So anyway, I'll have to work from that sequence
 1.  Familiarising  ( myself ) with my ever-present "imaging" mind-function;  
then my only sometimes present Imagination and ways I may 'direct' "it" '''

My source guiode will be two-fold to start with:

(1)  Creative Visualisation by Ronald Shone;


(2) Your Body:  biofeedback at its best [without instruments and machinerey].


( I wish a few people would respond -  for I am in need of lead-guidance 

in the Life-Task Matter of "Mind-Somatics"

How and with what does one check and complete one's "natural-imaging" ability, before tackling our Imaghination-basics, then our fantasisings,

and 'make-adequate' our ability to self-rescue from "phantasmagoria" ('evil' fantasy)
and from becoming unawarely "enveloped" by "The Unconscious Mind'" - in varying depths of "possession" by one or more fantasies. )  


Ronald's front cover says
"Using Imagery and Imagination
for elf-Transformation."


"Because imagery has has  largely been ignored in standard courses on psychology, we begin by discussing this and how it is the basis of imagination.

 ... we supply ideas on how to improve imagery amd imagination...

We discuss dreams (because) dreams utilise creative visualisation quite naturally ...

------  break 2150  for self-maintenance  and eventually horizontal hypnogoging (going down into sleep), sleeping, and hypnopomping (awakening from sleep) resume daylight tomorrow Thursday morning.-----





Tuesday 03 01 2017  start 1930    ^

Since the evidence is overwhelming that the human-imagination is crucial to both our survival and thrival
and indeed to the bare survival of all Life and Lifesupports on  this Earth 

we started today

into "Sustainworthy-ing Our Human Imagination"  

specificly quoting from The Water Babies .....




At first, Tom is a 'slave' chimney sweep, under a hard boss Mr Grimes; but is falsley accused. 'framed', for theft,

and black with chimney-soot has fled for his life, crossed sharp crags in freezing stormy weather,

but been nurserd by a an older woman teacher,  and rested on the hay in her barn, and ... 

as if in a dream ...

finds himself in a beautifut meadow
with a happily-bubbling stream flowing,
into which after removing all his sooty clothes, he immerses himself and closes his eyes in blissful relief:


Chapter 6 Tom''s First Experiences In The Water 

Tom was now quite amphibious, which means he was both 'animal' and 'fish'; and what was better still, he waa


For the first time in his life, he felt how comfortable it was to have nothing on him but himself.

1910 stay 'tuned' we're continuing ... ^  upwards from the top of page             ^



We shall also need to be "co-advancing" on three-co-learning and consolidating "fronts" 

1  Foundational and General Sustainworthiness-ing ;

2.  New Knowledges and Know-Hows

3.  Carry-Forwardables : 'Old'-but-Sustainworthy-able, Essentials and Things 

 to achieve this we need to life-wise-work in parallel with the above statement published just previously today by   


Since Life Refreshment is 'older' than "One-Human-Living"  we might  lead into Front Three tasks :-

A.   Re-Prioritise "The Old, The New, and The Established   


B.   Start selecting "key-essentials" 


C.  _   _   _   _   _   _ .


1057 for 1200 start
B.  Keys;  and Progressive-Essentials

1.  First Aid Manual  10th edition  by The First Aid Societies.

1.0   Introduction: "The Comprehensive Guide to Treating Casualties of All Ages In An Emergency." :-  "Clear,   step-by-step Photographs"; and "Find Information fast with easy-to-follow instructions"' 

1.1  [The casualty-person needs }  
1.1.1  have AIRWAY  open  1.1.2  be BREATHING enough. 
{-----unfortunately, for your First-Aiders Response you need to read the manual through as far as page 44's PRIMARY SURVEY------ }  :-



"At this point you need tp make a quick assessment -  
casualty conscious or unconscious;
ask him or her "what happened"  
[but NOT such other essentials such as "what was the name of the driver that hit you" -the police should have already done that]


----------------  break for chores, and self-maintenance      resume just before 1200 today -------------