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page 6    Taoism   [as our Model for "up-dating" our  respective and in-common "world-views"]  - to page 15 "Open Forum Training -".
"key-noting" as we 'skim' along now
{ I (this publish
er jsdm) will now assume that
we are all "reading from the same words on the same page
in the same book 
The Deep Democracy of Open Forums by Arnold Mindel }

- and will assume we have each comprehended the writing so far - 

Likewise, if groups of people want to know themselves, they need to explore together in "Open Foirums", how to understand their various parts.

"To understand yourself, you need to explore your inner experiences " (jsdm: and your self-control abilities)

It will save us all time and energy if we use the books "Look Inside" for  this guidance-book -

The Deep Democracy of Open Forums  -  practical steps to conflict-prevention and resolution for the family, workplace, and World.

 Let us proceed in finding "keys"  - in our Mindellian self-and civilisation "co-life-work"


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Our first need here  is probably "how to support and facilitate a sufficient numbers of online-participants in  these three e-sites ; ;  and .


Let us proceed in finding "keys"

-----------------  publisher's note:  much of  Mindell's guidance texts, and some of other key-writers'[*] are instantly visible via the "Look Inside" facility     --- 
but Johnson & Johnson Joining Together evidently holds a monopolistic place amongst social textbooks, and they do not allow this "look inside", and they also charge very high prices even for their older used editions-

"For organisations, communities, and nations to succeed today and survive tomorrow, they must be deeply democratic  -  that is every-one and every feeling must be represented.  
Our note must surely be 
" - and especially for our surrounding small neighbourhoods to start succeeding both today and longest-term-tomorrow -"

Now we look for 'keys' in The Preface: 

(see "Look Inside" this book via 

Mindell's passion is to help create groups and organisations where evryone actually looks forward to group processes, 
instead of fearing them.  
He calls this the "deep democracy of open forums" 
where all voices, thoughts, and feelings are aired freely,- 
[ - especially the ones nobody wants to hear ].

Mindell's new paradigm is for working in groups of from 3 persons to 3,000 
based on awareness of the flow of signals and events.

"Most of us are terrified of conflict ...But we needn't be ..."


Practical Steps to Conflict Prevention and Resolution for the Family, Workplace, and World .

The Deep Democracy of Open Forums [Mindell]




2.  The Deep Democracy -  including using the public-discussion e-site 

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2.  The Deep Democracy of Open Forums 


1.  Working On Yourself Alone  [ please go to ]  

for immediate "look inside" access to both these works visit - books. 
both by Arnold Mindell Ph.D 
Main Source:  #1 and #2


-------         MAIN ^ TASK   ------- 


Because these three websites need to be "world-public" orienting
this publisher has found one foundationally-sufficient Source 
to "dual-focus" along with 
for our dual-purpose of 

1.  Self-Sustainworthying (as one 'lone' person)
along with
2.  Co-Civilisational Sustainworthying (as a "progress-participative-forum"

Prepare your own lists of Leaders and Guidances 
Take in the Sources lists and 'reviews' under "Old and New Basics"  pages
Self-Sustainworthying Enablements
Finding & Following  External-World - Affordably Emulable - Leadership and Guidance




So What's the Outlook for Human-Civilisations and for Earth's-Lifesupportiveness ?





1045  -  for  1200 Sunday 01 01 2017  start


We shall now need to be "co-advancing" on three-co-learning and consolidating "fronts" 

1  Foundational and General Sustainworthiness-ing ;

2.  New Knowledges and Know-Hows

3.  Carry-Forwardables : 'Old'-but-Sustainworthy-able, Essentials and Things 

 to achieve this we need to life-wise-work in parallel with the above statement published just previously today by   


Since Life Refreshment is 'older' than "One-Human-Living"  we might  lead into Front Three tasks :-

A.   Re-Prioritise "The Old, The New, and The Established   


B.   Start selecting "key-essentials" 


C.  _   _   _   _   _   _ .


1057 for 1200 start 
B.  Keys;  and Progressive-Essentials

1.  First Aid Manual  10th edition  by The First Aid Societies.

1.0   Introduction: "The Comprehensive Guide to Treating Casualties of All Ages In An Emergency." :-  "Clear,   step-by-step Photographs"; and "Find Information fast with easy-to-follow instructions"' 

1.1  [The casualty-person needs }  
1.1.1  have AIRWAY  open  1.1.2  be BREATHING enough. 1.1.3  have BLOOD CIRCULATION
{-----unfortunately, for your First-Aiders Response you need to read the manual through as far as page 44's PRIMARY SURVEY------ }  :-



"At this point you need tp make a quick assessment -  
casualty conscious or unconscious; 
ask him or her "what happened"  
[but NOT such other essentials such as "what was the name of the driver that hit you" -the police should have already done that]


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0200 F 23 12 16 -  interimly, see the Superimmunity 'learnalong' in  .  page 4 Present Focus.


"Being Prepared"   

from other 'life-leaders' guidance publications:-


and Others.