Learning Peripherally Too





We need to be “togethering” even “apartly”. 

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1417 F 06 April 18 


The Two Essentials
(i)  'No-Lose' Method III of Cooperative Problem Solving.
(ii)  Self-Sustainworthy-ing :  first focua Arnold Mindell's Working On Yourself Alone .

---------- 0825 ------- ^

0800 -------------->  Preparing learning and practicing
[wish it were co-]
LUCID-DREAMING - with online Chris Hammond of "World-Of-Lucid-Dreaming"

Step One is "Preparing one's safety-net, line or buoy - "  ------------->

(including by 'staying-tuned' here - for those of us who have committed to being "these-of-us" ...) 



 A good but in-your-own-time varying choice might be to

Daily - find and follow some helpful "life-point" published by a reliable "real-life-leader" -

such as Caroline Myss (see progressing from 0100 Tuesday 02 May 2017 in http://lifefresh.net )  -


Guidance Sources and Authors :-

(1)  Caroline Myss  (i) The Anatomy of Your Health  [CD course] .
"... we have become duplicitous 'people-of-the-Inner';
we are learning about our 'wounded child' -
that does battle with our 
  'magic entitled child' -

===========  "Time" has progressed since Caroline laid down these CDs - all is still True - but some further "refinement" has arisen within or towards it ==============

such that whereas then she said
"... these vital aspects of yourself need to be brought under control ..."
she would now be specificly adding 'your - self - '

"these vital aspects of yourself need to be brought under you self-control".

"... look at the relationship between the 'magical' and the 'wounded' child   [jsdm39B1 - that you still, within yourself, will always be accompanied-by] "



--------- 0128 T 02 May 2017  ---------- choring -----------
but we'll be coming back to attempt 'sliding aboard' again this Miss Myss's "conducted tour of your life and health" to where she advises us - 

" ... There is no such thing as "back then " ...







----------------------------  Some new books have come alongside here since I fell in the dark and fractured my kneecap --------------------- 
(still recuperating 2327 W 29 March 2017) 

Bletchley Park Crossword Puzzles  [off the record, actually quite "easy" most of the way through]


1900 Sn 290117   Started viewing Kenneth Clark's

"We Got Through By The Skin of our Teeth" DVD series


-------------------------------------- time to 'stand-down' now until Monday, and give our own recent wounds some healing-rest  ----------------------------------------- 

http://lifefresh.net had something today;  thank you :-

"It's no good carrying the trillionaires and billionaires - " 

Our first "by return" response has been already "benefit-of-the-doubt" released for public-viewing :-

"Where do the poor millionaires fit
into this "make them carry theirselves, stand on their own two feet,

 come down from their deluded-almighty-luxury-fantasy-castles-in-the-air 
and put their shoulders to the Wheel ..."  
- live off just one-human-living each, 

"begin and never cease " ?


----------unfortunately we are severely undermanned, down-under here in the "Sinderella-Sustainworthying Sinking Ship" -----
----- and have to go choring; and self-therapying; and neighbour-helping -------
--------------- yet one can still hope to be back, to start trying to catch up with you-all again ----  by midnight tonight ..... pre-midday F 27 January 2017 ------
------ Peace -------




For our Human Race to both survive and thrive Longest-Term
[ it's no good thriving for the short-term 100 years or so 
if our children's children are not going to survive let alone find anmd space-emigrate to a longer-term Planet ]

we need to be reducing ourselves to a simple sufficiencyof "bare necessities"
is an essential part of that "pulling in our horns".

That said, where can we find a Prioritised List
of those necessary-sufficiencies ?

----- to be continued ------

 1329 Th 26 01 17


A Peacefully-Revolutionary End to Individual Capitalism and a 'Quantum-Jump' Into a "Sustainworthying"-Civilisation

Source Guidances:-Perceptual Self Control   W.T. Powers, et al ;

Mindset  Caroline Dweck, et al :

Leader Effectiveness Training  Thomas Gordon; 
People Skills Robert Bolton
Joining Together Johnson & Johnson; 
Health Care Together Johnston & Rifkin; 
Land Care Together Chamala & Mortiss; ... / .../ et al ;


Relaxercise Bersin, Bersin and Reese; 
The Busy Person's Guide to Easier Movement Frank Wildman 
[upon the Moshe Feldenkrais foundational=work;  
The New 'Rules' of 'Posture' Mary Bond; 
Wisdom of the Body Moving Linda Hartley; 
Somatics Thomas Hanna;
Creative Visualisation Ronald Shone   
Inner Work Robert A.Johnston 
Working On Yourself Alone 
Arnold Mindell.

Your Body Beata Jencks;

The Centering Book Hendricks & Wills;  
The Second Centering Book Hendricks & Roberts;  
The Moving Center Hendricks G & Hendricks K;

Recovering Alone from Earlier Life Traumas  (a few different sources)

----- stay tuned : to be continued; -----and see also  http://www.lifefresh.co.uk  and  http://www.one-human-living.com 'Basics' pages --------------



Let's Begin Again ...   

W el c o m e   !     

One 'instant' sustainworthy-ing task and educational-enjoyment we can start doing

is "the carrying-forward of our best-known and best-shared Past".


Today's instance is  The Greatest Thinkers by Edward de Bono (1976) :-




Our 'skim-learning' can begin and go forward daily,
here and/or in www.one-human-living.com 's "Presents" page



-------1730  St 14 01 17     chores, and horizontal self-maintenance  until 2230 or Midnight today ------------ 



Very probably we shall have to face up to either Voluntary or Involuntary "decimation" and greater population sustainworthying.


It is probable that the maximum survival-population that this Earfth can both carry and provided rare-respources enabling our descendants to space-emigrate

is already no more than 500,000,000 [half a billion]. 

That means drsticly reducing the runaway 7+ billion as rapidly as possioble.


We don't know what the timeframe is for sustain-worthy-ing our Human Race;

but a calculation might help us determine a 'bracket-table',  e.g.

Given 100 years to reduce the population to half-a billion, that's a total of 7 billion people -7,000,000,000 divided by 100 years is 70, 000.000 to be eliminated per year.


How to most efficiently and humanely achieve this Reduction in Population ?






Since we not only "want" our Civilisation to be longest-term  "sustain-worthy"

as an essentioal for survival and thrival 
but we also deeply top-priority urgently

Need to be "lifeplace-enabling-together"  to get our civilisations established onto this new "Sustainworthy-ing" foundation.


So well need to re-equip our bodies, emotions, mind-functions, and our Wolrd and Environment Views and practical-conducts much more self-and mutual "vigilantly".




 Let's  Begin - in more 'digestible' order - then :-

We need to bring-forward the "sine-qua-non', 'deal-breaking'  Basics :-

At least increase your own personal familiarity with, and "can-imagine-in-my-own-mind-happening ", the following:-

A.  (1)   'No Lose' Method III Cooperative Problem Solving

(helped along by)

(2)  The Six Thinking Modes.

B.  Sidetables of Sources, Supports, Guidances -  and (of course) Encyclopaedia and Dictionaries




Life-Sustainworthying Basics
interspersedly guided by preparatory self-'limberings'
and helpful knowledges :-

(Guidance): How clear are we, that Individual-competence 
must precede 
in both 'one-off' and progressive
Life-Enablement-ing ?

(e.g. one needs to be able to both comprehend and speak
a sufficiency of [English] language 
joining a two or multi-way communicating group of people in England.)

The participants in such a group would need minimums of specific English phrases 
 of stipulative words and of such 'tertiary' language as used in the Cooperative Think-Tank Six Thinking Modes *

beginning with ssome vital differences between
Health&Wellbeing-vs-Illness&'Hospitals'" and
Top-Down Oligarchic-'Democracy'-vs-People Bottom-Up Participatory or Participative Democracy" - words

as well as willingness and ability** to fully-participate.
Fortunately, one of the key new Basics happens to be "communication-friendly" -

"No Lose" Needs-&-Affordable-Hows Identification and Cooperative Problem Solving

Moving Enjoyably Together

And likewise, a sound all-round range 
of practical-individual-guidances from other Sources 
are affordably ready for both lone-personal-improvement-practice
and for 
"co-learning" in groups. 

The Busy Person's Guide to Easier Movement
Six Thinking 'Hats'

Healthier Feeding, Drinking and Sleeping




*  Using the E. de Bono source Six Thinking Hats :_

White = the Facts and indisputable Factors  
Yellow = Positive elements  
Green =  Creative possibilities

Black = Risks  

Red = Emotional-Thoughts
('letting off steam', 'being miserable' without having to 'justify' why) 

Blue = Planning our next round of Think-Tank Cooperative-Problem Solving

**  "ability (to fully-participate)"  =  especially including where some-one needs to be 'welcomely' helped by an adequate Advocate.

----- 0233 we break for other Self-Maintenance, Chores        -----

========= 0215  Sn  08 January 2017 ==========









Once launched, the "New Lifefresh" pages  may contain a near-infinity of topics - 

(  just think how many Issues, let alone ordinarfy everfyday topics, could be posted
by 'rising to 8 billion' human-inhabitants-of this Planet Earth,
currently and day-to-day
let alone 'constitutionally-permanently'  ! )


Clearly then, our envisaged world-wide-shared 'new'  http://www.lifefresh.net  
needs to open with at least one foundational-reference work 
notionally e.g.

"The United Nations'  World-Views, Facts, & Factors Encyclopaedia" .


Further clearly, that needs to be accompanied by a comprehensively 'keeping-up-to-date' Thesaurus
[in the instance of the Roget series, the original contents list was quite easy to memorise with its mnemonic 
[ Abstract;  Space*;  Matter;  Intellect;  Volition; 'Sentient & Moral Powers' -

* the Roget "Space" term, however, will immediately lead to a Major-Issues Page 
concerned with Sense-(versus)-Meaning :- the reader could already go now to page Instances for an instance of this particular "Mind-Conflict"


Herewith we might also consider adding at the same 'keeping-up-to-date' constitutional-core-foundational level, an

"Encyclopaedia of Earth1 Lifeforms' Needs, Hows, and Prospects"



=============  jsdm  0500 Tuesday 13 December 2016  ============ 

What Is Needed :-  

A continuously "growing" stream of individuals
embarked upon "Self-Sustain-worthy-ing"
by familiarising and self-competency-building 
in 'new' Lifeplace-Enablements* :-

(1)  The Method III 'No-Lose' Needs-&-Hows Cooperative Problem Solving  [copy print-out from Basics page]    


(2)  ...........................................

{ from those Basics page lists can be put together your own list and sequencing }