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    Here. we're thankful to be 
    1)  'pausing' John Brockman ["Thinking"], Kevin Kelly ["Inevitables"], and Leil Lowndes [How to ... Anyone"]
    2)  Dressing to go out [earlier de3cision "stay in": also 'paused'  ...  ] ... 




    Thursday began :-  Let's Be PPPP  Proper Preparations Positioning Practicing ...


    1747 Wed 240816 

    Had a 'supportive' phone call from NIAGARA {treatments for Arthritis, Back, Breathing, Circulation problems [medically].:

    thank you Sally-Anne
    and we welcome your on or off- duty visits to  not-for-profit

    showing lists of excellent, but so far officially unrecognised, and neglected,  
    holistic-health (building) knowledges & know-how advances 
    by registered fully qualified researchers, educators, and practitioners

    that are slow to catch on with the mainstream National Health Service 
    (which we are 'arguing' should be called  
    "The National Illnesses & Hospitals Sector"'

    We are also recommending obtaining  

    Your Body: biofeedback at its best [without instrauments]  by Beata Jencks ...