Saturday 10 December 2016


From   Superimmunity by Dr Paul Pearsall (Holistic Therapist)

chapter 4 "Hot Running People"

"The Dirty Dozen test" - Focus upon yhour many feelings and 'behaviours' 

Key Words

(you feel)                                      hostile             (but deny this to others)    

                    (how can I get more out of)                time          (because it belongs to me in the first place) 



(I must think about somethin elseright now)  impatient             (other people should hurry-up more)







(thinking)              'explosively'      (and speaking) 

                                    (right now, your forehead, jaw-joints-muscles, shoulders)     tense    (chest breathing, not belly)                                                                                       


                                                                     (all my)                responsibilities                  (and I have to carry what otherrs neglect or 'dump' on me)



Over-habitual 'Coldness' 

Five  characteristic thinking-patterns of the 'Cold-reactor' [original auithor David Burns]


Smearing;  Thought-Straining;  Negativity;  Minimising;  The 'Atlas Trap'; .


"Powerless people and  Strong Defences" 

The five defence systems equated with the 'Cold' character disorder are immature3 defenses: they are 'strong'only in their solidification and impenetrability 
(much as the stubborn chils is unresponsive to better discipline and self-control,0. 

Arctic Isolation;  
The Dr WSelby Dilemma;  

'Quiei Noise' ;



Dr Pearsall gives much more detail, and more "illustrative" and amusingly "captivating".so,


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