Here in 39B we seem to be running short 
of that highly-costly "social-mobility", 
and life-vital ability,

to be able to "tell" which 
and how-much-of 
each of these seven 'bipolar' human-energies 
(a)  have (enough of:  both each, and balancedly both, and then "All" ))
(b) can keep not only "balanced" but environmentally-middlingly so. 
(c) Find the right and affordable internet-sites to
(i)  keep us affordably up-to-date with our own human-energies "entitlements".
(ii)  More survivally, keep up on-track with the Going Governmental Alternative Dictate 

1329 Monday 1190916
we need to go now,
and "chores" ...
[and find some way of surviving as complete-human-beings ]  

Can anyone "fill us in"  on these essentials ?
Or if not, explain what level or levels of "luxury" apply ?

 and where we can start buying them ?












" ...Possiblings ...

how  many   ? "  asks 




"On Being Co-Human"


You need to be continually "choosing",
with your Mind, your Body, your "Instinct"
and with your "Soul or Spirit" -

choosing between "This" and/or "That"

"That and/or This"

[both naturally and 'civilisationally']

between "multiples" and "complexities" :-

"(Items) 1 versus 2 versus 3 versus 4 vs 5 vs 6 vs 7 ... {versus "n" ...}


Situational Instance # 1  :-  
You come across a perfectly good, but left-over from-yesterday, mug of tea, coffee, or soup, in your home;

Possible choices . Decisions: (a) (i)  Is it still drinkable ?  and (ii) by me, myself, and I, right now ?

(b)  If not, (iii)  do I pour it down the sink ?   (iv) "lavatory" it [towards the Collective Compost-Making Industry] or (v)  "save" it for my own or the neighbourhood's Compost Heap ?

(c)  If so then (vi)  heat it up again in the "Microwave"  or (vii)  drink it cold, 'as is' ?  


You get the idea, I expect.:  so go on to a bigger
and much tougher "Gordian Knot" "real-predicament problem" :-

Situation # 2 -

You are doing very well,
living off just over "one-human-living" per week and "minimised assets" ;
you could claim to be "longest-term-sustainworthy" [no Gordian Knots, no tangible "real-predicaments]". 


more and more sobering-news keeps coming-through

[as well as "fantasticly-believable" human-brilliance-and-survivability documentaries and true-movies]

e.g. The possible bad-news
(but not yet "proved" so not-to-worry)
that your apparent "sustainworthiness"
is actually totally due to our Common civilisation's
of this Earth's Lifesupports,
both the "daily" and the "longest-term-future" essentials -

the figures
reported by the Documentary "How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth"
show that our Human Race is conflictingly-divided 
between "Over consumers" and "Underconsumers";
as follows :-

Fact #1:  (") By 2050 there will be 9 billion [and still "counting"]
human mouths to be fed and watered
[and bodies to be clothed, housed, educated, trained,
and kept in both good-health and non-destructive wellbeing]"(").

They will be distributed world-wide :


Fact#2:  UK  73million (10 million increase);
USA  402million (100 million increase);
India 1billion658million total; 
China  1billion408million;
"The population of some countries will shrink:
Japan  down from 120 Million to 102 million;


"Some countries, least able to support people, will increase their populations even much more:

Afghanistan  is doubling its population; 
Sub-saharan Africa  doubling; 
Niger   more than Tripling.


Fact #3 ;  About this Earth's "Carrying-Capacity"
It's Food-producing abilities are seriously limited
(and we've more than reached those limits of the Earth to "provide food" - we are heavily "over-consuming :  over-killing"):-:

 Measurable in lifesupportive "global-hetares"  
[ one(1) human-being needs 2 global hectares]::-

Some Countries are exceeding their fair-share of the Earth's limited-provisions, 

China    Consuming 10% more than its fair share 
USA   Consuming more than 8 times its fair share
UK  Consuming more than 4 times its fair share


Some are "under-consuming"  their entitlement to 2 global-hectares each - not by their own choice, however.
Most of Africa :  1.37 global hectares each 






Fact#4:   "Very probably the next World-War will be fought over Water".

Certainly "It takes 120 litres of water just to produce enough coffee and bring it to your table;

a can of beer requires 150 litres to get it to you;

a hamburger 8,000 litres of water;

for one cotton shirt 3,000 litres;".

Version from One-Human-Living 

"On Being Co-Human" 

You need to be continually "choosing", 
with your Mind, your Body, your "Instinct" 
and with your "Soul or Spirit" -choosing between "This" and/or "That"

"That and/or This"

[both naturally and 'civilisationally'] 

between "multiples" and "complexities" :-

"(Items) 1 versus 2 versus 3 versus 4 vs 5 vs 6 vs 7 ... {versus "n" ...}


Situational Instance # 1  :-   
You come across a perfectly good, but left-over from-yesterday, mug of tea, coffee, or soup, in your home;

Possible choices . Decisions: (a) (i)  Is it still drinkable ?  and (ii) by me, myself, and I, right now ?

(b)  If not, (iii)  do I pour it down the sink ?   (iv) "lavatory" it [towards the Collective Compost-Making Industry] or (v)  "save" it for my own or the neighbourhood's Compost Heap ?

(c)  If so then (vi)  heat it up again in the "Microwave"  or (vii)  drink it cold, 'as is' ?  

You get the idea, I expect:  so go on to a bigger 
and much tougher 
"Gordian Knot" - "real-predicament problem" :-

Situation # 2 -

You are doing very well, 
living off just over "one-human-living" per week and "minimised assets" ; 
(you could claim to be "longest-term-sustainworthy") 
[no Gordian Knots, no tangible "real-predicaments]". 


more and more sobering-news keeps coming-through

[as well as "fantasticly-believable" human-brilliance-and-survivability documentaries and true-movies]

e.g. The possible bad-news 
(but not yet "proved" so not-to-worry) 
that your apparent "sustainworthiness" 
is actually totally due to our Common civilisation's 
of this Earth's Lifesupports, 
both the "daily" and the "longest-term-future" essentials -

the figures 
reported by the Documentary "How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth" 
show that our Human Race is conflictingly-divided 
between "Over consumers" and "Underconsumers"; 
as follows :-

Fact #1:  (") By 2050 there will be 9 billion [and still "counting"] 
human mouths to be fed and watered

[and bodies to be clothed, housed, educated, trained, 
and kept in both good-health and non-destructive wellbeing]"(").

They will be distributed world-wide :

By 2050
Fact#2:  UK  73million (10 million increase);
USA  402million (100 million increase);
India 1billion658million total; 
China  1billion408million;
"The population of some countries will shrink:
Japan  down from 120 Million to 102 million;


"Some countries, least able to support people, will increase their populations even much more:

Afghanistan  is doubling its population; 
Sub-saharan Africa  doubling; 
Niger   more than Tripling.


Fact #3 ;  About this Earth's "Carrying-Capacity" 
It's Food-producing abilities are seriously limited 
(and we've more than reached those limits of the Earth to "provide food" - we are heavily "over-consuming :  over-killing"):-:

 Measurable in lifesupportive "global-hetares"  
[ one(1) human-being needs 2 global hectares]::-

Some Countries are exceeding their fair-share of the Earth's limited-provisions, 

China    Consuming 10% more than its fair share 
USA   Consuming more than 8 times its fair share
UK  Consuming more than 4 times its fair share

Some are "under-consuming"  their entitlement to 2 global-hectares each - not by their own choice, however.
Most of Africa :  1.37 global hectares each 


Fact#4:   "Very probably the next World-War will be fought over Water".

Certainly "It takes 120 litres of water just to produce enough coffee and bring it to your table;

a can of beer requires 150 litres to get it to you;

a hamburger 8,000 litres of water;

for one cotton shirt 3,000 litres;".

(to be continued)
we at 39B  'step-down' now 2325  , for 'horizontalling' by midnight ... 





`============  2050 Friday 16 September 2016============== 


0220 Friday 16 09 16

2153 Th150916   39B - we're recording BBC News at Ten
"The doctor who gave up (prescribing)(medical)  drugs"

(")  I don't understand how we (doctors) got to this 'pills-prescription' 'blanket-remediation' ... (")

(")  Majorly-prescribed medical drugs 'across the board', such as "pain-killers" do nothing to remediate pain;

[more careful body-movement : jsdm]
does remediate pain:

in short (says the non-medicational, direct-with-patient, researching doctor)

"Any genuine exercise is a pain-killer" (")  
To which we need to immediately add "Make sure that your movement always begins, intermittently rests in, and returns to

your most comfortable (and 'longsuffering') "stillness-position"

see any of the following from our 'Basics' pages:-


The Busy Person's Guide To Easier Movement" (Wildman)

Relaxercise  (Bersin, Bersin & Reese)


The New Rules of Posture  (Mary Bond)


Somatics  (Thomas Hanna)


and works by  Eric Franklin;  Linda Harfley;  Rudolf Laban; 

2230 Th150916 ....... prepare for "horizontal"  {bed}  ....... { with "39B"  >   >   > }  ------------- 




1345 Th 150916
Just in from similar
see page1-human-living   for "Major-Issues & Critiques..."



1000 Tuesday 13 September 2016
What we were trying to share with others 
was that
 one or both of us could be sitting on a bench 
just down in the Clothes-Drying Yard by 39B, to share a cup of tea 
and read aloud and converse about 
Wholesome Health and Life Improvement books,
and to have suitably relaxing music as well -

and if nobody else is interested, after half-an-hour or so, we would either retreat indoors, 
or go out elsewhere, by the public transport -

and we noted that this bench, and a chair, were put there by Linda and Dave of 35B who, 
when they moved out into their own house a few weeks ago, 
'gifted' them to 39B's tenant 
(") to continue sharing with likeminded other Miles Mitchell Tenants, as before (") -

but the below "intervened" -



0800  >  0848  
We were just nearly finishing typing

 two or three "issues"
between the Affinity Sutton Housing Association management, their Miles Mitchell Estate Village tenants, Colebrook SW Ltd community-halls management  

and 39B tenant Mr John Sydney Denton Miles
 (and his homeless guest Ms Adela Lewandowska who by 2013 joint-agreement between Plymouth City Council, Plymouth Community Homes, Affinity Sutton and the two branches of the OlderPeople's Mental Health Support Service [NHS and PCC respectively] was to be 24/7 cared-for by Mr John Miles as Registered Plymouth Voluntary Unpaid Part-Trained Carer Number P77099 until our problems and needs had been sorted out and resolved) 

and concerning our needs and wishes, majorly two of which are
(1)  to have a Judicial end to the false-witnessing and its resultant summary ostracisation and exclusionism against Mr Miles and Ms Lewandowska
(2) to be supported, by both the Authorities and by 'likeminded' Holistic Health improving neighbours and others of the general-public,
in safe-place-meeting, considering and exploring
the wide and deeply-vital range of Wholistic Wellbeing Guidances -

when it all suddenly 'disappeared -
[and in this hosting website there is no 'undo' button to get it all back as it had been -

so we've just typed this Matter again

for your sovereignly-democratic (and neighbourly) eyes to be able to see and become response-ably aware of if you will --

0915 Tuesday 13 September 2016 




2330 Monday 12 09 16    regulars please go straight to  "But"  page





{times and place(s) details here    ...     just after we decide _ _ _ _    ?     

ok ? }


maybe   .     .     .     tomorrow   ?


and maybe so will our own Sunday afternoon "dreaming-time afterwards ...   ...    ...

 is going     just    -    fine   ! 

A   l   a   d   d   i   n

-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -                                      -   -   -   -   -   -   -


i n t e r i m l y


_   _   _   _   _   _   _      ^      _   _   _   _   _   _  

For a boo* cuppa 
and a further little 'healthier-self' guidance reading from the same book-source.

39B We'll probably stay in  - 
then have a little shuffle to an outdoor bench -
{times and place(s) details here just after we decide _ _ _ _ }


gone mid-day now 



*  "boo" = bring-our-own


1203 from


0740 Sunday 110916  Rndezvous#1 [33 - 39 east-end clotheslines area bench]

let's try  0800 - 0810 as a start  >>> that worked, and 39B2 joined in at 0805

and we read and started "doing" exploration #1 from The Busy Person's Guide To Easier Movement  

until gone a quarter past 8

 why don't you try joining in  -


 ASAP >  

 please see  further  Us Doing It 





in the



? ? ?  

"Us Doing It"







We "39B1('John') and 39B2 ('Adela')
do make progress 
including reading-aloud alternately 
from a New Foundation Support
or Core-Guidance  Source.


Since we are being electronicly both "bugged" and "hacked" [surveillanced]
and being 'otracised' by Cowardly Authorities and Majority-Groups,

we feel no longer in any position to continue trying to share certain key Knowledge
and Know-How "blindly one-way" to you online
and must seek 'unilaterally' to 'detach' 
from human and technological-media contact 

because unfinished-history tells us
 'Those who are not with us, are entrenched against us'
including on the "world-wide Internet" 
and Other Media;

and all the evidence we have accrued, over many decades, shows us that indeed 

(1)  "There is no such thing as 'Society' any more"
[PM Margaret Thatcher, Conservative]

(2)  There is no such thing as 
a Participatively Democratic and Cooperative Problem Solving UK Network,

nor Local Government,
nor NGO or Religious Body
nor Neighbourhood,
nor a keeping-right-up-to-date 
Cooperative Life and Learning sharing Association or local group;

and no 'proactivating' or 'likeminded' individual neighbours

However, if we might be suffered to add 
"But furthermore,

If just one person reading this now
is able to join with us two elderly "sustainworthiness" learners

in some safe place (even in a reasonably quiet cafe somewhere within easy reach) 

on an understanding that we would progress our common-intention in stages

[the first "founding-activity"  could be Reading aloud 
 (possibly in turns, and pausing to converse, discuss, or "debate" any "matter-arising"]
 from such a new foundation guidance as Your Body: biofeedback at its best :

 and conversing our way through another foundation source such as an illustrated guidance called 
Relaxercise  ]

then let us begin doing so without delay

You name the day

 and meanwhile 
we could show here online where and what time we shall anyway be in some suitable public place 
ready with three copies of these above foundation guidances 
to share for say an hour.

And view a few single other publications of such Sources 
primarily any that you bring along.

Simply watch this space
and its companion .

-----------------------   Peace  1750 080916  ----------------------- 






1753 080916 from One-Human-Living

0354 Th 080916 
Now taking in the various News channels I have to pay extra for ... {your go now ...}
39B1 been up and working since 0250
awake since 0200



may well prove to be "sustainworthily-continuable" here with and .


2040   Need to break-off here 

 Britain was alone;

and small

with backs to the wall , about to be invaded by the Nazi German Armies;

and the Commonwealth peoples (or at any rate their Governments) sent "very substantial help" to Britain. 

so the Royal Navy had in the end 

to sink it.

and the French fleet of warships must not be allowed to fall into the hands of the Nazi Enemy 


Churchill    "... the Battle of France is over.  The Battle of Britain is about to begin".

2012 W 070916  

 (" )As the Military Disaster unfolded, there was talk in England of relocating the British Royal Family to Canada -

and Lord Halifax (who despite cabinet's and the King's support to become PM had declined)

now proposed  putting out Peace feelers using Mussolini as a go-between -

but the "Establishments's second-choice" for PM Winston Churchill, whom many people thought that he was being handed a 'poisoned-chalice'
was 'having none of it'
"and began at once to mobilise the 'weapon' that would prove most effective in his hands - the English Language("

and spoke out thus:

"We tried again and again to prevent this war;

and for the sake of peace we've put up with a lot of things happening that ought not to have happened;


but now we are at war - 

and we are going to make war -

and persevere in making war

until the other side have had enough of it."

Then, on the same day that Petain "capitulated' to the Nazis,
Churchill being radio-technologicly helped by the broadcasting voice of the BBC Children's Hour 'Larry-the-Lamb', spoke in the Commons, and 'swore' that:

"If the British Empire and Commonwealth last a thousand years, men will say
' This was their finest hour' ".


{ But it certainly was not France's 'finest hour' }





"Portuguese newspaper "The War is a sorry advertisement for Democracy".

39B1 only  1939 


with One-Human-Living (paused amid WW2: The Price of Empire)

1813 W 070916

1800  with 39B2 sometimes looking up (interested - or answering my invitation)
taking in "WW2 The Price of Empire" series 1 episode 3 -

now paused at "Hitler turning East ..."







go publish by 
s1 ep 3 beginning now 1327    {prep also for 'out to INR 1550 'in good time' -}
39B1&2 -  caught the end of part2 "Lord Halifax's PM-ship would have been a different WW2...TV Yesterday Price of Empire'"
1333 now 
1145 "snoozer'd"


Correction:  "Edge of War" was wrong;
The correct title is ]  

“WW2 Price of Empire”  
S1 eps 1, 2, and 3

The first three of TV channel 538 'Yesterday' s historical 'run-up' to WW2
 are running, 
through the Living Room loudspeakers 

... Whilst 

The first three of TV channel 538 'Yesterday' s historical 'run-up' to WW2
"WW" Price of Empire" are running, 
through the Living Room loudspeakers 
[not just through my headphones - 
I often do headphones because Adela's complexly-impaired brain wholly prefers Music (classical) to Talk] 
-  thus I hope Adela gains some further "deliverance" 
from the WW1 and WW2 oppressions 
which "greeted" her birth and 'growing-up' years
in Germany's industrial Ruhr, in the town of Castrop Rauxel 1924 to 1950.

[1930pm through to 10pm counting our "pausings"]^
and now 39B2 is doing her 'personally-reliable-friends-for-life
"CrissCross", "Arrowwords" 
and "Crosswords"
[which are not 'angry', they're "friendly-words" ! ]

so we've been out to the bank and to Groceries-shopping  (1400 to 1630)

That went alright;



then shall probably "horizontal" for a 'blood-flow-change' ...




now 1003 getting off backside
choring a bit (kitchen)
and "burning coal-dust" to microwave our pre-brewed and vacuum-flasked tea...
(to drink some of it)

then 'fell-back' into playing Chess-Titans 
and Microsoft on and off line Games (Spades, Backgammon, Freecell and Solitaire) ...

more washing up
discovered can play medium glockenspiel 'out front' 
and the little one 'out back' 

39B1 been regular-awake, random other domestic 'jobzing'
[doing odd-jobs]

0935  39B still "horizontal-relaxercising" now 0949


08-something started dealing online with with EE ex T-mobile £31 debt-collector -  
[for a device I've forgotten, mislaid and long-since not used anyway, some sort of Dongle I guess]

0659 backstepping one pace, to 'recover and consolidate' 

UK PL6 5LY 39B - we've each been up and therein 'started-our-day' 0500 T 060916


from One-Human-Living  0700 T 060916



0659 backstepping one pace, to 'recover and consolidate' 

UK PL6 5LY 39B - we've each been up and therein 'started-our-day' 0500 T 060916




One-Human-Living members have been resting and "opening - and-  closing some body-parts"

 [ we should note of course that lying down one can not be opening-and-closing all of one's major body parts ...]


Another main "starting-thought" is
'Keep as many of the main parts of your body
opening - and- closing

=================1815 ================= 
1745  "Here's To The Next Time .."
{and our merry greeting ...
-  -  -  

approx 1430 to 1715   39B "siesta time" =  39B1's "horizontal self-aware 'co-down-balancing'.





1141  Monday       from One-Human-Living :-



Some 'slang' is sustainworthily carry-forward-able - 

but some deeply-established words are not [at least 'in my book']

{together with its "dirty" " filthy" and blasphemous vocabularies:  
including "fuck", "wank". "longlasting-cum-shot",
and sick psychiatric mind-dysenteries as "shove-it-up-my-ass","hot-wives-cheating on-husbands-want-one-night-stand-fucking-in-your-area-tonight"
Right now here in 39B I've been "saving"
a very small handful of little old spring onions mostly dead-dry-leaved

(nonetheless whose innermost thin stalks feel something like the human-male's urethra passage, up through the penis )-

 but when an "innocent" neighbour asked me to describe or define this Earth-cum-Human-Life 'discovery' 
the only 'worthwhile' descript my memory could find was "piddling-passage";

so I could agree, on behalf of Lifeplace descriptive-writers and speakers, 
to not-censor such "sketch-snapshots" as that)

1105 M050916


0700  from One-Human-Living : thank you.
If you're really friendly and serious 

about both "Co-Sustainworthy-ing"
and "Me" 
[  administrator and interim-leader for
 these two not-for-profit websites]
then how are you going to 
for instance
(1)  Remind "Me" 
probably daily
"flex your body-parts ..."
"... right now you need to focus on 'carefully-flexing' your eyes ..."


0543 - 'reminded'  to preparee for our 6 a,m, 'promises' ...

"...   Mutual Movement...  ..."co-coring   "
0655  going on with  -
and 539 Community Channels' "The Big Experiment" [in Science comprehension, for pre-GCSE teenagers] -'Gases




------------------------------- 0450 Monday 05 September 2016 ---------------------------------------

0330 M050916 

{ 39B2 upped 'mid-night-ly', self-&-personal-world refreshed... and returned (silently) "down*"}.

jsdm [PL6 5LY's 39B1 - interimly]
during chores


(1) word-usages    and some more-effective 'clarificationals' and 'balancers' :-
e.g.  Jung's five (5) 'irreducible' Mind-Functions  [Intuition; Feeling; Sensation; Thinking; Transcending]   : Laban's four(4) basic Movement-Domains [Weight-Intention; Space-Attention; Time-Decision; Flow-Precision]'

we might add to Laban the Movement term "Consision", to match Jung's "transcendental mind-function and the element of "Spirit, and of 'Holy-Spirit' "     ...     ?   ?   ?                

jsdm:  now needing to follow those ever-swinging  (my) 

"Body-Pendulums" -

The one with the ankles gently and slowly crossing and uncrossing

with respect to "Body Language-ing" [using People Watching(by Desmond Morris} ]



* (**)  [**]  {**}  (asterisks) "further detail", "in-the-sense of", "reminds-me-of" , "see also",   

e.g. *  tiny lavatory cubicle occupant-2  having to stand close by the still-seated occupant 1 ...  

========================  0443 M 505 September 2016 ========================= 



1948 from One-Human-Living Sunday 04 09 16 

 At 39B there has seemed to be a 'continuity-of-life' today -
indeed, a visiting black-clad female professional carer
(glimpsed passing 41 nearby below)
was walking both focusedly seriously, and rhythmicly ...

the "birds-networking"  

{you can tell it by their calls-and-answers, and their passing wings or shadows - 
mainly seagulls and pigeons, even sort of 'interlacing and even "backing-up",
but occasionally jackdaws and magpies
and a faint higher-pitched and 'sweet; robin's song ...}

many appeared "integrated", "almost "concerted" - 
morning and all afternoon ...

1843 Sn 040916




Thank you One-Human-Living for your on-the-dot 0700 lone-self tikmeframe log-journalling :


"to mend a collapsed zip
with a piece of wire   >  ?

0700 Sn 040916

But what's this 4-letter thing about ?



==========    0724    ========== 

and still thank you  for yesterday's 'corrections & improvements'
  0959 Saturday 03 September 2016 

39B tentatively Welcomes 45's visitng half-family from J



where we left many Issues still prevailing here in England UK, too ...   see these other Not-For-Profit-nor-Power pages please ...





(  more  later  )

Today's and Tomorrow's expectations now ...

after 39B2 arises

and after 39B1 has "caught up with"  self-preparing and chores-doing ...


previously 1833 F 020916


Our technician @ £20 per hour 
[which we can usually just afford]
{and s/he has got us thus far, alright ?}
noneless "constantly" has to say
"Those two websites of yours are in a "mess" again !"



That "notwithstanding"
why do we seem to "have to" keep on "messing" ?

We even have to keep on repeating some of the "Mess" :-

(")  We few 'disadvantaged' people, 
and perhaps the whole wide world of Peoples & "Living-Lifesupports"
need to progress into

'Sustainworthy Environmental Share -Tenancy Estates'. (")

Practicality-Thinktanking, such could be begun 'today -

by  such small-group agreements as 
Co-Renting a rural-small-farm 
or a semi-rural House
even a large house-in-own-grounds in a Town or City

on a new "sustainworthy-ing" constitution-&-rules basis.

An instance would be :-
One already life-experienced female Carer
could 'team-up' with us two 'established', 
female-caree and her 
voluntary-unpaid-part-trained-24/7 male carer 
[Plymouth City Council Voluntary Carer number P77099] 
both "still sufficiently-independent and self-caring" folk,
and we'd all move into such a Share-House ...

Details, Outcomes, and Development-Plans could also be begun 
at a "No-Lose Method III Cooperative" and "Cooperative-Thinking" Round-Table, 
 again even "Today". . . 
-       -       -

{household 'chores' time here at 39B again - 1630 Friday 02 September 2016





0810 Friday 02 09 16

"...common sensely ..."  
picking up where we left off 

and  remembering that 
the 25% World-Workplace 
needs to be clearly distinguished from 

our many and various  
but contingency-comfortably-frugal
 "one-human-being: one-human-living"
essential lifeplaces 
[which make up the total human-civilisational 75% Lifeplace- 
which in turn looks to be in more desperate need of 
both mind-functional and body-efficiency 
Thinking and 'Ecolonomising' advancement and re-balancing

both of which Workplaces and Lifeplaces need 
Comprehensive-Scrutiny, Re-Evaluation, Re-Constituting
and Re-'Logisticking' ;

we nonetheless can as it were
"dissolve some barriers"

such as between "Work-skilling and Lifeplace-Enabling"
and between those and 
"Arts-Valuing and Media-Clear-Languaging"

one instance of which is that :-
many "Arts" knowledge-&-know-how educational manuals
can be used not only as professional-Arts-career training sources
but also as 
"Life-educational and practical enablement enhancements, even 'basics'."

[Take samples yourself and do them, from

 [by Rudolf Laban ]
To The Actor On The Technique of Acting [by  Michael Chekhov]
The Complete Stanislavsky Toolkit  [by David Martin]
Your Body: biofeedback at its best  (without instruments and machinery)  [by Beata Jencks]

the while remembering that the Workplace still depends on successful Lifeplace-preparations
[as well as on pre-workplace focal schoolings and trainings]

e.g.  "To be a good salesperson, on getting out of bed in the morning look at yourself in the mirror and confidently repeat aloud

"I am today's leading enthusiasticly successful tradesperson"  ...

              enough said  for the time being  ?           

- to be continued -


0909 Friday 02 September 2016




1737 Th 010916 

Our "Sustainworthyism" [-ings]
should do their best to be doing, or practicing, 
a few 'key-worded' Basics at once

 i.e.  'Alternating'  
always consists of several differently-patterned 'alternatings'

{a very 'rich' basic, indeed - }
and of  "staying middling" = "dynamicly-self-balancing"
[in the senses of the Vertical, Horizontal, and Longitudinal directional-planes, 
in the Space Domain:

(see Laban's Space-planes "door", "table", 
and "wheel" which is your centreline moving forwards and/or backwards)

{again a "rich" basic beginning with the eight (8) basic human movements}
and there are more basics to be progressing through 
by our lone-self

and with our 'co-awaring' partners ...



The "hidden historical fact
that long before WW2
when the vast majority of working-class people in Britain
were struggling in dominantly low-paid and poor-logistical  times,

the Yankee "Individual Capitalist" Mr "Luxuries" Selfridge
was helped by wealthy 'Britons'
if not 'leadingly' by the British Establishment,
to set up a huge "pamper-yourself-luxury-department-shop"
in the heart of London -
for the English rich and governing middle classes, of course.


as it were "under" this our very own 

"New Sustainworthyism",

one (we) not only "can" be operating 
one's own personal "self-ridging" service,

one can thereby be meeting one's very own 
but oft-neglected 

This very morning as I was awaking 
with some 'instinctual body stretching'
I found myself also "self healing-massaging" my leg-bones, my elbows, 
and the "grissly little ridges" in my ears.

So as the Aussies say 
"There you go ... saved by
sustainworthy self-ridging !"
0735 Th
============== 0834 Th010916 ============== 






Sent a request to the Jobs firm "Reeds" :-

Part-time private companion and domestic-help wanted Plymouth UK,
by elderly lady and her 24/7 voluntary unpaid part-trained elderly male carer. 

Should be willing to also co-learn modern holistic-wellbeing advances from leading publications already at hand.



=============1025 ================ 

 0845  from 1-Human-Living

 "With you the individual ... "




1-H-L seems to be vigilant [and without an e on the end] :-


Caught "on air"
this very hour -

"...  and then you must always remember Rule #n :-  
Never 'in-vain' anything
as well as anybody ..."

Clearly 'ambiguous' therefore immediately

[Locked-down under our Scrutiny-Backroom]

Meanwhile, we read it as  
" You [We] must continually re-action Rule #n 
'Never "in-vain" anything, nor anybody' ..."




0903  We're not sure what exactly's been happening  in  under "39B"

but we received this a minute ago :-



C E N S O R E D 



0907 Tuesday 30 August 2016  please see  ' 1-Human-Living ' page




We're needing
a two-way (nay, multi-way) "Earth-Citizenship Supportive Not-for-Power, Profit, nor Prestige e- or web- site

- to have as our "globally-people-with-people"
lifeplace-enabling and co-learning place. 
0130 Monday 2990816

and we'll also need a "24/7 Vigil-Site"

where at least three [3] initiated "Sustainworthyers/esses" will be co-chatting or rotationally-reading.texting aloud ... 




In the meanwehile, we need to continue New-Foundation-ing

such as via


Effort [Laban & Lawrence]

which some of us have already strated into  
e.g. with practicing the Eight [8] Basic Human Movements of 










and we might as well prepare for the THINKING advance

Basic # 1 :-  The Three Principles of Good Communication & Honest Argumentation 

(i)   Clarity

(ii)  Charity 

(iii)  Self-Corrigibility .


Basic # 2:-  Formal-Argumentation's difference from Moral-Reasoning;
and their difference from other kinds of verbalised communication.


Basic # 3:-   Identifying Fallacies, Falseness, Omitted-Essentials (e.g. Enthymemes) and other forms of Deception, Exploitation and Manipulation.


{  We'll SELECT our steps as we go along, from whatever 'best publication available'
e.g.  At least two [2]  old Logic textbooks contain at least one of the vital basics we need:

Logic:   theory and practice [Rennie & Girle]

Inductive Reasoning  [Williams, Halpin, Girle and Rennie]  -  (these publication details need checking)



39B2 continually "celebrates" a few "life-episodes"
e.g.  just now at 0212 M29th August 2016 

"One day recently, I went out to feel the weather, and Barbara was out there,
and she said 'I'm Barbara'
( joyous smiling from  Adela, who finishes by saying one of her daily 'carry-forwardable values  -)

"chihutko" [her Polish word for "wonderfully-quiet") -

 [Adela shuffles off, back to bed, still 'joyously' smiling]


Your Body; biofeedback at its best [without instruments, machines, or artifice] 


Here are some sample guidances therefrom, verbatim:-

Pre-note: that the opening chapters 1 to 3, and also the first pages of chapter 4, are "pure-mind-knowledge"  
and to begin "doing it"  we need page 67 General Instructions 

but could skip that too and begin with the actual-practical guidance

page 69  4.1.2  Increasing Sensory Awareness During Movement

"These exercises " [we "new sustainworthy civilisation proactives" think of them as 'self-explorations'

" draw attention to muscular and sensory awareness during movement
in order to discover inadequacies in walking
and to observe how moods, such as tiredness, timidity, or eagerness  
are reflected in postures [and possibly also in still 'poses'] and movements."  Tired Walk

"Walk through the room as if you were extremely tired.  Feel any tensions in your body while walking.  
Feel also any heaviness, any letting go, any holding back, any oppression.  
Observe your mood.  Note the associations you make with the tired walk.  
Take your time.  Do not hurry.  ...  
Now walk in your normal way and compare it with the tired Walk".

---------1200 ------------ 

p 71   4.1.3   Enhancing Sensory Awareness While Lying Very Still  Movement and Stillness 
"Lie on the floor; arms and legs in a comfortable position;  eyes open or closed.  
Imagine that you are melting into the floor, or that you are spreading like a drop of oil on water.  Lie very still.

Is everything really still ?   Feel where there is movement in your body.  Feel where there is stillness in your body.  
Sense it, feel it, linger over it.  
Observe what moves.  Observe the normal movements of the body while you are lying very still -

- Are there places where normal movements are inhibited due to tensions ?  
Check the chest, the head, the limbs.

Feel again where there is stillness and where there is movement in your body."



1810 Sunday 280816 


1630 Sunday 28 August 2016 
in progress 

(1)  The Anatomy of Stretching by Brad Walker [2nd edition]
Aiming to provide both essential theory 
[i.e. clear diagrams, and explanations of functions, 
of each of the different muscles and muscle-groups whilst in action;

and both 'normal' and 'injury' practicalities].

We need to start some competence by keeping well within both our abilities and our limits,
observing other source Guidances 
e.g.  from either
The Busy Person's Guide To Easier Movement  [Frank Wildman]
Relaxercise  [by Bersin, Bersin & Reese]
"  1.  Go Slowly   2. Stay Comfortable  3. ...........   4.  Rest often. "

in other words,
by starting very slowly and gently 
from our own initially fully-aware stillness position and self-controllability,

and never "pushing" "testing", "twisting" "wriggling" or "pumping" our stretching and its limits.
Initial insights and guidance can be had from going straight to the closing paragraph of each Stretch page 

"Common Problems and Additional Information for Performing This Stretch Correctly"

page 35  Rotating Neck Stretch
"Stand upright whilst keeping your shoulders still and your head up.
Slowly rotate your chin towards your shoulder."
Additional: "Keep your head up.  Do not let your chin fall towards your shoulder."
page 93  Lying Leg Cross-Over Stretch 
"Lie on your back and cross one leg over the other.  
Keep your arms out nto the side and both legs straight.  
Let your back and hips rotate with your leg."
Additional: "Keep your shoulders on the ground and avoid lifting them during this stretch."
"Do not throw your leg over to the side;  simply let the weight of your leg do most of the stretching for you."

1805 Sunday 280816
[ to be continued ]



0005 Sunday 28 08 16

working along with  -

see  "Us..." new page


Saturday 27 August 2016

All the below and previous being kept up on one or other of our "Sustianworthying Virtual Method III Round Tables"

We do more-priorittously need to be moving 'forwards' more wholesomely :


Go with  Beata Jencks leadertship , in a 'now-closing' timeframe:

We're taking a page of "self-explorational guidances*" [*our 1-H-L terminology]  and having "proactrively-sampled" that page, setting about "self-consolidating":  which 'equals "pre-socially integrating" it ...  

 (Using my bedside copy of Jencks's Your Body: ... [without instruments]  ...



We're on page 98,  under  chapter 4 title 2.  subtitle 4.2.2  'Infant Behaviour and "Growing Up"'

Guidances:  Exploring Infant Movements  
page 99    Learning To Stsnad On One's Own Feet  Learning To Walk Alone 
page 100 Body Image and Body Language  Changing The Body Image  Hand Pressing  Excursion

and we should 'stepping-stones' our way on,
to the focally-strategic page 104's introductions to Schult'z Standard Autogenic Training

and Jencks's program designed for children as The Autogenic Rag Doll


-         -         -        -         -

Here we need to turn-away to "lifeplace-work at"  domestic 'chores' 1435 

and then-after, food-refresh
and maybe "horizontal-stretching-limits-finding-but-not-'testing'" 

Mail delivery of "Hush-lifesupports" [for the AirForce parts of our Earth-Civilisation Sustainworthying]





from  our 'co-sustainworthying-livers' in 


Visitors and Other "Human Civilisation Improvers" also always welcome to come and go

Up-front now today Saturdsy 27 August 2016 
The "Collective-Mind-Dreamspace 'mind-food' today is
 "painfulness"  (versus)  "painlessness"
and the CMD self-task is to 
"be consolodatingly dwelling with your painfulnesses-&-painlessnesses" 

 Let us also start including some "Thinking" guidelines ?


Sometimes use
 any of the Six Thinking Hatscolours published by British-born world-thinking-leader Dr Edward de Bono:-

White       The known facts.

Yellow     The positives and 'happy' sides of the Situation, Need,  or Problem.

Green   The "creative possibilities" in and around the Matter.

Black   Risks and Negative indications

Red:    Our emotional 'accompanimemts'  [ "happy-happy " , "let off steam" ,  "I don't know why but I feel that's ( _ _ _  * * * * _ _ ) "  ]

Blue:    What & what-with or how, do we need to thinki-about next ?



Other 'Thinking' Guidance Sources:


How To Win Every Argument  [Madsen Pirie]

Biblical Non-Sense  [Dr Jason Long]


please s
ee also  "And"  page    1523 F 260816


1055 F 260816

Visitors from Affinity Sutton and Other seriously-committed "human-civilisation-improvers"



Start with the "Basics" pages please - they arte the most "globally-objecetive" leaders. 

see "New Civilisation Preps" please




Please go straight to the lists in the Basics page.







 1005 Wednesday 240816   see  "from One Human Living"  page,   please

 It takes time
To tell the truth ... !


0640 Tuesday 23 August  -  

We sustainworthiers have the constantly overshadowing and underlurking Task


Prioritising our two main Timeframes and Personal-Energies

1.  Our individual timeframing

2. Our Relationship with The 'Public' Timeframe.


For instance, I value both the Chgurch of England's historticly-strong Book of Common Prayer,

and have also received historic insights into other "human-values" including Agnosticism, Sufism, Humanism, Atheism, Thinking, Praying, Formal-Reasoning, and Mindfulness;


all of which personal-library items I have to either 'justify' giving time to,

or 'shelve'

in favour of immediate-importances.


The New Sustainworthy-Civilisation Movement that I subscrtibe has some simple constituional "Non-Negotiables" -

so, just to sketch two or three main ones
of these 'prerequisites', 'deal-breakers' . 'sustainworthies', and 'sine qua nons' :-

(1)  Collective 'Method III 'No Lose' based Needs & Hows Recognition and Cooperative Problem Solving;

(which can also be used in sub-meetings to agree sustainworthily-essential "Carry-Forwards" priorities)


(2)  "One-human-living per one-human-being".

-      -      -      -

Please go through the "Basics" pages for further Essentials.

Also please see previous recent-matters in  From one-human-living  page

 0700 T 230816

0200 Sn 21 Aug 16 
their "Further partners invited ..."

2227 Sunday 21 August 2016 - Please see page  "One-Human-Living"


Continuing ...

 Started into Desmond Morris's People Watching  tome ;

and on returning from Yelverton and Tavistock

finding a new 2016 "oneworld" publication 

Five Ideas To Fight For   
How Our Freedom is Under Threat and Why It Matters  (by Anthony Lester)

please check with "From 1 human-living" page

No Time For Apathy.   
1  Human Rights

2   Equality
3.  Free Speech
4.  Privacy
5.  The Rule of Law
The Fight Ahead.

Our immediate "reserves" 
before starting into the 'worldview' and 'mindset' of Anthony Lesters, and of the 'OneWorld' publishers 

1   Human-Rights 
need to follow, and be 'subesrvient' to, 
a United Nations single graded 
Comprehensive and Longest-Term Strategicly Sustainworthy 

2  Equality 
also prerequisitely requires Prioritisational-Boundaries

3  Free Speech
 prerequires additional protections 
such as "Citizen's Privilege" equivalent to Parliamentary Privilege 

4  Privacy 
 needs deep-revision, 
to exclude from behind its protective-walls 
Earth-Lifesupports destructive or otherwise non-sustainworthy    
such as 
"private"  firearms, chainsaws, poisons, and multiple-luxury items such as Ocean-going pleasure yachts, holiday-villas, non-productive multiple-human mansions, and cars.

5  The Rule of Law 
being too prone to domination by Bad-Laws
needs to be constitionally replaced by 
Rule of Method III 'No Lose' 
Needs & Affordable-Hows Recognition 
and Cooperative Problem Solving

When we've read the remaining offer of "The Fight Ahead"
especially being on the look-out for "Let's you and them fight -" 'fair-weather-friendly-traps' -
we'll give you our comment on that too.

{Meanwhile and life-interimly 1545 > maybe 1800 today St 20th ...
a cuppa-tea break calls ... }
1630 Saturday

Took the new book for a short walk
to the 31B-for-bench 
and pencil-noted its closing very short article -
which falls clearly short  
both of
Our Earth-Lifesupports' & Human-Race's Predicament
and of
our Individual-in-Neighbourhood and Sustainworthy-Environments 
Needs and Affordable Hows..


[  But  see also new pages"But"  and "And" and "???" from time to time ]

0742 St 20 08 16 



The World-Public
[and "Private"}
might like to note, early-on

That this peaceful 'revolution' can only happen first ,
but never 'foremost', of course,
in the self-controlling life of the individual human-person.

It is impossible for it to be happening in any 'otherwise'
or 'previously' committed individual life;

And absolutely impossible in all otherwise-constituted- and- previously-committed organisations, of any size.




 1225 W 17 08 16
We note One-Human-Living's progress  andaddition below -


Thank you also for your 1200 today -

New Civilisation Preps

The Threat:
Both Human-Race and Earthlife extinctions, due to 

1)  Human overpopulating 
2) Human overdestroying of Earth's life-supports.

Consider, and seriously scrutinise, the below "quantum-stride" forward :-

A.0.0   De-Populate cities, towns, and 'urban' populations

for a Purpose to

B.0.0   Populate & Sustainworthily Ecolonomicise Rural and existing Farmland areas

by means including

C.0.0  Details in Random Order

       C.1. 1  Only long-term residential caravan dwellings to be built and increasingly occupied, 
   .2   Existing plans for new permanent-foundation dwellings to be stopped ['scrapped']
 .3     a)  No new permanent-foundation dwellings to be Built  
b)  New Sustainworthy-Living and Working infrastructures are needed 
and should include some permanent-foundations buildings 
[but none as individual, family, nor extended-family nor 'class-group-private' dwellings nor homes].

c)  Future home life will be sustainworthily continued 
but majorly-increased into caravans and shared infrastructures 
in rural areas 
and no longer encouraged in cities and towns.

 and we've added
d) Rentals and longterm-leases will supplant freehold 
and other previously wrongly termed "private" permanent-buildings.



To One-Human-Living
1200 W 170816  

We are going ahead with our

'New Civilisation Preps'  page




1105 W170816  

from 1-Human-Living


Consolidational Item:
When needed to maintain a Body's balance for instance,
alternate your main-foci  with a deeper, wider, higher, morfe-detailed pursuit:

e.g.  with the main-focus of  the 
"32 Basic Human Movements"

Actions by Caldarone & Lloyd-Williams

as well as a Roget's Thesaurus 

alongsidely at 1100 W 170816



Thank you, one-human-livingers, and welcome to the "not a-frayed" -

with your furtherance:-


Space-wise:  Direct  [a single line, not necessarily straight] or Flexible [more like 'steam' in the air ]

Weight-wise:  Gentle,  or  Firm  [Light or 'Strong']

Time-wise:  Sustained, or  Quick

Flow-wise:  'Free-flowing', or 'Bound-stop-starting'

as follows -
In the 'physiological' order used by the Laban leaders themselves 
e.g. via Newlove & Dalby's Laban For All page 155 

Weight; Space; Time

Gliding  uses Light, Direct, and Sustained,  elements 
Pressing   Firm, Direct, Sustained.

Flicking  Light, Flexible, Quick.
Wringing  Firm, Flexible, Sustained.

Dabbing  Light Direct, Quick.
Thrusting  Firm, Direct, Quick.

Floating  Light, Flexible, Sustained.
Slashing  Strong, Direct, Quick.

May we also advise bearing in mind Laban's further 'warning' advice 
{from his first and 'encyclopaedic' little publication Effort  page 45) 

that if you get 'stuck', habitually, in with any one element, you will appear to be decidedly misshapen,

{over to you whilst we self-refresh here in our very-nearly- "one-human-living-sustainworthy" 39B 'lifeplace' !

0815 Wednesday 170816

to which we now enjoy the privilege of adding the '24 basic-human-movement derivatives' *** :-

Gliding  Smooth, Smear, Smudge.
Pressing Crush, Cut, Squeeze.  

Flicking  Flip, Flap, Jerk.
Wringing  Pull, Pluck, Stretch.

Dabbing  Pat, Tap, Shake.
Thrusting  Shoving, Punching, Poking.

Floating  Strew, Stir, Stroke.
Slashing  Beating, Throwing, Whipping.



*** Emphasising the 'physiological' component elements in the order  Weight, Space, Time.


This Is A 

"Move along, there -  move along ..."

Our Source is the lifework of the following real-life-leaders 
see this site's and 's
Basics lists

for the time-being
regardless of how wholly-sustainworthy 
any of them were at any time 

and begin preparing your lifeplace-timeframings alongside the 

eight basic human-movements 
and their further total 24 'derivatives'

as published by the Rudolf Laban Movement.

We,  lifefreshers, join now with one-human-livingers,
in support of our new life-&-sustainworthy-civilisationers and Co-Leaders


in preparing, practicing, doing, and publicly-showing
"Our Holistic-Self-Healthing Today Following the 32 'Labanesque' basic-human-body-movements" 









'Construct' from the four pairs of opposite elements

Space-wise:  Direct  [a single line, not necessarily straight] or Flexible [more like 'steam' in the air ]

Weight-wise:  Gentle,  or  Firm  [Light or 'Strong']

Time-wise:  Sustained, or  Quick

Flow-wise:  'Free-flowing', or 'Bound-stop-starting'


as follows -




For our occasional Daily Journal, please see immediately below the opening Welcome and primary strategic civilisational urgencies


Thank you www, 

for  again soberly reminding us that we are
moving on

one  day

and one night

at a time

continuing the below "Make yourself some major timeframes ..." 

from 1-H-L   1510 Monday 15 08 16


 1330 Monday15th August 2016
Whilst Andre Rieu lullabies 39B2 along, this quiet afternoon in the Miles Mitchell Estate,

39B1 is pleased to have had delivered by the big strongish Mail-man today 
a new copy of Anna Wise's
Awakening The Mind  A Guide to Mastering the Power in your Brain Waves.

At first glimpses, this guidance book might be both plain-hands-on life-leaderful,

and part of our "answer" and "defence" 
against such safely-remote top-down super-PhD mole-armies 
as in 2005 put up John Demos 
by means of the new and encouraging "competitively-progressive" motivation

"Let's you and them struggle" within the multi-professionally-ringfenced revolving-doors of

Getting Started with Neurofeedback .
But our wise Anna tells us:- 
"Every state of consciousness we experience is a combination 
of one or more of the four categories of brain-wave:  beta; alpha; theta; and delta.
What we will do with this book is learn how to achieve the specific brain-wave patterns of the masters, 
through meditation. 
{No mention of machines nor of 'state-of-the-art' instrumentation as yet.  Thank you.] 

Anna then also 'welcomes' some "technology", 
(let me 'paraphrase' here)
notably the "science-findings in-parallel and support of" brain-waves 
by quality-identification and quantity-measurement 

using the same instrument as already in use for ill-patients by the Medical profession,
namely the EEG 'reader':

but science-competent yogi Max Cade had been able to focus the' reader' upon what we might term 
"brain-waves for better every day living" and Max called "the awakened mind".

Where Anna Wise, even as long ago as 2002, was already "scoring"  opens her Introduction:_
"As we settle into the new millennium and move through the changes of the twenty-first century, we bring
with us a multitude of technical resources to  help  with our physical and mental health and wellbeing.
At the same time that science has made unprecedented advances 
and medical technology has i
mproved beyond recognition,
humankind is undergoing an unparalleled evolutionary leap,
A resurgence of spirituality, an increasing awakening of awareness, and a craving for understanding 
and experience of the ineffable are now major motivating forces in countless people.
If we seriously utilise our latest technological expertise for our spiritual [*] seeking,
we can see the wave of the future."
then, she focuses: 
"The purpose of this book is to teach you how mto meditate
and then to begin to achieve mastery using the marriage of science and spirituality[**]".
{jsdm's asterisks:
* in Anatomy of the Spirit  Caroline Myss details the developmental 'evolution' of the 7-fold human-spiritual-energy.
**  Caroline Myss's 'definition' of "marriage" is also both penetrative and highly challenging, and takes a major place 
under The Heart's "Bonding" function and other Relationships making 'sub-energies'. }

{1503    continuable }



0710 Monday
Once you've made your chosen new guidance book "clear"

i.e. versus and distinct from your personally-established 
foundational-commitment and tenet,

"The World Is Your Oyster" -  
{or 'Hoister' more likely !}
and you can continue 'positively-&-positivisingly'

for instance, by taking the best from the aforesaid exploiters/manipulators and 
and bewaring their otherwise veiled-plagiarisms and gagged, even 'poisoned' Others'-chalices, :-

take the top of that page 59 
in John Demos's super-PhD "splurge" Getting Started With Neurofeedback [Machinery]
where they are insinuating into human-civilisation a merely greedily and covertly-megalomaniacally 

'intervening' it into us, us innocently unaware worldwide little-lambs:-
as coming from The  leading professional therapeutic and 'educational' training neuro-school 
 including full support from the Medical 'sector'
and from the Psychophysiological entrenchment of ['] Applied Brain Control, using External Machinery and Instrumentation [']

and using previous knowledge and know-how developed by others 
but this short passage happens to be clear enough in itself
for any-one to make good use of :-

(') Exhale whilst pushing in your stomach with both hands; 
Try to talk, and if you still can, then there is still air in your lungs;
Evacuate that air, until you can no longer talk;

Inhale. You should observe that only your stomach is moving;
Your chest should not be moving.
Repeat. " (').

This is why the United Nations' and British-Establishment's denying of us permanently low (but 'sustainworthy' !) 
millions of folk and impaireds, 

who strive continually honestly with Natural Life 

but as our "citizenship-responsibility" have to suffer 
having to stand unaided 
against the Nation's one-way top-down Establishmentarian 
exploitation, manipulation, 

unfairly-impoverishing and often insidiously destructive 
"social-mobility-'competitivism' " 
which is not too unlike our very best lives being wasted-away in the World War 1 frontline filth-pits and muddy-blood-baths 

similarly we 'carry' our Country 
but we have to do so unsupported, unrecognised, excluded, 

and 'priced-out' below the academic, educational, organisational levels 

in both Lifeplace-Enablements
and Workplace-skills...
Stating this paradoxicly,
we have a Natural Need 
to be 'combating' 
the very Civilisation and Laggardly-Institutions we must as Citizens be supportive of !  

This is why the United Nations, all Regional-Alliances 
and National-Governments 'top-down'

cooperatively with Peoples 'bottom-up'

need to advance into becoming Life-&-Lifesupports Nurturing
starting with each one of the 7.3 and counting billions 
of human minds, bodies and mouths.

So-be-it, then ?





 Make yourself some major-timeframes away from 
those mainline  medical and psychiatric "Health Care" monopolies
and their top-down individual-capitalistic market
 domineerings - 
which focus only very briefly upon your pain, worry or distress, as their subject patient.

And there is no actual
 "Wholesome Health Building Service"
for you as a "person"
 [not as that "treatment-patient" or "therapy-client"

so majorly "switch-in" your "self-healthing"

and your "life-sustainworthying"
as distinct from your "career-social-mobilising" and "job-skilling".


One other guidance:
when you start reading
even the best new guidances

have both pencil-with-eraser and 4-coloured pen
to make (not simply 'take') notes and refinements, even corrections, to the text.

Today, for instance, having just bought 
Getting Started with Neurofeedback [Demos]
I find that he and his whole profession are falsely representing "Biofeedback" (page 59)

"Biofeedback is the process of learning to control physiological functions by the use of instrumentation."

We need to base our lives and abilities 
upon as many, and as much, of 
our own individually and personally existing, 

and latent or potential,
self-awareness, self-control, and self-enablement efforts,

as is humanly possible.

Our primary guidances here, long before trying to submit to 
the "state-of-the-art brain-shaping machines" and "problem-masking medications" of Neurofeedback, Psychiatry, Clinical-Psychology, Neurotherapy, and GP Medicine,

Beata Jencks's Your Bodybiofeedback at its best without instruments;

Ronald Shone's 
Creative Visualisation
Eric Franklin's Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery.

And you will also quickly find that Support knowledge and know-how helps;
such as 
The Anatomy of Stretching [Brad Walker; 2nd edition];
Six Thinking Hats [Edward de Bono]
Biblical Non-Sense [Dr John Long]

They're each plentifully adequate 
with detailed knowledge and know-how 
in all-round self-improvement

including "defending" your mind and spirit
against exploiters, manipulators, and other "cheats"

------------2215 Sunday 14 August 2016------------- 










Intending to be citywards on the 27B 1015 

thence Tavistock-wards





0512 F 120816
Since there are too many con-seedings
You're all in Dead-Difficulties -

- now  -

we suggest a 'furtherance' of the Consolidatory kind -




1820 Th110816
From your items published today,
we can now see the way our future-imminent Sustainworthy Civilisation is being prepared:

(1)  Each member contributes to the Common Purse all assets and incomes above the one-human-living base.

(2)  The Common Purse is to be
[or is already being]
Participatorily-Cooperatively co-managed

(3)  A primary constitutional requirement
to focus singularly upon developing and building
(a)  Sustainworthy Infrastructure
(b)  Active-Assets-in-Common,
(c)  Active Programmes for Individual-Wellbeing and Common Fitness-for-Purpose


We would also envisage:

(4)  Sub-Funds will be needed, primarily for Allowances
above the one-human-living
to be allocated,
(a)  for the dynamic-balancing of special-situations or needs,
as well as for 
(b)  "luxuries-in-common"




Please continue > > >
should soon be publishing our comment to "BREXIT" 

["] ...many public e-sites are so lengthy that they've become 
"everlastingly revolving-doors"...["]

and ends 

"So the bottom line has to be

'Only the small secret "survival-community" that owns the
World's Bunkers as well as the World's Billions and Battle-Brigades,

has any hope of "surviving"
let alone of "thriving" ' ".


1524 Th 11 08 2016


(    Welcome    ) 


Please be prepared to find Issues 
underlurking, overshadowing, and threatening
both your individual thrival and survival 


that of not only the 7.3 billion other humans on this planet Earth
but of All Lifeforms 
and of most Non-Bio-Lifesupports  
on this Earth !

Multi-Corruption for instance :-
Multi-corruption means not just with Money and Finances,
but with buildings 
including both corporately-occupied infrastructures 
and individual-homes and rooms therein;

there is corruption with lands, seas, and the atmosphere, 
corruption with underground-natural-solar-investment-deposits of 'Sun-Fuels' 

and most seriously
corruption of our human bodies and of parts thereof, 
of our emotions, our minds, and our very spirit, 

and corruption of our health, longevity, knowledge, wealth, and wellbeing

even corruption of our Illnesses
e.g. under the false-title "National Health Service".
With multi-corruption deep-rooted, especially by 'loopholes' in Constitutions and Laws,
even the United Nations is heavily impeded by multi-corruption
"contributed" by its member-states' governments 
and their over-riding"hidden-powers-that-be" .

None of us can be at all effective without first "making a better self"
"The world is in a mess,
Whatever shall I do ?"

A voice-divine then whispered back -
"Just make a better you".

Let's be "up-and-at-it" now then

"setting our own House in order"

for which we'll be needing at least some 
of the neglected 
but affordably published-guidances
listed in the Basics pages
of these two not-for-profit e-sites.




The "hidden fact" that human life and behaviour is a succession of learned roles and action-performances
becomes clearer when

not only does further foundational mind-deconflation arrive in front of us
e.g. from Bella Merlin's

The Complete Stanislavsky Toolkit  

but when the Stanislavsky-and-further-developers' progressive enablement of Actors
comes across as

All-Round and In-Depth human-life facilitation and skilling,
"off-stage" as well as "on".

(") Guiding Principles:  
Dynamic Listening ...actually begins with an ability to listen to all the minute changes that occur within ourselves each day - physically, emotionally, and experientially.
Willing Vulnerability:  A playfulness, to take risks and not be afraid to look "foolish" ...trusting our imagination to keep on giving us other ideas to 'try' again, and again... 
Psycho-Physical Co-ordination: Whatever is going on inside us impacts upon our physical expression...stuff from outside also impacts on our insides... we constantly balance all of this.
A Constant State of Inner Improvisation:  ...we're able to remain within a tight focus when necessary...yet we're always imaginationally alive, both in happy and in tragic circumstances (").

Merlin goes on later
["]  In brief:  Psycho-Physicality  means training your body to be receptive to your psyche; and vice versa.

A PsychoPhysical process is much closer to the way you respond in everyday life [than the strategies of many training environments and performance [sometimes 'workplace]' situations.
The emotional energy of 'performing' itself can be a fertile starting point for your psychoPhysical 'voyage' into the heart of the "Life-Cause" you are supporting.

The more psycho-physically adept you are, the more resources you can contribute to the progress of that "Life Cause". ["]

Then on "Discipline" she says:

"Discipline can sound like an oppressive term.

We like 'acting' because it is childlike, challenging, playful,
and immensely pleasurable:

we  don't  want to hear that it involves a 'heap of hard work' ".


Let's note, however,
and at the same time practice a little simple "Actioning"

by "telling" Bella
that some terms, especially because "key" and "everybody knows them",
have insidiously become "blindfolds", "handcuffs", even "bombs waiting to explode"
that need "de-fusing" 
but not so much "diffusing" [this latter makes them more "piecemeal" -
and thereby easier for many people to go on "swallowing" - 
especially after the smaller pieces have been "thrown into the fan" (for better "distribution")] 

"Hard work"  for instance -

time to de-conflate and de-fuse it -

comes in several forms:-

"dangerous - risky"
"undercover work"

"nice work if you can get it"





But 'broad' words such as "Hard" have so many nuances and distinctly contrasting differences

that they become insidiously  "vapid" - "empty" -"foggy".

Let's be putting suchlike 
not-for-profit, power, nor-prestige 
straight into our "New Sustainworthy Civilisation's" 
Constitutional Components, 
10pm Monday 080816




1920 Sunday 070816
Fresh in from 1-H-L :-



Furthermore, here in 39B we struggle day-to-day
with the notion 
[but nonetheless absolutely categorical "fact"] 
that our "level of common-sense" 
is now democratically our human-civilisational governing factor -

and we "know" that it follows-on naturally 
from our having but One God
whose "divine-agent" Jesus-Christ the "Son" of God
was such a perfectly good man
and should never have been crucified -

but that having been due to 
not only "laggardly evolution & development" 
of the "Popular" Human Common Sense
but also to the laggardliness of the Ruling Authorities' Common Sense 

and so 39B1 holds that
"it is our Humankind's popular level of common-sense,
aided and abetted by a 
or corrupt
or both
Leadership & Governance 'level of good [qua 'highest-possible-common'] sense,
that is to blame for all of our Predicaments. Wars, and other Civilisational-Failures ..."

whilst 39B2 
chooses to switch her priority to "doing words"
(upon her private individual lap) -

so 'we' of 39B1 persuasion
return to
"making the early-evening 'tea-snack'
stage-managing the playing-back of such sustainworthies as 

"How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth"  
"Cross Talk" and "The Keiser Report"
"Fracking: Shattered Ground" 
"Forward Thinking"
"Oceans [how humankind is destroying the lifesupportiveness of this planet's Seas]"
"Life On Us"
"Edge of War"
"The Mikado"
"Wild Canada""Wild China""Wild Africa""Wild Columbia""Wild Japan"
and both
"Roland Petit's L'Arlesienne" and "Alison Balsom's The Trumpet's Splendour".
in between, 39B1 silently searches his remaining mind-functions,
for progress through such "Issues"as :-

(1)  What percentage of this Human Race's 7 billion bodies
is holistic-health-building-actively 
participating in these current Olympic Games ?
[very crudely guesstimating 7,000 athletes there,
and say 7,000,000 athletes 'absent', elsewhere practicing, worldwide,

that is only 0.1 % of our Human Race]

(2)  How can "EarthLife Itself" 
be keeping almost all 7 billion of us humans 
not only "unaware" of EarthLife's impending, 
but already-in-progress own Extinction 
at our hands,
but "unwilling and unable" 
to be made -
and to make our-selfs* -
"in Time to save instead of destroy Life" ? 

* "selfs" =  even only one-at-a-time




World - 

Since we have "at our fingertips" a great sufficiency of Life-Sustainworthying advances
(see Basics lists as a mere start)
which both our Global Leaders [Political, Educational, and Community]
and the whole world's
Commanders [Governments, Military, Police, and Religious Forces] 
continue to

 both at Highest-Governmental, 
and at people-majority, -minority, -demographic 
and at workplace-&-lifeplace-ostracised-individual    


and since under the domineeringly-co-destructive 
"competitive-civilisational" global-edifice

"Growth" has failed
and Individual-Capitalism, Corporate-Globalism, and Cooperative-Socialisation
 are all insidiously but increasingly collapsing 

and since also
the only hope for Human survival
is for a few thousand "selected" and "sociable team-capable" 
and otherwise all-round "longest-term sustainworthy-and-co-sustainworthying" 
people from worldwide,
to skill themselves at "Disaster-Survival bunkering-down" 
- (under cities; under the United Nations; 
even in temporary fleets of
above the impenetrable clouds of poisonous gases, 
lethal-razor-sharp dusts, 
tsunamis, storms, conflagrations,
and "howsoever")

the best we can both hope for 
actually begin doing 



"'No-Lose' Method III Neighbourhoods-building
from within our lone-home 
to one neighbour, 
then  two, 
then three, 
and increasingly forward.

Possibly, such peacefully-radically-reformist movement
might quickly precipitate a "tipping-point"

for the peaceful worldwide resolution of the whole 
disastrously-slippery-slope accelerating

by which 'bottom-up' cooperativity

and not just the select-few-in-the-bunkers
will live

and die

  in the overall-essential cause of 

and in affordable


1422 Sunday 07 August 2016

Kindly note that this is not the sort of stuff that can be continued -

not "ping-ponged"

nor "given way" in jsdm  1430 Sn 070816




(If) The Human Race's longest-term thriving-survival 
is the possible "main-purpose"
for all people and civilisations,

then two questions stand out :
(1)  What is the sustainworthy-ecolonomic, and main-aim, 
both for all organisations 
and for all individual-persons ?

(2)  How has that Main-Purpose-&-Practicality been shown so far by History ?

If not;
then what ?

Because - 
we are talking here of the 

Last Word
too -

aren't we ?


to this forerunner of companion site

both are not-for-profit-nor-power-nor-prestige 

both reveal neglected knowledge & know-how .
The  Basics  page shows substantial lists 
of knowledge and know-how 
that both Governments and Universities are neglecting, even suppressing,

and our "Common Thinking" challenges us to very-soberly choose 
both our own longest-term-sustainworthy needs and values,

those of our Civilisation and Human-Race-on-Earth, going into Ultimate Space-Emigration 

For instance, a focal need is for us to choose between 
"This planet's going to be extincted by Asteroids, Rogue-Planets, GammaRay bursts -
therefore I might as well eat, drink, and be merry - for 'tomorrow we die' "
supposing no such Absolute-Destruction happens, and this human-race has to 'struggle' or 'battle' onwards
for thousands of years
until space-emigration helps our overall Survival ? -

what will our human-race be needing to carry us forward that long and that longest-term sustainworthily ?
so here we are at this end, 
 two lone, 
but victimised and disadvantaged by 'majorityism-cum-adversary-win-lose Reactiomism' 
'frail -old English pensioners' 

publicly-identifying as
(i)  "39B1 - one-off 'retired' but pure Englishman" ;  
(ii) one seriously-impaired 92 years old caree "39B2" - Australian great-grandmother Adela "helping to trim the sail" 

yet we can use your taxes (which help to pay our pensions) to run two 'further factors' websites, publishing
and big-strategy issues
that are being distorted, avoided and neglected 
by various Authorities and Communities
[who appear to be both 'over-complacent' and steeped in "privilegocratic protected private luxury living" 


But you almost certainly already have your own plentiful problems
therefore we recommend going straight to the "Neglected knowledge and know-hows" page
and begin to actually do some of the many human-enablements that are therein guided through,

and may we deeply trust that you will 
"be thankful" 

thankful that you are finding Humankind's 

but real personal-life, 
and Collective-Lifeplace sustainworthying,
true leaders.



 0040 Monday 01 August 2016 

Just in from



At today's average-lifestyle of consumption,
this planet Earth's Total Lifesupportive Product = 2 global-hectares per person [2010 = 7 billion mouths].

The British Isles resident is consuming nearly three times as much.
Greater-Europeans twice as much,
and North Americans nearly 5 times as much
as that individual share 
of 2 global-hectares per human-being.

Many Indian people have to survive, and somehow "thrive", 
off less than a half of that fair-share.
[Rees's "Earth's Productive Bio-Capacity = 2 global-hectares per human-being"]

This means that at the British rate of individual consumption,
this planet Earth can sustainably carry only two-and-a-half billion people;

whilst at USA rates, only one-and-a-half billion.

{At Chinese rates, probably 6 billion;
at Indian rates possibly 15 billion;
at Rwandan rates, maybe 18 billion people. 

But our Governing Leaders and Politicians  have already accepted 
that human numbers will have swelled 
to as many as 11 billion in the next thirty years,

despite the disastrously steep decline in the Earth's ability to carry so many human-mouths,

And we are de facto 
without any choice 
in this
our own

as well as many other Lifeforms  
- literally -

Insidiously Sick Extinction.

Once again, 
the only sensible solution 
is for 
every individual

at every "level" of civilisation

to limit their-self 
to just One(1) human-living 

and to set a new lifestyle basis of 

Holistic Health 
and longest-term 






1910 Wednesday 03 08 16 
1830  39B    our evening 'programme' will usually be

To keep considering our Life-Leading Sources 
a propos which one, which page, which line and word, 

and with what Intention
to be holding or changing 
our "efforts" "resting" and "locational" 
limits, timeframes, qualities, quantities, and AOFs [any-other-factors].

 1.  "Midway-ing" our every domain of 7-fold holistic-living 

'minding' the basic four neutral-rest body-positions
(i)  "spreadeagled"  (ii)  "curled-up"  (iii)  symmetrically straight-standing (or reclining/horizontalling) (iv) "sideways-turnings";

and having at hand  
Beata Jencks's wide choice of self-exploration and practice guidelines, 
Brad Walker's "body-stretching still-pictures"
"Laban For All" - little distinctions to help us begin, differentiate, and gradually-improve our 'commands' of

Pressings  versus  Glidings
Wringings versus Floatings
Thrustings versus Dabbings
Slashings versus Flickings;

2.  Taking-in Documentary TV studies, revelations, and news:
(1)  Eden's "Forecasting The End" [of this planet, of All-life on this Earth's surface,  or only of our human-race].
(2)  Discovery Sci+1 "How Do They Do It?" (blast 10000 tonnes of rock, map the Earth, provide year-round flowers)

(3 ) RT News 2030 "Cross Talk"  
(4) TV recordings of  "L'Arlesienne (ballet);  
"How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth" {Science-Technology Revelation hosted by Sir David Attenborough } 

(5) Maybe after 39B2 goes'down' at about 2230, 
39B1 may find a sober sort of quality movie to record.


Should one be enabled to say

"Happy Sustainworthy Life-Intentions Overlappings" 

instead of

"Sweet Dreams"


 ======================Earlier today Wednesday 030816====================

We two 39B-ers decided to remain at-home today - 
and are taking a few quarter-hour 'breaks' 
up from having been horizontally "self-slow-stretching-cum-gently-shrinking " [Labanese-wise by Newlove and Dalby "balling"] 
from about 0800 until the mail was just hand-delivered - and methinks we'll soon go down again -
or 39B1 will -

because it is becoming

adequately self-maintaining


and hopefully still


cooperatively-participatory 'face-to-face' Association-preparing




2030 Tuesday 
Visit completed;
maybe 'significantly' - a few folk on return train 
achieved considerable 'focused-conversation' 
which included us and a 'sharing'of the below-shown "not-for-profit" green cards
0800 T 02 TODAY
We two visit an old friend in St Ives,  to share the latest in 
"the Divine Holy Spirit's thinking and practical-presence"   


1917 Friday 290716  1-H-L  just published the following:

added to 2010 

New information for the "sustain-worthy-ing" person, on a green flyer and new small card beginning today

Time's  S
hort  ? 


Do your own


by exploring your eight basic human movements
Pressing                                             Gliding 
Wringing                                           Floating

Slashing                                             Flicking
Thrusting                                             Dabbing

see  Laban For All  by Newlove & Dalby.  1915 Friday 29 July 2016  

It's someone else's Job -
or the Government's duty  ?

We'd better join
or start forming
a local neighbourhood
"participative life efficiency and
democratisation association
or group".

We can use the Basics from ;
New  green card

Personal Life Improvement

We meet minimum three persons by
agreement in safe public places

We bring our best experience and any published other sources for our human  life improvement.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- 
Civilisation Sustain-worthy-ing 


Again we meet by collective agreement

Again by selecting the best and up-to-date or neglected
knowledge and know-how advances.


==================== 2020 Friday 29 July 2016 ==================== 



I just shared some simple-thinking 
with two nurses in the GP NHS Knowle House Surgery, Plymouth, UK :  that 

"working successfully in the Workplace 
[for 40 hours per week = 25% of one's Time]

is much easier than

living successfully in the Lifeplace 
[for the other 128 hours = 75% of one's total 168 hours per week timeframe  ] ".

  Why ?
Because, to be in that Workplace you must be easily-competent in the skills required by that Employer & Job;
and you only have to " least-effort last risk" economicly-exert that well-versed skill 
for one-quarter of your total-timeframe.

Whereas in the Lifeplace you need a wide and complex range of abilities;
but the vast majority of us humans do not have access to learning-places and guidances 
for all of those life-necessities and complexities;

nor do we have a Peoples' Holistic Health & Wellbeing Sector and local affordable service;

incidentally, nor [under British Law] does "health" even legally exist !  
e.g. holistic health building or improvement can not be legally supported.



1925 W 270716


1-H-L  published its further work into our "Current Life-Sustainworthying Predicament"


1103 W270716  that
"  looks like preparing some Military depth and 'intelligence' 
to our wider Earth-Citizenship knowledge and know-how".

39B1 just taking in TV documentary Histories 
[as well as some recorded 'Current States of the Bio- and Non-bio- Planet Earth']

currently watching the Allied, versus Dual-Enemies Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, in the WW2 decade.
Various serious Political and High Command failures before the wars came
were already 
and complacently in place  
like dormantly non-existent 'H-bombs' 
waiting to explode [jsdm paraphrase]
most of which resulted directly in Allied Military Disasters and in huge losses of allied-peoples' lives and territories 
as well as of our own troops, manpower, equipment, and comparative-morales :-

British Versus Japan:   political and high-command ignored its own vital strategic-think-tank information and advice

and thus disgracefully major-historicly lost both Malaya and Singapore 
United States versus Japan :  likewise to British political and high-command, failed to believe and act upon advance information from its own reliable sources

thus suffering the Pearl Harbour disgrace -
and thereafter in high-governmental and high-military command 
further scapegoated a few lower commanders in order to save their own faces 
[ostensibly expediently so as "not to lose the trust of the American and the World's Peoples" 
a loss which would in any case always be 'unwritten-constitutionally'
the highest-governance-priority to be avoided by any Country    jsdm comment]
1025 W 270716   There will follow some direct quotations from the TV documentaries themselves.

SKY TV Discovery History : Battlefield s4 ep8 
'Conclusion - Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbour' 
(1)  (High ranking USA possibly the highest naval commander
"... cleared of the charge by a Congressional Inquiry set up in 1946 to investigate the disaster at Pearl Harbour." 

But others, lower down, were blamed, and -
"Lt General Walter Short also lost his job, 
dismissed by those in High-Command 
who were also culpable, 
but who were anxious to ensure that no blame attached to them."    

 "...15th February 1942 British High Command began to receive the first scarcely credible reports from the Pacific, 
the reports confirmed that Singapore, the British Gibraltar-of-the-East, had fallen into the hands of the Japanese
Sir Winston Churchill stated publicly that
(")This loss of Singapore is the greatest disaster in British History(")



[to be continued  1230 W270716]


~ 1030 Wednesday 27 07 2016 

39B1 just taking in TV documentary Histories
[as well as some recorded 'Current States of the Bio- and Non-bio- Planet Earth']

currently watching the Allied, versus Dual-Enemies Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, in the WW2 decade.

Various serious Political and High Command failures before the wars came
were already
and complacently in place  
like dormantly non-existent 'H-bombs'
waiting to explode [jsdm paraphrase]"

most of which resulted directly in Allied Military Disasters 

and in huge losses of allied-peoples' lives and territories 
as well as of our own troops, manpower, equipment, and comparative-morales :-


British Versus Japan:   political and high-command ignored its own vital strategic-think-tank information and advice

and thus disgracefully major-historicly lost both Malaya and Singapore . 

United States versus Japan :  likewise to British political and high-command, failed to believe and act upon advance information from its own reliable sources

thus suffering the Pearl Harbour disgrace -
and thereafter in high-governmental and high-military command
further scapegoated a few lower commanders in order to save their own faces
[ostensibly expediently so as "not to lose the trust of the American and the World's Peoples"
a loss which would in any case always be 'unwritten-constitutionally'
the highest-governance-priority to be avoided by any Country    jsdm comment]


1025 W 270716   There will follow some direct quotations from the TV documentaries themselves.

SKY TV Discovery History : Battlefield s4 ep8 'Conclusion - Japanese Attck on Pearl Harbour' 

(1)  (High ranking USA commander) "... cleared of the charge by a Congressional Inquiry set up in 1946 to investigate the disaster at Pearl Harbour."
"Lt General Walter Short also lost his job, dismissed by those in High-Command who were also culpable, but who were anxious to ensure that no blame attached to them."    1059


Our immediate threat, and the "brexit-complication",
is not that
"no other nation-state-power, 
nor super-competitive organisation [such as NATO or the UN]

is self-strengthening for 
International World Peace Domination

by building both 
its Peoples Holisticly Sustainworthy Lifeplace Abilities

its Large-Scale International Ruling-Powers and Workplace-Skills 
[including Armed and Police Forces].

Two immediate threats could well be
(1)  Our majority-populations' 
(a) non-holistic and non-sustainworthy lifestyling and life-purpose,

coupled to 
(b) their non-sustainworthy Workplace skills and raisons-d'etre.

(2)  A foreign-power's 'crash'-medium-term secret-strategy to
(c)  weaken all other Peoples and Nation-States

(d) infiltrate key essential sectors and services in other countries with 
'sleeper- &-double-agent "moles" '

It can already be seen that
(1)  the USA is already vastly controlling and consuming 
many times more than its 'fair-share' 
of the Earth's Lifesupports;

and has deeply-developed "CIA" controls in place in practically every country 

(2)  But so also, to a less obvious extent,  has China

(3)  And so, potentially, are the "Arab-trillionaires" amassing vital Properties, Businesses and Strategic Land-areas, worldwide
but majorly so here in Britain 'under our very own noses'.

That is why we are now including this 
Double-Longest-Term Strategic Danger 
 in our "watch" 

1200 Wednesday 27 07 2016







1000 M 230716    Just published by  (and Twitter) 


week-beginning 180716@Derriford "NHS" Hospital Office spokespersons: 

["] There is no Plan 
to build either Peoples' or Patients' 
Holistic Health 
in this NHS Complex - 

only to close the existing Public Gym, Super-Fitness-rooms, 
and Wellbeing alcoholic-bars,  
to the Public and to Patients, 

and to improve and make-it-all-over 
for Hospital Staff membership and use only ["]

> 0950 Monday 23 07 16

We two "frail elderly worthless and anti-social pensioner-loners"
venture out again today
in search of [as we have previously been reasonably pleading for]
safe holistic-health-building Places and People 








A major failing 
in at least the globally-dominant "Western" Human Civilisations on Earth,
is still very much 
their "Win-Lose Top-Down-Directively-& Militantly-Competitive" 
[read also 'de-facto-dictatorial', and even 'over-destructively-mechanistic'] 
"Adversary Law" foundation.

The inherent 'over-destructivity' 
can be detected in such ostensibly "constructive-competitivisms" as
iatrogenicly-failing to publicly-acknowledge, honestly-respond to, 
and civilisationally-integrate,
an advance in knowledge, know-how, and implementation-trial
made by someone else 
other than by one's-self or by one's-owning-company or civilisation-sector .

Some instances:
CG Jung's published, and successfully implemented, lifework
must essentially include 
(a)  Ambiversion - the ultimate desirable dynamic behaviour achievement
balancing Extraversion and Introversion.
(b)  The fifth "Transcendent" function of Mind.
But the Myers and Briggs "personnel-employment-psychology" profiteers
have deliberately omitted these two vital components 
and behaviour-positivising resolutions 
from their publications and training-programmes.
(c)  "Introversion" tends to be correctly spelt;
"Extraversion" is being wrongly published as "Extroversion".
Also like viruses 
insidiously eating away people's unaware brains, minds, hearts and spirits, 
are many other terms, many of these being 'politically-correct' 
and 'monopolisticly-exclusive of all other terms 

and especially excluding the correct terms such as 
(i)  "friendly-fire" in place of the true "shot-in-back-by-own-troops"
(ii)  MPs constituency "Surgeries"
(iii)  Genocide and malicious-persecution must be called "Cleansing" 

and Endless authorities and authors 
in all fields 
continue to likewise failand to sabotage the three Principles of Good Communication and of 
Honest-Argumentation [***]
which only comes across as openly-hostilely
as well as sneakily, akin to parliamentarily-or-professionally-privilege"
or "poetic, journalistic, license" 
but is in destructive-effect

1.  Be Clear (in stating your own case and in acknowledging Others' cases) 
        2.  Be charitable (unbiasedly acknowledge every 'good' point in Others' submissions).
3.  Be Self-Corrigible (admit when shown to be misinformed or otherwise 'wrong' or incomplete).



Vital "deliberately-omissive-cum-destructive-sabotage" instances coming up shortly:


"Tai Chi"  is "feral" here in the West
having been sabotagingly-infiltrated upon us from China and Japan 
thus usurping and 'extincting' our own genuinely world-leading "western-world advance" 

first published in UK as 

Effort  and backed up by Mastery of Movement  by Rudolf Laban.




Shakti Gawain fails to self-correct that her publications are more short-term "band-aids"  than in-depth and all-round balancing Knowledges and Know-Hows
and fails also to publicly-recognise Ronald Shone's Creative Visualisation as being a truly sustainworthy in-depth and all-round major opus for the Imaging-Mind's longest-term education..   


Caroline Myss failed to include David Boadella's outstanding and more seriously all-round and in-depth Lifestreams  work

in the "Seven Chakras/Sacraments, Divine-Human-Energies" educational, religious,  and therapeutic fields



Universities in general, worldwide but especially here in UK
fail to acknowledge and to recommend achieving lifeplace performance-competency in



Natural Vision Improvement


Holistic Health and Wellbeing Building



David Phelan in Biofeedback An introduction for consumers ignores

our still world-leading exponent in Biofeedback namely Beata Jencks in  
Your Body: biofeedback at its best without instruments

and somewhat 'honestly' and 'cleverly'

but without an Index and without a clearcut bibliography
he (together with his overarching Company and the publishers)
"subliminally-sells" us various Instrumentation and Artificiality
and the authoritative Sources
for us to spend revolving-doors thousands of dollars  
acquiring our future "competitive-careers-and-life-successes"

but makes no clearcut section, nor clear recommendation, into lifeplace-personally-efficient  and affordable 'Natural Biofeedback' and into "Biofeedback Without Instruments".


to be concluded

1240 Sn 24 07 16



1400 Sunday 24 July 2016



1700   St 230716   we two '39B frails' back from seeking safe Places and people.

Relatively uneventful, again.


However, it is terrificly good news for us, that some-neighbour
here in the Miles Mitchell Estate,
found my 'lost' book "Your Body: biofeedeback at its best"  by Beata Jencks
- and parked it where I would see it as I approached the steps up to 39B, on top of a brown bin.  
Thank you, thank you - in both word and deed
and ongoingly ...  (we do hope may I reckon ? ) ...

as I can now resume 'working' through it
in advance of sharing it
as soon  as we have the right 'safely-progressive' Association and 'safe places'...



from 1-H-L 2135 Th210716   

It is quite vitally important
and urgent
that organisation hierarchies
including nations and even whole-civilisations
take serious note of their Failures and Shortcomings,

Stop blaming their neglected, disadvantaged, and defenceless victims 

implement Participatorily-'win-win-win'-Democracy
and Needs & Affordable-Hows Recognition and 'win-win-win' Resolving.

We two 'senior-citizens' of "39B" today peacefully and with cooperative-intention 
visited Tavistock's AgeUK building in the Bus-Interchange,
and were told we could sit in the upstairs room 
which was not booked for any activity, as we had been previously welcome to do -

however, before the lift could leave, the Overseer Management appeared, 
foot-in-the-door stopped us,
accused us of trying to turn the whole place into a "Drop In Centre",
and with immediate effect excluded us from entering that place again.

All such hierarchical authorities
need to take note 
that such Summary 'Kangaroo-Court' Exploitative Exclusion of people,
denial of people's real needs 
and of their chosen affordable and well-published 
holistic-living and health-building leaders and their guidances
[see 'Basics' pages here and in ]

at least one of which was Patroned by Prince Charles 
in then-cooperative-constructivity with the British Medical Association 
and its new 'offshoot' 
the British Holistic Medical Association
and its "Open to All" membership structure,

is the hierarchy's responsibility, and onus goes right to the very Top 
a Top which is still suppressing many people and their real life needs 
such that our only seriously Godly response and protestation has to be
(as I said to the Manager today at AgeUK Tavistock, 
and have said online to 'whomsoever hath ears to hear')  

"By excluding us from participation in Holistic Health Building and Living,
you also exclude yourselves from participation with us 
in these avenues of Holistic Living and Health-Building".

In a very real sense, this comes down  to only one rational conclusion:

that not only such "grass-roots" places and organisations, like AgeUK,
but other Organisations and their supportive members,
even the Westminster and Local Governments,
 NGOs such as C.A.B.  
and Religious Bodies,
are making themselves 

"corpus and persona non grata"

as far as our Holistic Living and Health-Building
needs, activities, and safe-meeting-places are concerned. 

Only full commitment to the Friendly 'No Lose' Method III 
of Needs & Affordable-Hows Recognition 
and Cooperative Problem Solving

can in any measure bridge that Top-Down Imposed "Schism" .


JSDM  2153 Th21 July 2016




1900 Tuesday 19 July 2016  

Out on a bus today, we showed one or two friendly people the following as yet unrecognised advances:

"Effort"  by Laban & Lawrence  - still the best basic 'encyclopaedia' in the World, upon Human Movement;

"Awakening Somatic Intelligence" by Risa Kaparo - very recent world-leading advances in "awakening" the literally millions of movement-abilities latent within our-self.

"The Dark Side of Christian History" by Helene Ellerbe :  "This is simply a book that every-one must sit down and read" Alice Walker.

"Manipulation"  by Sarah Nielsen  -  "How to recognise and outwit emotional manipulation and mind control in your relationships (and "chance encounters" jsdm) 


We have just submitted the following to  http:lordsoftheblog   about some BREXIT misunderswtandings


Evidently you have not yet been enabled to 'share' key-information
 [qua misnomered "Intelligence"]
 in the fields of Holistic Health-building

[as distinct from the National Illnesses Sector, misnomered since 1948 as the "National Health Service", and its Mono-Dominant Primary Medical Care - again public-dupingly deliberately misnomered Primary Health Care after the UN Declaration of Primary Health Care had innovated "Health" as needing all sectors outside of the Specialist-Medical-Sector]


and that the British Government was the first in the World to write into Law

(')  Every-one entitled to live in the UK in future will need a Minimum Weekly Income of £150, plus Special Allowances such as Rent-Support; and the Government now guarantees that minimum(").


Why did you 'blast-off, shooting-the-messenger, and calling into question that mere messenger's state-of-mind as probably "deluded" ?


Think about that Human State of Mind for a moment:

Two neighbouring houses in a street, same rent, one human-being in each, one living off that minimum sufficiency (and "best-environmentally-friendly") income of £150 pw plus any Special Allowances;


the other happens to be a "Health”-Career-Expert who judges our "sanity" and robustly treats our states of delusion – namely a Psychiatrist,

who "won't get out of bed" for less than £1500 per week


which is ten(10) sufficient-human-livings


which translates environmentally and logicly to the psychiatriste being at least 9-times deluded - s/he thinks
[and so does the UK's Biggest Employer and Sector the "NHS" Constitutional-Class that psychiatric-personnel  "serve" within]
that s/he is individually and in Life  many-more than one-human-being.


Friendly for a moment please,
the World is domineered by “Win-Lose’ Adversarism and Unopposed Individual-Capitalism


And here sit you and me, “set-up” against each other by that System’s Militantly Dominant Career-Ladders
whose “competitive edges” require them to “use”  (i.e. manipulate and exploit) their public and clientele thus:-

“Let’s you and them fight !”


Not only in Britain, but evidently not anywhere in the World,  is there constituted a  “win-win-win” methodological  possibility !  
e.g. "Method III" [Dr Thomas Gordon in "Leader/Teacher/Parent Effectiveness Training"


{Please do visit “Basics” in either  or;
and see long lists of neglected and ‘done-down’ advances. 
(Skip all the other pages and Unresolved-Problems - 
surely we simply do not have time to be clearing up our Best and Topmost national and world “leaders” messy garbages, failed-policies,
and inaccessible-constitutional gaping-black-holes.

And,  could you kindly allow me an equivalent of “parliamentary privilege” here ?
Please ? ).  


39B  awoke with some music-calls

"Stand Up, Stand Up for ...
It must not suffer loss ..."

"At the Name of  ...
Every knee shall [become enabled to] bow ..."

"Bread Of The World ...
For Mercy's Sake
Broken ..."
[see Oliver Wendell Holmes's insight:
(") Every day we must break the body and shed the 'blood' of The World, in order to live;
When we do this carefully and with skill it becomes a constructive Sacrament;
But when hastily, clumsily, wastefully, or with malice, it becomes a destructive Blasphemy ...(") ]

" 'Slap It Up And Down Up and Down' said the Painters...
'Throw Your Balls In The Air' said the Jugglers ...
'Slip Your Winklepickers In and Out Gently' said the Fishmongers ...
Three Jolly People Are We ...
And you can't complain if you can't maintain
Your loved-ones without any Fee "
[Tune "Old King Cole Was A Merry Old Soul"]  

"And When I Grow Too Old To Dream...
Your love will rest in my Heart" ...

shuffling out now, in search of a safe social-progress refreshment Place and People -
so far our only hope appears to be Tavistock bus-station 'oldies' AgeUK building -

we're not welcome anywhere in Plymouth !
The opposite, actually been banned from Plymouth Community Homers, Wilkinsons,
Affinity Sutton & ColebrookSW Ltd;
all of the Plymouth Guild Departments;  
St Andrews Church, Emmanuel, and all of the Saltash-side churches ...

Derriford Restaurant, too ...

Ah well ...


1027 T 190716
To which we can add

St John  an d St Mark University "excellence of human-movement" has also found us "NOT GOOD ENOUGH"


2325 Sunday 170716:   Now just submitted to the Westminster "democratic reach-out" ; re BREXIT

and copying here and to 1-H-L  night-watch:-

Many worldwide "disaster-warnings" are still being ignored, by the Peoples of the world  and by this world's best-governance-experts, by the United Nations,  and by the various layers of  "financial-owners";


especially that last three.




The UK has also been ignoring them


but unforgivably also


continues to ignore its Peoples variously essential longest-term Needs,


salient among which is bringing and keeping all levels of People up-to-date


In both Knowledge and Practical Know-How




And we are talking here of all people and of their willingnesses and abilities  in the 75% Lifeplace,


not merely nor exclusively about workers in the 25% Workplace.




Majorly the International Cornucopia is already a Deeply-Poisoned Ocean;


and the “efficiency”  of the literally-top-down one-way monocratic  Global Economy


Is a “Dorian Gray” hypocrisy and “pseudo-ism” :




It too looms large, as an out-of-control Individually-Capitalistic “Private” Juggernaut ,


“crashing head on” through a very-seriously-injured and damaged Earth 


now ill-able to carry more than half-a-billion human-mouths -


but “expert-humanly” has planned us to be making, nay "forcing", this Earth to carry not just the current more than 14 times that 500,000 limit,


but by 2050 to be fully feeding and equipping at least 18 times that number of human-beings.




The BREXIT now,  if I may as simply as I can ‘sketch’ the Situation :-


PM Theresa May has certainly made a seriously “populous” 


and potentially historicly statespersonlike


key-speech of Radical-Intention:   


(“)…  My new Conservative Government will support not the Rich but the poorest, the  majority,  of The People;


 and we will do this by fully encouraging and supporting their genuine and soberminded efforts in self-improvement … (“)




However, dear Madam Prime Minister,


are you aware that the majority of Britain’s, and the World’s,  Top-Owners and Leaders, 


are de-facto and by deeply ingrained personal and class habituation


opposed to such a “Popular Self-Strengthening ‘Socialistic’  Manifesto-Policy” ?


And how tragically, disastrously, similarly, and also ‘de facto’ it is




neither are the main bodies of the British Middle classes,


nor the majority-numbers of the lowest-income British People,




in short that far too few of us,


are at all willing, able, and prepared


for such a Demanding and Longest-Term Earth- Life-Supportive Advance ?




{We don't even have a


"Holistic Health-Building Network of Centres


and of nearby supportive neighbourhood reach-out rooms}





2235 - 2243  practicing "blink-reading" quietly-aloud
from Long's Biblical Non-Sense
2250  intend to prepare TV monitoring priorities  
1 News  
2 Documentaries  
3  Planner (present-time-affecting non-fictions) 

finishing wensleydale & carrot, with glass-bottle milk  ...
 {39B2 "down" in her SE corner}  

-  all else practically (i.e. im-practically) un-equal ...

may watch some other healthy-as-possible human-activity online
if I can quickly-enough find such 


0830 Saturday 160716     bus to Derriford, find "Dermatology";

onwards to Tavistock 


3 "better movement health" books to show ...


We forgot to enter the music life-support in this colour right down near the very bottom of this "daily-journalling" progressive-page

Two were in mind:

1.  (") I love thee "lowered-Jesus"
I ask you to stay

Close by my bedside
And love me I pray;

by blessing all the dear children
In Thy tender care,

And preparing us for Heaven to be living with you there (")
2.  Now I need "Some-One To Watch -  Over Me"


Now Friday 15 July 2016
from 1-H-L 2359 Th 140716 


It is necessary that certain public-submissions via "closed moderation channels"
be somehow shown to the widest-affected Public as soon as possible;

here then is one currently on its way to the UK Houses of Parliament



Lord Hylton, if I may address another submissor direct, please :-


Frank, in short, we all need to read and especially to both comprehend and practice somewhat "share-fully", such modern advances as

"Unlocking The Bible" [Pawson];

"Biblical Non-Sense" [Long];

"The Dark Side of Christian History" [Ellerbe].


The point I wish to have seriously-scrutinised, and ongoingly even "exhaustively" so, follows on,

and from what the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst advised

[not necessarily "instructed" or "taught" us Intake 1 cadets] was

"You are now going out to both keep World Peace and, whenever need be, to make it first;

and you need to remember that the way to a people's heart is through religion - THEIR religion "


we need the most high

and at the same time the most populous "masses"

of religious-believers

 [and of  "non-believers" "agnostics" "atheists" and "humanists"]

to ever open theirselves to scrutinising their Religion and all other "domains" of their internal and external "faiths" and Lives.


A guideline-question for all Peoples,

"How are you achieving 'No-Lose' Cooperative Problem Solving, all together; how could you either improve that yourselves ?

or share it with other People more effectively ?"


And one for Christians:

"What exactly and in detail are we to understand, and take on as our Responsibility and Response-Ability, the advice of Christ that

["] Whatsoever sin you commit against God the Creator or against the Redeemer, may be forgiven you;

but the sin you commit against the Holy Spirit may never be forgiven you ?" ?



The House of Lords yesterday 13 July "debate" upon 

all I can say is


shortest-term 10 years and Longest-Term 1000+years
Holistic-Health-Building, People Self-Strengthening, & 'Method III Sustainworthying,
Britain deserves to be NUCLEAR-BOMBED out-of-existence


0811 Thursday 140716




1900 Wednesday 13 July 2016 
The Human Race



1.   The Human Population is many times too proliferous for this Earth to sustain
and there is no other source of Lifesupports.
2.  This same increasingly 'plague-proportions' human mouths-to-feed malfeasance
has resulted in

(a)  a disastrous Planet-wide Overkill of both Bio- and Non-Bio Lifesupports 
(b)  a "binge-consumerist make-hay-while-the-sun-shines" blind insanity,
and in turn 
(c) avoiding building every-one's & everyone's responsibility 
and response-ability for Our 
and also for
waste-not-want-not Sustain-worthiness, Conservation and Preservation skills. 

Both governmental and the vast-masses of ordinary people worldwide are being deliberately discouraged and prevented from
"Thinking Globally - Acting Locally"
and sharing the same longest-term "Raison D'Etre;

The Ever-Babel-Tower-like World Individually-Capitalistic Pyramid
has become increasingly and insidiously
(d) Cognitively-dissonant, Self- and class-deluding, and Civilisationally-failing
in all of the vital longest-term essential basics of 

Individual waste-not-want-not Self-Improvement; 
Peoples' "Bottom-Up" Neighbourhoods Participative-Democratisation;
Forward-Improving Traditional Governance; 

Inability at all levels to do all three basics of
(i)  All-Round and In-Depth Information-Sharing
(ii)  Formal-Thinking and Moral-Reasoning  
(iii)  Self- and Civilisation Scrutiny
(iv)  'No-Lose' Needs & Hows Recognition 
Method III Cooperative Problem Solving

Constructive and Wholesome-Health-Advancing
Daily social conversation

Participatively-Democratic Fact-Sharing
 Cooperative Discussion
Needs & Hows Scrutinisation

now being not just non-existent
 but impossible to bring into being

even between small groups of sober-minded people
but especially within large organisations such as Religions, Community and Neighbourhood Centres,  the NHS,
Schools and Youth Centres,
 and  Citizens Advice Bureau, AgeUK, and Local-Govt-Guilds
For the above, and more reasons, facts and factors,
world-peoples-up-dating information-giving

via such Not-for-Profit websites as and  

we as an insignificant minority of less than three people
had better "Pause"

and wait for your requests

as to what to publish next.

No point "preaching to the already converted"
 "casting pearls before swine"

nor in attempting to

"make a silk purse out of a sow's ear"

 is there ?


Re-visited "How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth";
and some other Non-Fictions
now going to begin taking-in "Life On Us"
 first I await seeing ALL 'breakthrough' Top-UN-Secretary-General women candidates
- the two just seen on UN News were both very plump 
and wearing both make-up and earrings 

As was Democrat Hilary Clinton on USA news


0320 W 13 07 16


Lords of the Blog has now quickly published 
the public-essential essences
of our below submissions
[thank you]





watch this space


1350  Monday 11 July 2016


and http://lordsoftheblog

has at last resumed publishing our serious democraticly-deliberated comments

{after a silence they've operated since 08 June 2016}

including the below

almost "whilst we were speaking"



Government must urgently address the BREXIT people fallout 
(by Lord Berkeley)

Many peers would have received today an e mail, reproduced below, from 272 UK expats working and living in the EU.  No doubt similar concerns are raised from the millions of EU nationals living and working in the UK.   The Tory party created this awful mess affecting millions of people’s lives as well as our own economy for selfish political reasons.   They need to address these concerns urgently and, in so doing, might reflect on Jonathan Freedland in the Guardian today 9 July 2016: ‘Cameron really was the true heir to Blair: both were totally reckless.’

Letter from 272 Expats to many peers:

For the attention of:

Her Majesty’s Government and its Representatives in the United Kingdom and the European Union

My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are a group of British Citizens living and working in the European Union. As a result of the recent Referendum in the United Kingdom, the resignations of both the Prime Minister and the European Commissioner and also the general state of confusion and economic uncertainty resulting from the vote to leave the European Union, we are very concerned about the repercussions that may arise which could have significant impacts on our future and the future of our children, many of whom now regard their EU country of residence as ‘their home’.

As a small group of expatriates and their friends in Europe and at home, we don’t purport to represent the entire Expatriate Community in the European Union, however we do believe that many would share most, if not all of our concerns.

The contents of this letter represent a non-exhaustive summary of uncertainties about which we would like to understand the position of both the British Government and the European Union going forward. Its purpose is not to represent any political view or comment about the referendum itself, but to draw attention to the uncertainties that exist, and hopefully to promote transparent communication towards our community regarding their outcomes.


Many of the people in the group have spent some time outside the UK living and working in the European Union. Others are European Union citizens living and working in the UK. Some have been abroad for many years whilst others may only just be starting their planned travels now. We would like assurances that if we are living within the European Union outside our country of nationality, that we will be able to continue to do so without fear of deportation. We would also like to understand what rules may or may not exist, or may be likely to exist in the future, that could prevent our continued freedom of movement, for example, will there be qualifying time limits for continued residency, will there be time limits after which those rights are lost (i.e. the right to return). The right to continued residency, for expatriates within current EU countries, regardless of their ability to have an ‘independent income’ outside the Government benefit schemes in their country of residence, is of paramount importance to us.

Healthcare – EHIC, S1, Illness, Private Health Insurance

The European Union has provided for an excellent system of coverage from one country to the next and access to healthcare is a primary concern of anybody no matter where they live;  for example, the right to continued EHIC. We would like to know the likely impacts to the provision of healthcare and whether existing systems and procedures will be maintained for those already living abroad.

Property – Full ownership, Mortgaged, Renting, Property Tax

Many of us own property abroad, some of us rent, and some intend to own or rent abroad. What guarantees will be in place in the future to ensure that we will maintain the right, as individuals, to hold ownership of, to hold franchise of or to rent properties, for either private or commercial use in the EU without penalty or pre-emption?

Financials – Bank Accounts, Loans, Mortgages, Savings, Investments, SEPA and Transfer of Funds, Insurances

Most expatriates bank locally wherever they are living. Are there any specific EU rules or regulations that currently make this easier for expatriates within the EU that may be rescinded in future? What steps can we take to ensure our savings remain safe and accessible? We ask for the right to financial security; to continue to use these bank accounts, loans, mortgages, savings and investments (without financial penalty) that may be outside the EU if the UK invokes article 50 of the Lisbon treaty.

Pensions – Private or State

Pension laws are usually specific to each country but we have heard that some bonus schemes may cease to exist after the UK’s exit or that there may be significant tax implications. What can the UK and EU do to protect those people, British or European, who have pensions either from their home country or abroad?

We ask for the right to maintain our accumulated UK State pension rights and our accumulated State pension rights in our country of residence; our rights to purchase an annuity, to better our pensionable income, in our country of residence, no matter if the investment annuity comes from an EU country or the UK.

Further to this we ask that you consider the following concerns regarding the State Pension.

All the adults in the group have paid into State Pension and we would like to highlight the following points that we deem unfair:


    <li "mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto;="" line-height:normal;mso-list:l2="" lfo1;tab-stops:list="" 36.0pt"="">The State Pension is frozen at the point of claiming.<li "mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto;="" line-height:normal;mso-list:l2="" lfo1;tab-stops:list="" 36.0pt"="">There are no annual increases, which UK residents receive.<li "mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto;="" line-height:normal;mso-list:l2="" lfo1;tab-stops:list="" 36.0pt"="">Other EU citizens receive annual increases and their pensions are not frozen at the time of claiming.


Education – University fees and Entrance, British Teachers Abroad, Children in Local Education at Country of Residence.

Many families abroad rely on the same facilities enjoyed by citizens, not least of which are educational services. How can we ensure that we can safeguard these services and continue to enjoy them under the same conditions we currently do? Can you guarantee that all children, of UK citizens currently residing in the EU, will continue to receive a high standard of education until the age of 18? Can you provide assurances that the EU Tuition Fee structure on offer to British Citizens who currently attend University in the European Union or who plan to attend these Institutions in the future will not change?

Animals – European Pet Passport, Transport and Movement of Animals

Can you guarantee that the ‘Pet Passport Scheme’ will not be revoked in the UK? Can you also assure us that there will be no return to the quarantine of pets travelling between the UK and EU as a result of the UK leaving the EU?

Safety and Security

What will change with regard to the current UK/EU policy on safety and security that may affect us? Will the cooperation between intelligence and armed forces that currently exist continue to protect the interests of all UK and EU residents, irrespective of their nationality?

Employment and the right to work

Many expatriates live in foreign countries for work reasons. This may be through choice or necessity but the right to work is clearly paramount to any person’s ability to support themselves and their families, and to avoid the need for benefit claim.  What guarantees will be put in place to ensure that we will have the continued right to employment and the right to work?

Business and Trade – Small Business Owners, Import and Export

Whilst we understand the nature of the EU and the freedom of trade it enables, and the potential consequential danger to trade agreements after the UK has left the EU, many of us rely on the established status quo and will be very seriously impacted if the free nature of the UK/EU relationship alters. What will happen to the rules and regulations currently governing business owners, trade, and future entrepreneurs?

Income Tax – Double Taxation, Global Income Taxation and National Insurance Contributions

What guarantees can you make that we will continue under the same Double Taxation Rule? What will be the effect on Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions?

Benefits – Unemployment Benefit, Child Benefit, E101, Social Security, Long-term Sickness Benefits

Will those eligible, be able to continue or start using the Benefits available to them under current regulations? If not, how will those living and working abroad be protected in the event of the need to claim such benefits?

Wills and Inheritance

Will the law that governs current Wills and Inheritance Status change and if so what can we expect?

Passports, Driving Licences and ID Cards

What can we expect to happen with our current legal documents and when? Will UK citizens need new passports just because existing passports are EU passports? Will driving licences still be valid for use abroad?

Vehicles – Tax, Insurance, Sales, Import and Export

How will the current regulations change?

Customs and Excise, Border Control

We would like to know if there would be a requirement for Visas and what guarantees and notifications would you give to those currently residing in the EU?  What changes can we expect to see and how can the impact be minimised or even made to be beneficial?

Contingency and Support in the event of reduced rights

We understand as a group that the UK’s decision to leave the EU means that many expatriate rights may change and that freedom of movement between the UK and the EU may be impacted. As a demographic, our group will be harder hit by these changes than any other. We seek to avoid change wherever possible. However, in the event that changes occur that have significant impact (e.g. deportation), what support will be given to those affected who suffer loss as a result?

Our Request

We cordially request that the following actions be taken on our behalf:


    <li "mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto;="" line-height:normal;mso-list:l0="" lfo2;tab-stops:list="" 36.0pt"="">Each concern is raised in Parliament (both Houses) and subsequently,the relevant Governmental Department is notified of the need to act on their current policies.<li "mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto;="" line-height:normal;mso-list:l0="" lfo2;tab-stops:list="" 36.0pt"="">A channel of communication is opened between Government Officials and British Citizens in the European Union.<li "mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto;="" line-height:normal;mso-list:l0="" lfo2;tab-stops:list="" 36.0pt"="">A Timeline of Exit and a Plan of Action.<li "mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto;="" line-height:normal;mso-list:l0="" lfo2;tab-stops:list="" 36.0pt"="">Reassurances to British Citizens in the European Union and at home that any further negotiations on the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union will be conducted in an open and honest manner with the best interests of all in mind.<li "mso-margin-top-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto;="" line-height:normal;mso-list:l0="" lfo2;tab-stops:list="" 36.0pt"="">Provide us with any other information and clarification that you may have on your position in this matter.


We thank you for your time and request that you respond to our letter. Also we would appreciate your support and commitment in helping British Citizens living in the EU with the requested actions.

Yours Faithfully

Debra Williams

For and behalf of the 272 members of the online group and their supporters

Brexpats – Hear our Voice


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0 comments for “Government must urgently address the BREXIT people fallout.”MilesJSD

09/07/2016 at 6:40 pm

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Over 1,500 words to state a few hundred British citizens’ inter-civilisational or logistic “needs”;

that’s before we have even a short-list of their

and of our kindred remaining more than 63 million British citizens’

main-life timeframe natural and essential lifesupports needs –
[food, water, holistic-health-building supports,
and not least, participative-democratisation meeting and co-learning places …]

and e.g.
for “guaranteed at least one-human-living + special-needs, per person”
and rights to friendly egalitarian ‘No Lose’ Method III Needs & Affordable Hows Recognition and Cooperative Problem Solving .


Our other submission also addressed this current  hostile hacking sabotage

of the democratioc-reach-out e-site:-




1300 M 110716

and we'd still
"rather be a sparrow than a snail"




0905 M 11 July 2016   Thank you, 1-H-L

"Awaiting the German-signature-required parcel-delivery;
and spasmodicly managing our oft-more-holey-than righteous 
and respectable

otherwise we're out on the buses  "





~ 2130 Sunday 100716y  thank you to for their Stop Press 

Just taken-in the World-Financial trillions-of ££££££££££ "Tower Of Babel" 
exposed by RT News
Our Human-Race Best-&-Topmost 
very-few besieged individuals 

security-starved defensive and "constructive" 

vastly-increasing big 

super-sharp-super-fast, super-deeply-penetrative

clearly being "blackmailingly" ever-price-doubled
by some 'maverick-super-brain'


"holding our richest and most capable Leaders 
and their Staffs, Economic Sectors & Companies,

to ransom

- including all of the billions of worldwide subject Consumers
of Housing; 
and even of Crime and Warmongering -

We can but keep-on tuning-in 
to the safest News services



as best we can

 [  John SD Miles,
Life-Refreshment & One-Human-Living
PL6 5LY 
The United Kingdom
upon Earth-1   ]  

2148 Sn 100716

Sitting on the floor where Safa’s family live in Kawergosk Refugee Camp in Kurdistan, northern Iraq, I was struck by her disarming smile as she described life as she knew it. She told of surviving on the limited amount food available, worrying about the health and safety of those back home in Syria and her aunt, a teacher, who hadn’t been paid for months.

Over 1 million children and their families have fled conflict and the fear of Daesh/Islamic State. In Iraq alone, there are 250,000 Syrian refugees and even more internally displaced Iraqis – about 3.4 million. These children need both schools and basic protection services. Despite the best efforts of UNICEF and others, there are not enough classrooms in the camps, too few teachers and almost no safe spaces for children to play.

Throughout Safa’s report, the only time tears came to her eyes was when she said that her grades had gone down since moving to the camp. Displaying at once both human resilience and personal despair, I was moved by her. She has strength. She deserves more.

Halfway across the world, I know of a different young woman who exudes that same strength. A few years older, she has overcome the challenge of her circumstances to create a life and a future for herself. With the support she has received from Scottish charity, Cash for Kids, Kourtney McMurray will this year be taking up a place at Glasgow University, studying for a degree in Community Development.

Cash for Kids exists to support the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children with opportunities that are not being provided or cannot be provided by their own families. At first as a beneficiary, then later as a representative for Cash for Kids, Kourtney is an example of the kind of success story Cash for Kids strives to create.

Their latest initiative is a new programme to support vulnerable children from the West of Scotland at risk during school summer holidays with life-changing experiences; exactly the type of programme Kourtney was able to take advantage of as she was growing up.

Funds from Cash for Kids supports individual teenagers to have that opportunity. Every £450 raised is one more place, creating one more life with far more opportunities.

For the past 5 years I have taken part in Live Below The Line; a challenge to live on less than £1 a day for 5 days in May/June. I was lucky enough to raise a lot of money throughout this time for people in Burundi, Malawi, Swaziland, and elsewhere. However, in 2016 I will take on a new challenge. And I’ll split the money I raise between these two great causes.

I am joining a charity run for the first time in three decades. United Relay is a coast-to-coast relay run that starts in western USA and finishes in New York City. I will be running the final 5K which finishes in Prospect Park, Brooklyn on Saturday 4 June. Click on the link to see a clip of the final stretch of my training in New York:

Running through central London, in the rain, during rush hour, you would think I would need to keep reminding myself why I am doing this. I don’t. I think of Safa, and of millions of others like her, and I keep going. Dodging commuters and tourists, it is easy to focus on my goal: to help build a world where vulnerable young people are equipped with the skills to build a life for themselves, and a place they can call home.

Inspired by the lives of Safa, Kourtney and others like them, I have been training for 2 months in preparation. It has been hard, a bit lonely, mostly cloudy and often very wet. But I run and run and run. And I think. I think about the Kourtneys and the Safas and all those who may miss out on the things that make a life worth living.

Every one of us can help change that. My sponsors and supporters will be doing their bit. If you wish to donate, please copy and paste the following link:


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0 comments for “United for Young People”

MilesJSD10/07/2016 at 7:20 pm  Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Clearly, not only the vast majority of The People are “living below the line permanently”

but so, evidently, are the wealthiest and smallest number
of the Establishment
and its,
Individually Capitalistic
Captains-of-Industry & Private-£££Multi-billion-“bank-rollers”.

The followingf shows how even this Lords-of-the-Blog and Hansard itself have “gone downhill- are now slitherting out-of-control down the ultimate slippery-slope into Extinction :-

01/05/2008 at 2:13 am
Would you put some urgent thought towards the moderation of this site, please? On a few occasions, comments are passed within a reasonable time, but 3 days???
This is a big problem, especially on older posts. Perhaps you could have a quiet word and recommend a minimum of 2 hours up between 08:00 and 19:00? Some of the comments have already got out of synch.
I acknowledge this is Phase 1 and, if there is a Phase 2, moderation should be within 30 minutes during the day, max.
Thanks, Tiz
01/05/2008 at 11:53 am
Lady Tizzy, thanks for the feedback on moderation. It’s a bit of a challenge in some ways because we ask the Peers themselves to moderate the comments that relate to their posts. Obviously the faster a comment can get up on the site the better but it’s hard to expect the authors to be checking the site every thirty minutes or even every two hours given the other commitments that they have.
The solution? I’m not sure at the moment but it’s certainly one of the issues we’re looking at as part of the pilot evaluation!
Andy Williamson
Director – eDemocracy Programme
Hansard Society

[jsdm:- For God’s sake, constitute the ‘No-Lose’ Method III of Cooperative Problem Solving and be implementing it
24/7 > > >
surely there are a few hundred truly sober English-People who could be “manning” that ? ]

=================== 2020 Sn 100716 ============== 



1455 - Sn 100716  -  thank you 1-H-L


~1450 Sn 10 July 2016
Whilst we are preparing-up for the All-Humans-and-self
-co-balancing cardinal-timeframes

the second longest co-activity on the forthcoming afternoon agenda 
will be the charity-time 
equally alternating between 
[ viz "charity begins at home" ]
"with the right-trustworthily 
maturely-experienced {hetero-wholistic} 
mostly one-by-one in turns, of course"

and that
in turn with taking-it-in-turns
alternating one-pointedly and consolidatorily all-body-parts inter-harmonisingly 
mostly using the 7-Fold Wholistic Living Model-wise {JSDM-version - see Basics page}

It being Sunday
We also have a new opportunity to read some  
"Biblical Nonsense" 
as presented and pre-suggested by Jason Long Doctor -

therewith and thereto Holy-Spiritually challenging 
Jason's title "Are Women  Equal To Men ?"
with our alternative 
"How Equal Are Women to Men, Men to Women, 
Either or Both To Children,
and All to Other ?"



Living "co-sustainworthyingly"

- you know the brown-paper packaging they put inside parcel boxes ?

Well, I found they're useful for the floor, to soak up spills, 
such as when I defrost my heroic old fridge;

well-- further -

flatten out that long length, 
and then get folding it up 
small enough to tuck into the narrow space beside the fridge -

better still and in addition

narrow-fold-it, almost like rolling it up,

only do that against your belly, and all the way down to your knees 
or to where-ever's both possible and comfortable  -

the time date is now near 0545
and I.m monitoring TV News, Docs, and the Recorded-'Planner', for foward-strategic items or whole programmes -

and household-chorezing ...

very quietly because worse-impaired 39B2 is trying to sleep
 "she in her small corner
- and we in mine ! "



From 1-H-L 2045 F 080716  

We two 39B "not-good-enoughs" shared bus outings and returnings
with "strangers-passing-like-ships-in-the-night"

survived off a pot of Miles tea for two and one cheesecake serving with lemon sauce and a few fresh blueberries from the 'ethnic' restaurant 
west of the Mail Box shop 
where they were taking a mere half-hour to print a few hundred more of the card 
"A New Up-and-Running 
Voluntary "Earth-Citizenry" website 

Already paid-up out of our British & Australian Taxes

As well as carrying forward your own
most sustainworthy practices

follow Self-Skilling Guidances such as
Waking Up  [Selver]
The Busy Person's Guide to Easier Movement [Wildman] 
Holistic Living  [Pietroni] 
Ultimate Holistic Health Book [Dr McManners]

More life-essentials from
The books via 
then we had two beakers of tea in St-Andrews-Cross 'Warrens' 
[we are a bit like 'rabbits perhaps]

then number 1 bus to Tavistock Bus Station kiosk open-air round tables
and their 'regular' two mugs of tea
a "participatively-citizenlike" two-way conversation 
and "holistic-living-co-learning" 
with "David" [real name not revealable] 

and then home via Derriford 'National Illnesses Sector' Hospital bus-interchange
 and a few minutes 'half-way' sitting-on-MM-and ex35B wooden benches
just starting our first 'real meal' of the day 
{"lumme. we'd actually unawarely been healthily-fasting a bit !]

and by now we're at 25 to 9 already !
 almost all ready for bed !!

"For these and all lifesupports, thank you"
should 'earn' us one "Amen" each,

perhaps ?




This 'Affinity'-Sutton + ColebrookSWLtd
+ Miles Mitchell 'Village' "community" 
remaining stuck as a top-down win-lose "too old" 
as it was is and ever-shall-be,

all we two "not-good-enoughs" in 39B can do 
is go out in the buses 
and attempt sensible neighbourliness and conversation 
with Others
in such "safer and participatively-'no-lose' places" that still exist ....



Do continue reading the component-issues below

and on the other pages

please  :- 

We each, every small-group, and all 7+ billion worldwide,  

to publicly agree 

"What is our Worldwide and Longest-Future 
Human-Race Situation"


"What is the exact 
and ongoingly-stop-press-publishable
of all of our local, and 'household' Problems"

United Kingdom  
uk PL6 5LY 39B jsdm here -

watching 'The Pledge' Sky News  hexagonal table
destructively-competitively and co-interruptively 
Britain's "Greatest-Ever-Opportunity" "Disaster" "Treachery" "Plight" 

It's the nearest yet 'public-discussion' of our Real problems -
yet they are each and all not only missing our Real-Needs

they are tantamount-to-drama-acting that they are "for real"

and NOT highly-skilfully merely "entertaining" the Public 

in order to get a bigger following 
and thereby more human-livings each 
into their own investment-accounts, purses, and pockets

So please jump back up to the top of this page

or read on down through some of the 

really serious component-issues


What the whole world 
of Peoples 
now top-priority 

"Constitutionally Method III 
'No-Lose' Cooperative Problem Solving 
All-Ages Guaranteed-Long-Term 
Housing Associations"





~0500 Th 070716   up


never wholly self-handing 


we lifefreshers now and then dipping into book 2
all about 'the hallucinable God' - 

Stenger's God The Failed Hypothesis -  >  >  >


Our Big-Impasse with practically all prevailing Businesses
is still that their owners and shareholders are each drawing 
from the Common-Purse 
and from the Earth-Lifesupports Environment
more than one-human-living each;

which makes even our "best life leaders"
[see short-list below for instances of "Life-Leader"]

both "deluded" 
("I, and all other individuals in my professional-class, being each more-than-one-human-being, need multiple-human-livings each" )
and dishonestly "deceptive" 
[they don't allow their profiteering and high-luxury lifestyles to be "transparently" seen by the Public]

which seriously compromises their credibility 


Eckhart Tolle

John Kabat Zinn

Caroline Myss

Jack Kornfield

Reginald A. Ray

Tara Brach
Richard C. Miller
Snatam Kaur
Sharon Salzberg
iRev angel Kyodo Williams

Rick Hanson
Lama Tsultrim Allione
Anh-Huong Nguyen
Ken Cohen
James Finlay
Joseph Goldstein

Deva Premal & Miten

Shinzeng Young

Some may indeed be emulably living;

But since hundreds of them are clubbing together 

 The List of such “Human Life Helpers” which goes on into millions of “health & wellbeing” professionals
each drawing more than one-human-living from the Common-Purse
is literally “endless”
and our Problem is 
we don’t know which of them is 
genuinely living ,

and all-round sustainworthily,

upon no more than one-human-living.

And since we see so many of them
collectively “pitching” to the wide-world of 7 billion needy individuals

but at very high and ‘profiteering’ 
 “middle & upper class-only-affordable” prices and conditions

We have to raise the issue publicly worldwide, too.


1843 Wednesday 060716 


One-Human-Living appears to be in grievous circumstances today:


"Keep The Home Fires Burning"

Whilst your hearts are yearning;
Turn the dark clouds inside out
the boys
"Bread Of The World
In Mercy Broken ..."
The "boys" are not coming home; 
neither are their fathers and sons.
And crucifixion is a very strangely perverse 
and sadistic 
sort of

isn't it ? 


You won't answer

You can't.

You too now are never "coming home" either.

Tragicly for our Health and human-ness, 
the  Plymouth University of St Mark and St John 
has today effectively banned us from going there
because the Management, and a sub-contractor, judge us to be
 "Not good enough" 
 to be an unfit and small minority 
pursuing an unpopular "holistic health improvement" 'belief'.

The Knowle House Surgery, 
whose senior partner 
[and thereby all of the Doctors, Nurses and Other Staff] 
previously judged us to be not in need of 
nor worthy of 
Holistic Health building support, 
nor have a need & right to reside in the United Kingsom 
nor to have suitable accommodation, 
now further knows of no holisticly-health-building 
nor of any 'friendly' safe place we could go to.

And the "common wisdom" is
"You old people are wasting your time
Trying to learn and keep up to date with advances in knowledge and skill" 
So since we are now totally without any safe place to go to 
can any-one help ? 




 0500 T 050716 from :   thank you.



We 63 million United Kingdom peoples
need to agree all of our
for both
the Present few years
and the longest-term future thousands-of-years Needs of our Children 
and of the whole Human Race.

In now urgently doing this
we need to be daily agreeing the precise wording especially of every Problem concerning these Needs.
Evidently the only method by which this can be achieved is the 
Friendly 'No-Lose' Method III of Cooperative Problem Solving  -

and the only two sites supporting these Needs appear to be
and -

and the only face-to-face-with-the-British-Public support 
appears to be the two elderly citizens from Crownhill Plymouth
almost daily going out 
showing a few of the 
"new sustainworthy-civilisation foundation" published guidances 

Your essential new Basics:  The Moving Center [Hendricks - note, this is your self-movable centre they're guiding you through];
Your Body:  biofeedback at its best without instruments  [Jencks - a veritable lifetime of self-supportive guidances]]
Effort [Laban & Lawrence - still the best all-round and accurate mini-encyclopaedia of human-movement on the planet] 

 and the following invitation words on a light-green card

"A new up-and-running
wholesome-living "  spirit-net
not-for-profit nor power ...

Be carrying-forward your own most sustainworthy practices
whilst also selecting new Self-Enabling Guidances such as

Waking Up 
[Selver's individual human-improvement work]

The Busy Person's Guide to Easier Movement  [Wildman - upon Feldenkrais's 'life-skillings']  
Holistic Living  [Pietroni]
Ultimate Holistic Health Book  [Dr McManners]

The current few weeks may be an unexpected mixed "blessing" 
having no genuine-sustainworthying-leadership 
we have a stark choice
or "go further into 'slavery'"

because hastily-disguised old top-down 
"all of your 'real'-needs are already being delivered to you"
"nevertheless you are free to have your say and we shall be listening always"


are about to be once again dropped over all of our heads,

 We have a few split-seconds in which to 
(1)  revisit and write-up anew your own genuinely-essential individual needs 
together with those of the human-race's future and thereby this Earth's Lifesupports

(2)  Focus your daily conversations and discussions 
in your club, social, religious, or other organisational place, 
as well as at large on buses, in cafes and so forth,

upon the Your-and-Our Genuine and Essential Real & Long-term Needs 
and on How-Best-To-Afford-Meeting-Them 

 How else are we ever going to become an effectively-longlasting 
and sustainworthily-constructive 
Participatory-Democracy ? 

We don 't even have safe-places to meet quietly 
and soberly converse 

and to begin seriously 'co-building' our mutually sustain-worthy survival 
and a longest-term-basicly-sufficient waste-not-want-not thrival.

And if the UK Tories win the new "lone-UK-Power"
 they will themselves become even further swept along 
by international 
as well as by internal-UK 
imbalances & inabilities -


over continually further fragmenting UK
and Commonwealth






0100 Sn 030716 Thank you, for:-

to our current detailing of "self-minding"
namely in both "centering" & "middling"and 
"timing" & "qq-ing"and we apologise for the "straight-into-nitty-gritties-galore"of this front-page

it's because we have only this one "learner" administrator

until the new and not-for-profit "voluntary-sustainworthy-ing" community

materialises into hands-on help 


1-H-L today showed in the University of St Mark & St John's "excellence-of-human-movement" par-terre refreshment-area
two copies each
(1)  Effort [Laban & Lawrence] {still the best worldwide mini-foundation-encyclopaedia for human-movement}

(2)  The Moving Center [Hendricks K & G] 
{a practical step-by-step guidance through both "holistic-human-movements" and "the Space, Weight, Time, and Flow elements of human-movement under the above Laban 4-pairs of opposites}

(3)  Your Body: biofeedback at its best without instruments [Dr Beata Jencks] 
{a veritable "powerhouse" of knowledge and practical-know-how guidances, in super-masterful and easy-to-follow detail}.

It appears that "the people of the world" do not consider  nor  to be "two-way possible" .There are two sides to this "coin":-

(1) [a]  Before you can influence any-one else, you have to know yourself; and thoroughly so.
[b] You then have to sequentially* find out their Needs, Wants, Abilities and Motives. [*that also takes quite a long time]

(2)  Since both of the above also require 
- or "pre-require" -  
a considerably all-round, in-depth, and sustainworthy 
body of Knowledge, Know-How, Work-skills, 
and especially of Life-experiences,

it may be a very-good sign that 
"Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen" 
-  -  - 

within all of that there is another human-hearted and "Godly" life-spirit-composition
in the form of an old popular song -

[to be concluded -







0030 Sn 030716  please go to From One-Human-Living page

to our current detailing of "self-minding"
namely in both "centering" & "middling"

"timing" & "qq-ing"

and we apologise for the "straight-into-nitty-gritties-galore"

of this front-page


it's because we have only this one "learner" administrator

until the new and not-for-profit "voluntary-sustainworthy-ing" community

materialises into hands-on help


It appears that "the people of the world" do not consider  nor  to be "two-way possible" .

There are two sides to this "coin":-

(1) [a]  Before you can influence any-one else, you have to know yourself; and thoroughly so.
[b] You then have to sequentially* find out their Needs, Wants, Abilities and Motives. [* that also takes quite a long time]


(2)  Since both of the above also require
- or "pre-require" -  
a considerably all-round, in-depth, and sustainworthy
body of Knowledge, Know-How, Work-skills,
and especially of Life-experiences,

it may be a very-good sign that
"Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen"
-  -  - 

within all of that there is another human-hearted and "Godly" life-spirit-composition
in the form of an old popular song -


[to be concluded - today]

1.  (") I love thee "lowered-Jesus"
I ask you to stay

Close by my bedside
And love me I pray;

by blessing all the dear children
In Thy tender care,

And preparing us for Heaven to be living with you there (") 
2.  Now I need "Some-One To Watch -  Over Me"



So what we'll do is to every so often put up some human-improvement focus,
for the day, the month, the quarter, and/or the year.

And for the one and only who is ready willing and able to "distance-join-in"
right now -
say for ten-minutes,
 an hour, three-hours,
or the whole Morning (0600 - 1200), Afternoon, Evening, or Night.

Starting now with a guidance
from chapter 8 "Managing Everyday Concerns"  
selecting only the gentle, slow, easy ones
at first

Simple Invigoration;  
Alertness; and
Awake Breathing
page 208) 


Your Body: biofeedback at its best without instruments  by Beata Jencks.


 jsdm of 39B1 
to be attempting to the best of my ability 
the above self-improvement guidances 
at the following sequential dates and times:

Today  F 010716     2200 to 2230.

Tomorrow St 020716   from 0700-0730,  1400-1430,  2000-2030 ...

then "frequently"





With Local Government being "beyond the jurisdiction of Westminster MPs"

but claiming £500 per 9 - 4 day for a mere Sitter to mind a harmless elderly Caree
whilst the Voluntary Unpaid Part-Trained 24/7 Carer
seeks at own expense further Holistic Health Care education
NOT available in the local government;s capital city, but only in an upper-class town 30 miles away,

and the City Council imvoiced Westminster Government £3,500 for the 7 weeks that was costing the Carer and Caree

at their super-inflated Civil Servants' cost of £3,500 but as "Respite for the Carer";


and what deeper hidden and worse abuses of taxpayer money and human-efficiency-building
are being thus Locally and Centrally malfeasantly proliferated ?


Today's News shows PM Cameron proudly, aggressively announcing "Anti Crime new Big Funding" -
to be paid to the very Institutions that are already malfeasantly "ripping us all off" [not allowed to be called "governmental-criume" -and most people don't want to be "deceived" by such "academic" and "spin-doctoriong" words as the true one here "Malfeasance" -


how on Earth is Britain going to move ahead "alone" ?

 Blog Comment Incoming [sadly failing, we are informed]:

" O Shit, you can't go around insulting us, your own loyally sustainworthy-ing citizens, like that, mate !




0409Th300616   from 1-H-L 

39B1 here

45% of SKY harddrive left
S1ep2 &3 Epic Predator Fails;
Cross Talk;

Oceans: Indian coastal;
Antiques Roadshow;
Keiser Report;

Time Team Nazi AckAckGun dig Jersey;
Battleplan S1ep5 Counterstrike;
Secrets of War Invasion of Panama;

The Road from Christ to ...Constantine, Patmos John the Apostle exiled;
Coast Southport to Whitehaven + Isle of Man;

Midsomer Murders s9ep6 Country Matters;
The East (thriller movie) infiiltration of anarchist group targetting large corporations with violence and sex;

Going Underground News denied by UK (from RT instead);
Countrfile Pembrokeshire;
Are You Owed A Pay Rise ? 4 Dispatches National Living Wage (failing ?)   





Fresh in from :-


1620 Wednesday 290616 

We 39b folk returned safely, 
with "bring-aways" 
(1) health-cake & low-salt pasty from Yelverton;
(2) one mixed-vegetarian +  one mixed fruitarian ['fruct'] " smoothie,
and two egg-and-fresh-salad sandwiches, 
 from the St Mark & St John 
"excellence-of-human-movement and sportsmanlike-centre-and-refreshment-&-conversation-space, place or 'area'-

And whilst slowly but comfortably shuffling towards our 39B "safe-place",'
had a heartfelt kind  enquiry 

from a Miles Mitchell Estate man with modern glasses, and very nicely dressed,, 

as to whether 
"the lady would like a 'walking-frame' on wheels -"

Thank you very much for making contact. 

However, we need best-possible natural legs and body improvement 
and are committed to supporting 
"Natural Holistic Health Development 
both Neighbourhoodly & Worldwide"

and are aligned behind the now-urgent construction of 
New Holistic health-building Places 
and of affordably-sustainworthy "Mobile Reach-Outs".

And this "outside of the 'BOX' gentle-self-management-improvement" certainly is helping us;

So, "may you be blessed" too.



The new health-building guides we showed, today Wednesday, 
at Yelverton and St Mark & St John today were:

Your Body: biofeedback at its best without instruments [by Beata Jencks];

Effort  [the original and still best guide to every basic kind of human movement; by Laban & Lawrence];

and from followers since

Laban For All 
 [further facilitations, knowledges and know-hows, by Jean Newlove & John Dalby]







but now it's gone 5 a.m.

2 has been down since more than an hour ago

1 is still up and multipally-doing
PS we need a proper way of communicating "multipe-ly 

as from 0300 W 290616  both 39B1 and 39B2 - were up
respectively self-refreshing

hot-water for washing-up

minute-by-minute timeframing due also to deef-feeling  creeping-down

and some mysterious sort of need to keep mumbling ...


thank you  one-human-living.



We are currently attracted by

the limited-public-ripple idea

manifesting as

"Where can we help with
the building of our much needed and rightful
New Holistic Health-building Building ?"



Thank you,
for your current newsflash, too:

~1900 T 280616

We're home from our interim daily outings to 

[as yet we are unable to find the vaunted 
"New Holistic Health-building Building or "Wing"]

Marjon's "for human-movement-excellence, and sporting-chance-centre" 
refreshment and conversation area.

and then away to Yelverton (St Pauls and the 'Game Larder')

before returning bus-wise via Derriford-Interchange.


Glad to have our "middle-of-the Movement"
two neighbourly impaired older-warriors still with us,
aren't we !



Thank you, 1-H-l

If only this "Brexit" could be made a "Break-Sit"
and have us all standing up
for the
and our own-participative
of both our individual selves
of the whole of this Earth's Lifesupports !


On the way home, saw a young man with modern "smart" phone;

asked him if he could get .

He tried;

several times;

and said it couldn't be there - doesn't seem to exist -

"Must have been removed" he said

"sorry ...".

I called out after him "Try it again from your desktop tower, at home ?"

"Alright!" he replied.


One can't help wondering, now

Who's "in"

and who "out" ?


Received a somewhat 'passionate' email from a forgotten acquaintance - so 

in the interests of the wider human world

and of all of our common lifesupports

here is my 39B1 reply thereto :-



Eight hours and more have passed since you braved the "elements" and emailed your current "currents" to us.
Unfortunately, we are both incapacitated and confined to a "single closed-co-therapeutic avenue" 
the direct-contacts of which we are both unable and un-allowed to reveal.
Therefore the best any-one could hope for, from or with us, would be the "real-leaders & life-guides" listed in both (and there-through in "Twitter"]
and the Basics page in .
We'll also be working
{lifeplace-working that is, not workplace "slaving" !}
on a new song

"If I Were You I'd Rest Right Now".

No need to contact us again until you too are "clean and clear", Axxx.
Best regards,
J & A -  and our "Life-Backers".



We have to on, whether we like it or not -

from 0600 Monday 27 June 2016


 Thank you 1HL
but we would word it 

"Therefore they are not our best British people "

1630 Sunday 26 June 2016
Returned safe

bringing the message that's circulating, that 

"Since our best people
can not,

or anyway do not,

do the modern " 'No-Lose' Method III of Cooperative Problem Solving "

they are NOT the best people".



The following came in early this Sunday morning
from our younger "sibling"


as at 0759

Thank you for your "by-return" 0745

... in our New Gentle Holistic Health building - - - and Civilisation-Sustainworthy-ing

will need to be included 
several times daily, beginning "in bed"
as a major body-area

[therein the multiple-genitalia tends to pre-emptively attract self-handling]

but that needs to be always second-place to the Major Body Function of
[so "wipe your back-crack" has 1st-priority 
almost always ]

and "all-ways" may also apply
in the form of self-palpating the anus surrounds
{[this it will be discovered if not already known
will help the conscious-self and its "mind" 
to somewhat "turn-on" the defaecation musculature]}

so, most of "us" must first and almost-continuously 
practice all of that

until "new-habit-ly" established and operational.

Only after the 
Eliminatory Major body-functionings have been cleaned and cleared,
which will include now the whole of the body's skin 
[wiping, brushing, 
but not soap-washing, only plain tap-water 
 nor shaving as yet - that is not an essential Elimination-support]

should we risk the genitalial 'non-diagnostical feel-around'
{or other "hedonistic-body-part" [as with face-shaving or lips-sticking] 
 "wrong habits that feel right" [Eric Franklin]}

they're only "ambushes"

{please ... now improve this 3rd draft of this matter
and share it
as we are now doing with our 'sibling'  ...}

Good Morning, All.

We out ~0900


Thank you, "One-HL"
 and we hope all of you Sustainworthy-Cells will  be amenable to dubbing  {each other}

such as "1HL" too ? 
0733 Sn 260616

 We have done a little further sub-editing which we shall by-return to you now (0745)

0700Sn26   39B1 up
in our New Gentle Holistic Health building - - - and Civilisation-Sustainworthy-ing

will need to be included
several times daily. beginning "in bed"
as a major body-area

[therein the multiple-genitalia tends to pre-emptively attract self-handling]

but that needs to be always second-place to the Major Body Function of
[]so "wipe your back-crack" has 1st-priority 
almost always ]

and "all-ways" may also apply
in the form of self-palpating the anus surrounds
{[this it will be discovered if not already known
will help the conscious-self and its "mind" 
to somewhat "turn-on" the defaecation musculature

so, most of "us" must first and almost-continuously 
practice all of that

until "new-habit-ly" established and operational.

Only after the 
Eliminatory Major body-functionings has been cleaned and cleared,
which will include now the whole of the body's skin 
[wiping, brushing, 
but not soap-washing, only plain tap-water 
 nor shaving as yet - that is not an essential Elimination-support]

{please ... now improve this 1st draft of this matter
and share it
as we now offer to do with our older 'sibling' ...}

Good Morning, All.







Now that we root-English-language British citizens
 have "cast-off" from the European Union  -

the only true and 100% Cooperative way forward for us is to institute, 
and begin using top-priority and ongoingly,

Constructively-Cooperative 'No-Lose' Method III
of Needs-&-Hows Recognition and Problem Solving.

[Print out the steps now -
that can be done from our   
Basics page ]


Also now kindly beigin your more-response-able [sic] and much-deeper-democratic Scrutiny practicing,
by going through the following 1st Draft of a new Participative-Democracy submission 



The world is in a mess.
whatever can I do ?”

A Voice Divine now whispers back
‘Just be making a better you’”


1.  Indeed, the world is “in  a Mess”. 

2.  Nevertheless
 both all of the Human-Race’s “Global Peoples”,

Most of the “Non-Human” Natural World,
and your own individually-personal self,

Are living. Lifestyling,
or unconsciously “being” and “ doing”
 some longest-term sustain-worthy things.


3.  Whilst the “World-Workplace” is forging ahead so super-technologically
 and so “singularly-mindfully-focusing”


The “Whole-Earth Lifeplace” is almost in shreds and tatters
from that above “successfully-scientific Human Success”.


4.  Human Civilisations whilst beginning  to establish “efficient workplaces”
and “Food, Shelter, Education, and  Medicine”
every nation is  still grievously bereft of
“Lifeplace Holistic Health and Sustainworthy Wellbeing Services,
 and of Individual and Small-Group, New Knowledge & Know-How,
Means-Flexible-Membership Associations;

and of essential new Constitutional;, Legislative and Regulatory Supports thereto.  



Possibly some existing institutions

such as the MarJon Body

could initiate “cross-community research & exploration groups”

specificly leading into and through the advances that are “not being taught”:

to page 2 of 3


page 2 of 3



Possibly some existing institutions
(such as the MarJon Body)
could initiate “cross-community research & exploration groups”
specificly leading into and through the advances that are “not being taught”:

such as are quite extensively already listed and published
 in the not-for-profit website

and have been clearly proposed to the British Establishment
by several contributing citizens –many of whom have been since “dropping out”
 (and by MilesJSD - in over 500 submissions since May 2010 – who is “still in”).



Persons willing and able to form small groups hereto,
for focused-conversation, and cooperative discussion, researching and cooperatively-exploring
 Into this whole Matter and its particularities -
make comment below
and suggest meeting times and places.

-   -   -   -  -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -  -  -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -  -   -  

-   -   -   -  -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -  -  -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -  -   -  



Page 3 of 3

 -   -   -   -  -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -  -  -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -  -   -  

-   -   -   -  -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -  -  -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   



Prepared by Mr John Sydney Denton Miles, 39B Miles Mitchell Avenue, PL6 5LY. . Friday 24 June 2016 






 "Lead Us
Heavenly Father, Lead Us
O'er This Wortld's Tempestuous Sea ... "


{over this swirling and pest-ridden Seige ...}
{ over this war-lords' tempting "let's you & us seize POWER ...}

Although this Thursday 23rd June 2016 is
"The United Kingdom's Long-Term Strategicly  
Peoples-Referendum" -

a once every 100 years or so 
mere Half-Day 'Democracy' ;


 Our solitary main need remains

"O Don't Deceive Me..."

and just as the above hymn
implicitly eschewing "Command us"
gives our first-priority as :-

"Lead Us ..."

which you Various Governors have not been doing


but on the contrary have been denying us progress in Knowledge & Know-How:

as Luke 11 verse 53 reports Christ Jesus, condemning the Lawyers

["]  Woe unto you lawyers
who have the keys to Knowledge

And yet not only do not use them yourselves
But prevent others from using them, who come asking to use them ["]  

So also not only us people, but Life on this Earth
has had enough of your
Traditionally-Tenacious & Brilliantly-British

but insidiously stealthy 
& Dodgy-Dealing 

de facto "Ex-Spurt-Ises"

Now we are addressing
not our Governing-Commanders {Galore}

but our real Human, Godly, & Earth-Life Leaders
"Guard Us
 Guide Us 
Keep Us 
Feed Us  
For We Have No Help But Thee"  

Swiftly now, 
be visiting those Real-Life Leader's guidances 

via the given  "Basics" page




Steadfastly,  see  Basics page 






Certain facts, factors, principles, knowledge and know-how
have to be prioritised
as our Life- &-Human-Futures Absolute Esserntials

and this now applies revolutionarily 
and peacefully knowledged and reasoned
here in all three Not-for-Profit-Power- nor-Prestige publications  of  and MilesJSD

and need to be urgently applied
to the deepest of Human Civilisations'
very foundations, constitutions, legislations & laws, regulations and procedures, and "common-senses".

and likewise to their 'Oppositions'. 


We need to be clearing the big Round Participatory-DemocracyTable completely
and starting 'empty-handed and egalitarianly'
using  "Method III All-Round No-Lose-Wise Structured"
into Prioritising
The Needs of Life and of the Human Race Within That Life


Common-Sense Reasonably, therefore, our first essential has to be

["] Persons willing and able to non-competitively use Method III No-Lose Cooperative Problem Solving
to agree the Need and the wording of it and of every task and problem arising thereto or therein;

and agree meetings-schedules

such that Participation and not Directivity prevails from the outset i.e. that the first cooperatively-constructive meetings be open to all Peoples ["]

Non-Politically, Non-Religiously, Non-Factionally.




Here in lifefresh & one-human-living

we shall be randomly puiblishing items we propose be entered onto the New Sustainworthy Civilisation
cooperative-designing & planning progressive round-tables  

e.g.  ["] Primary Worldwide need for Holistic Health-building Buildings, Association-Constitutions and Guidanc e-Sources["]



Do please also see   Basics page 


to be continued

0745 F 17 06 16 


The Thinking Body is one of those basic guidances that should be a part of  our Constitutional requirements..       JSDM.

Instance:  "Posture is incessant"  
{differently from, but 'overlapping with',  "poising;
pose (as with "say cheese", and "freeze" which is still around our inner breathing-movements, heart-beating, and peristalsis);

Please further see Basics page .

Good Night, at 0125 or 0300 W 22 06 16 





and soon  to be moved deeper.


Whilst being continually "all about" as an individual
primarily always in our Lifeplace, 
i.e. 'after work' 

We also need to as it were "walk-one-legged",  into any new knowledge and know-how:  


I (JSDM) believe and think it vital to keep 'one leg out' of a new non-fiction book
until we've seen if, and what, any vital base has been missed by the author, 

omitted even unawarely, but possibly deliberately,excluded  
- and we do already know that this does happen in not  just a few cases.

e.g. walk thus into

What Every Body Is Saying
by Joe Navarro  [retired USA 'Police', CounterIntelligence chief, and university teacher] .


1.   Overviewly, this "body-language" work is a masterful quantum-stride ahead of all other such books  
(and I would include, above Pease's, too]


2.   However, we come from our Lifeplace's 75% living-time-frame; and as such we need only Life-Enablements.

We need focal Workplace skilling only after
'living-up-to' our lifeplace.

[Work occupies 'only' 25% of our Time;  and is seriously "limited" to employer-dictated skills and limited personal conduct].



3.   Nevertheless, whilst the author is attempting to include the Lifeplace, the output is either dominantly about 'catching' or about 'protecting ourselves'
against Criminality

4.   Before submitting oneself receptively, 'believingly' that is,  to this work,
as well as to any other,  

one needs to establish oneself within a broader 'underpinning' mind-frame

beginning with 
(1) Lifeplace-wise expecting and recognising whether a body is being

(a)  physiologically driven [ an invisible bacterium has suddenly 'itched' one's nose]
(b)  emotionly or emotedly caused
(c)  normal mind-functionally influenced

and only after thus 'clearing' the way, 
be 'spotting' the 

(d)  false -based
and lastly
(e) criminality originated

conduct, and "behaviour"***

2323 Sn 120616


*** Big task-term that, "Behaviour": because
"conduct is mostly under conscious-control;

but "behaviour" is largely not under our control e.g. hormones; the food you ate probably largely dictates your mood, your energic-levels and imbalances;  
also the mix of basteria+viruses all over your body's** skin [keeping our skin 'protected' from injurious things such as bad-gases]

We shall strike other 'fog-terms' -  "perception" being another major confusion.

**  The Americans say "baddies"  -  but we English-English know that our bodies are in fact "goodies" don't we ?]


2200 Sn 12 06 16


We seek to alternate with any other Sustainworthy-ing body

beginning with things in which said:

We, every one of us, 

need to keep clearing our "immediate selves".

So this front page will open always as succinctly as possible

 with something not only quickly understandable and welcoming

but also "vital" to our basic intention of 


both our private self
and the long-term future Human Civilisation that we are a part of.


We now up-front with 
> Let's be gradually two-way Sway-ing <

<            >

and either going down "sleep-wards"
<     >
<  >

or even

>          <
>   <

or waking-upwards

< >

   <      >    

<                >

|<                          >| 

1220 F 1006 16

1629 Th090615 

Go to direct to "Basics" now, please


you will need to have already done your 'homework' getting familiar with 

"No-Lose Method III Cooperative Needs Recognition and Problem Solving's"  5 steps
[print-out from "Basics" page]




Please go to"Children/Urgent"  

to  [MilesJSD]   

and to
anything helpful you could do or say ... 






 We need to be following the lead 
and do similarly here in this earlier Life-Refreshment lifeplace-work:


But here and now, we "Life-refreshers" can lead a bit:


In becoming ever more self-enabling
distinguish "self-practice" from "self-and-other practice" [i.e. "self-enabling then [workplace-ish] self-skilling"]


Further be dichotomising, too ...


 the difference between self-enabling with an external non-bio object,


or with a bio- object  --->  e.g. (instantiation) I just found a big cobweb in my kitchen, with a tiny little dark-grey fly upon it;


Intrigued to find out whether those water-meniscus survivors can also suvive the spider's web, I 'blew' varyingly upon the fly and the web,


further realising that no spider was appearing...




Time presses 


c    u    later



There are two sides to this "coin":-


(1) [a]  Before you can influence any-one else, you have to know yourself; and thoroughly so.
[b] You then have to sequentially* find out their Needs, Wants, Abilities and Motives. [* that also takes quite a long time]




(2)  Since both of the above also require 
- or "pre-require" -  
a considerably all-round, in-depth, and sustainworthy 
body of Knowledge, Know-How, Work-skills, 
and especially of Life-experiences,


it may be a very-good sign that 
"Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen" 
-  -  - 


within all of that there is another human-hearted and "Godly" life-spirit-composition
in the form of an old popular song -




[to be concluded - today]


1.  (") I love thee "lowered-Jesus"
I ask you to stay


Close by my bedside
And love me I pray;


by blessing all the dear children
In Thy tender care,


And preparing us for Heaven to be living with you there (") 
2.  Now I need "Some-One To Watch -  Over Me"






2329  T/W 19 July 16 
39B1 up, fetching bedside a fresh bottle of drinking water, 
having a bath,
(and just micturated amidst close-to-a leg-cramp ;)

39B2 down just on the surface;
cetera paribus ... 
all else appears quiet




{  r  }   estreme (tease ?) 



0800 F 100616




And please also remember that soon, 
or 'eventually' for some, 
our individual-progress will need to alternate with 
mutual-group progress 
for which, print-out "Method III" from the "Basics" page



Happy Snoo-zing