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0750 Sunday 29 01 17   
Despite my dire warnings [below posts]

I was just 'attacked" in bed, first in one leg and then as I tried to get up off my bed, the other, by cramp.

I struggled up, narrowly avoiding getting 'instinctively-self-defensively- kicked' by my caree who lies on her mattress in the opposite (SE) corner;

and wobbling between "a hot bath" and "what-the-heck-else" - 
'reckoned' that turning on the fan heater should warm my legs enough -

so here I sat, found both tropical juice and a still-water bottle to drink-up from -
 and simply drooped and moped -

then got 'visited' by "dream" images 
(as if being presented by some anonymous dream-master - 
or better still maybe, by a"24/7 spiritually-watchful team or individual") 

the first was a steady image, 
of a big cardboard box - 
then slowly, almost imperceptibly it 'suggested' that 
one of its sides was actually 'hingeable" open-able 
[childhood significance there,  in the 'run-up' to WW2, 
I used to arrange three such large cardboard boxes together, 
up in a West Villa attic in Burraton, Saltash, Cornwall UK, 
and I would frequently 'retreat' and "hide safely in there, my very own little home"

but afterwards in this cramp situation, came more, but briefer, 
"real-human-presence" 'clips' 
of one or another kind of imagery - 
brief, but quite long enough to be 'deliberately-intended', 
and several kept on coming, in a sort of "attentive" sequence,- 
as I "drooped on" -

The question now inescapably arising has suggested itself before, 
but now it is time for me to come up front publicly with it
"How may one tell which of one's images are 
(i) "simply from one's own various "unconscious" minds/functions, 
(ii) which are "anonymous but real-people" as it were 'intersupportively-overlapping' or 'sharing' these "human-energic co-living-events" ?

Note:- during my [then 'failed'] Jungian analysis at the erstwhile Withymead Centre, Countess Wear 1955- 1956, analyst Joan Mackworth had told me 
"when you dream of a real person, it means that person is 'carrying' your 'projection'"

{it wasn't until 1999 that I came across a few words in a non-fiction book saying that 
(") a projection is an expectation - of some sort of life-need, want, or wish (") ...

------------ 0830 Sunday ------ chores and self-maintenance again, and "report" down onto my NW corner mattress - so that my caree "feels safe and in some real-live and minimally-supportive human company" -
genuine I think, 

but often 'feeling'  like "selfish-manipulation".




INSTANTIATION   INSTANCE:-  Currently an instance of "Non-C arry-Forwardable" would be all the Companies that "aggressively" interrupt your work and very 'life-blood' essentials;

such as a mobile-phone company that keeps sending "your balance is £ _ _ _" text-messages; 

especially all those Organoisations that use machine-recorded messagiong and subliminary-invasions of one's time, mind and energies;
such as the urgently-ringing telephoine that "GThis is an important message. Please listen carefully to the following ..."

However, one instance of a 'thing' that is "carry-forwardable"  would ('for my money') be

Gilbert & Sullivan Light Opera music such as

"I've Got Them On A List,

And They'll None Of Them Be Missed ..."




A tiny warnng in advance, please :   even some PhD publications are 'fraught' with sense-versus-meaning 'hidden-wild-traps': 
fogginess ('energetic' where the true and clear  term needs to be 'energic'),  
conflation ('social-mobility' where the truth is 'career-ladder-win-lose-competitive-climbing'), 
mis-spelling ('extroversion' instead of the true Jungian spelling 'extraversion')


A.   Being 'limbic-mindfully' vigilant, is one continuous Task in making one-self and one's Civilisation "sustain-worthy".


(1)  "SPACE"  -  The common but also 'constitutional' error with "Space" is that it consists of
"three 'dimensions' - Longitudality, Verticality, and Horizontality,

whereas in fact these three "qualities" are not "quantities" but "Directions" - (and cardinally so).


which leads us back to our basic need to see an overall strategic chart of 'Domains of Existence' 


Time; Space; Quantity; Temperature; Colour; Density; Shape;
also perhaps  Movement  ( ? where fit 'Self-movability'  ?)  .  .  .


===========  jsdm 0500 Tuesday 13 December 2016  =============


from for 0300 Wed 11 01 17 :-


Whilst we in administration  learn how to "draw" online, would you kindly 
draw a wide "mouthed" Y,  and extend its upright upwards to form a 'closed-bottom 'W.

Road-map-wise as The Human Race On Earth1, we are coming up the central stem path 
and are now already in sight of the following Three-Ways ahead:-


The right fork is fadingly-named the 
"Carryon Civilisation Mainroad"

the Left is intended to be called the 
but hasn't yet been legislated permission to be so called nor to so call itself [due to its "excessive verbossity [sic]";


likewise the central way ahead, being the 
"Mutual-Sustainworthy-ing Kitchen-Gardens Long-Lease 'No Lose' Cooperative Dwellings Estate Trust [or Trust Estate]" 

has no signpost yet approved for, 
nor "de-facto erected on",


Y-Our Task:is therefore  a Triple-Barreled one -  
(i)    List the essential Purpose and Needs-&-Hows for each such way-ahead, longest-term* ;
(ii)   Describe how each may be best "maximally-effectivised" including "co-effectivised"; 
(iii)  Suggest a briefest clear-sense Name for each way, and a "New Sustainworthy-ing Borough" name for the surrounding area of all three.
*  'longest-term' could be more than a million years but must not be less than 10,000 years: 
'cetera paribus',  
but including a reasonably probable Space-Emigration achievement 
or 'Extra-Terrestrial Intervention Event' 
before such 10,000 years timeframe expires.

NB  'Premature' Total Extinction or 'Act-of-God' Events, 
such as by a 'bulls-eye' Gamma Ray Burst or any other Life-Inhibiting, Extincting or Destroying event,  
must not be included in this MainTask 
but may be briefly mentioned provided xlear brief relevance and justification is shown in an introduction, footnotes, and both endnotes and bibliography.


Supporters of and/or of  are also welcome to participate, of course.