Some essential-foundations are brief - such as using washable-cloth as a hankie, even a second one as a 'bum-cloth' instead of rainforest-paper lavatory-rolls, and kitchen-towels'. Others are much more 'complicated' and 'personal-preparation-time-consuming' - and this 'urgent' entry is to put in front of us such 'potential obstacles' starting with "Critical Thinking - a concise guide" by Bowell & Kemp: In reading for an over-grasp of all its contents, I just 'stumbled across' its chapter 2 "Language and Rhetoric" and before pencil-boxing the page after page of 'Rhetorical Ploys', I had 'intuitively' seen that this whole chapter has essential 'progressive foundations' for our 'co-sustainworthying' of ourselves individually, and our team-work-collectively to be progressively "SustainworthyEarth-Citizens" and practical environment-preservationists & conservationistes [sic]'. p46 definition "Rhetoric: Any verbal or written attempt to persuade someone to believe, desire or do something that does not attempt to give good reasons for the belief, desire or action, but attempts to motivate that belief, desire or action solely through the power of the words used". e.g. through playing on Feelings, Novelty, Popularity, Compassion, Cuteness, Sexiness, Wealth, Fear, Ridicule ... Exercises: 1. Using a plausible example of each, explain the difference between lexical and syntactic ambiguity. Indicate the lexical ambiguities and explain their possible meanings [and factual senses of 'the thing-itself, on the ground' - a 'Lifefresh essential 'rider'] :- a) The last time I saw them they were sitting near the court. b) Happiness is the end of life. c) Archbishop of Canterbury praises organ donor for his humanity. d) Museum visitor attacked by mummy. e) Stolen car found by statue. f) Ladies, shopping for a man this Christmas ? g) Syrian head seeks arms. h) An intense depression swept over the Midwest today. i) Obama leans further to the right. j) Finance Minister wins on budget, but more lies ahead. [Ambiguity: (i) lexical = of a single word; (ii) syntactic = of a whole sentence of words.] [Can't ask "Would you like more such carry-forward sustainworthies ?" so I'll just try putting up one exercise from each chapter - to become minimally familiar and enabled if you don't have the book already. Alright ? Cheerio for now, then.


Self-Monitoring Helps

Draw a middle-less square cross, label one pair of opposites "Technological" (versus) "Natural" 

For you to distinguish in your Planning and Daily-Horarium
'how-much' (time; energy;) you 'spend' under each -

-and we'll find the other pair, later. 
1200 Th 31 12 15.  jsdm.



0000 Thursday 31 December 2015 through into 2016.

When you want a new life-enablement to be tackling,
and you want to know at least one other human
who is learning the same here and now
regardless of whether you ever meet
or even speak,

there are Intentions possible:

The 7-Fold Holistic Living Model Enablement Sources:

A.  BODY (Physiologicals)
1.  Awareness Through Movement [Feldenkrais].


"This remarkable guidebook introduces us to "Emotional Mapping" ... 

{therefore firstly we need to re-visit our personal emotional lives to date -

Joy Fear Anger Affection

some now include Disgust and Contempt as regular emotions.

There must also surely be 'moods' and 'dispositions' and 'predispositions'
such as to melancholy, friendliness, outgoingness, introspection,
'own-world-ness',  'bible-thumping',
 'jealousy', 'pleasure', 'strictness', and so on and so forth .

Three tasks, therefore:

1) When have you had such states yourself ?

2) When/where have encountered such
(a) from other real-life people or events

(b)  from books or from movies ?

3)  Take separate timeframes to "re-live" each of such  emotions/moods/predispositions.

  O God, who didst agree with humankind that we should in-advance notify to You our situations and needs,

and didst agree and divinely-ordain that humankind should constitute everlastingly-sustainworthy No-Lose organisations
as well as every individual to be primarily made and maintained sustainworthy,

help us to activate and further share the 7-Fold-Domains Holistic Living Model
especially now in these whole-of-Life-threatening situations
that Thy human-servants be facilitated to go into the 6th domain
of 'Individually-personal sanctuary time-out now'
for any right-sustainworthy purpose

this 'purpose' now including for time-to-activate the 5th domain
namely of our individual 'Spiritual' contact
direct with God or Divine-Creator 

and our dependence upon
God Given
or to have-satisfied by others; 

most especially through our private & and personal access channel, lifespport, and timeframe,
that we be given fully-effective time to be two-way with God-Alone 

attended only behind or beside  
by one's proven human-sustainworthy-living advocate,

and not multi-way attended-by or including any other whatsoever. 


And may we be encouraged to include all in Thy  Will upon Earth for Minimal-Sufficiency

and to include therein such agape-and-caritas love-provisions as 

"when we were two little girls"
in such holy-ish songs as

"Did You Think I Would Leave You Lying,When There's Room On My Horse For Two"


 And we ask You to help us reinstate the factual-truth-on-the-ground of Thy "Go Forth and Populate"

mindful that Thou saidst neither
"Proliferate" nor "Plague-ify"

and help us to find whether or not Thy Dear Son Christ-Jesus's actual sense-on-the-ground and among-the-grass-roots within His introductory-declaration

"I have come that you may have life and have it abundantly"

was intended by Your-Divine-Self to mean
"have life minimally-sufficiently and equally for all";

and that "for all" meant "for all Lifeforms".

And, Lord, and Mother-of-God, and Allah, and Jehovah,
and each other of Thy appointed Leaders-on-Earth,

 for this we do,

both for now and ongoingly for 'ever' 

most earnestly pray.


 Not only "what"
do we really NEED
 but HOW
co-determine both what and  'how-most-affordably-sustainworthily'

to always be 'No-Lose' recognising monitoring,  maintaining,
and progressing more sustainworthily,

our Needs & Affordable-Hows 

and first-and-foremost to be nurturing
the Needs of this 
['our'] Earth's 
Own Lifesupports.

Immediate urgencies

We are in a life-threatened global-situation:  therefore

to gain an all-round view, several places need to be visited

Since May 2010 the House of Lords http://lordsoftheblog.net have published over 500 of my submissions for improving our Particpative Democracy.

another older one is https://johnmiles1.wordpress.com {where one of the "sustainworthiness-ing" administrators' images appears).