Warning Signs - Today


Friday 12 May 2017 

We need


to "Actively engage in our World's problems -"  

truly Big problems which
may be hugely worse than 
Britain's non-sustain-worthy

and in effect 

Life-criminal problem

  • namely of
    and also
    this Earth's total resources and lifesupports
    to the 'tune' of

  • 500% [five-hundred-percent] more than  our fair share
    as equal-human-beings with all others of the worldwide 7,000,000.000+ (7 billion other human-bodies and mouths)
  • ============================= 

    Incidentally, at a much "lesser/lower" world and stratedgic level   [ - i.e. merely-national in the U.K. - "Great-Britain" ]

  •  only one of Britain's Political and Establishmentarian Leaders has publicly stated this "World-Problem"
    as our "new" Survival-Task to start being "co-tacklerd"£ -
    • but they remain "nameless", being overwhelmingly-unpopular,
      and consequently are unlikely to "win" enough seats in the imminently last-ditch
      but "new" General-Election
      of the [already Tory Theresa May-Dominated] Great-British Parliament.

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please see bottom-of-page for an ongoing "Citizens Scrutiny"  of (1)  This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein.

================= 1100 Wednesday 21 12 16  ====================

If you haven't identified



and every-one else's,

Life-supporting Needs

it's hopeless
expecting you have a Right-to-Satisfy any need whatsoever  ! 
neither will "Civil Liberties come to your "Rescue"  
nor a fat-bank-balance """



So - realise that you are
demanding and consuming -
but into-the-bargain
500% more of the whole Earth's Resources
than is your UK-Resident's need and fair-share


So -

set about
Listing and Prioritising  

and your, 
Life-Supportive Needs

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(   as well as indelibly-listing all your below Values to be Carried-Forward   )








 -  whilst this NFPPnorP * altruistic-Earth-citizen author-publisher needs to be nursing both his legs and a head-chest sneezy cold
u.f.n. **.

taken in from  http://liferfresh.net today Wednesday 03 May 2017

(")  Mike took me shopping and back safely, bottle-of-water-worthily -

-  but what litter-all Hordes of "private"- cars !!!

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**   u.f.n.  =  until-further-notice 

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Saturday 07 January 2017

On our way, two ninety year old disableds, today Saturday to the 11.34 bus top-of-Church Hill to Crownhill, to go bread and milk shopping,

 At Miles Mitchell Estate east entrance and nearby 28 bus-stop top-of-Church Hill to Crownhill, to go bread and milk shopping,

   the following "incident" has been reported to and recorded by the responsible Authorities,
and is now notified to 'you the worldwide human-public'
via  www.one-human-living, 
as well as in www.lifefresh.co.uk  
(and via http://lifefresh.net  new not-for-profit public discussion site.)


We've just been aggressively bullied, and 'Gestapo-like' assaulted 
and put in Police Process to be arrested and locked-up,

by a British Plain-Clothes Security Officer 

[who refused to give his name] - 
(and his carload of "family"-supporters) - 

accusing this your Publishing-Administrator person 

of  "taking pictures of little children"

 fortunately 'his' back-up Main Police Force was slow in responding

and the 999 Ambulance team took my call for help

after which a police-officer arrived 
and I obeyed the 999 instructions, and asked the police-offocer to speak direct with the 999 person 
which s/he did

and thereupon escorted us 'no-fault-peacefully' back to our 39B dwelling

where s/he took my explanation whilst we awaited the Ambulance team

which upon arrival "took over"

and ...  

settled evrything down

and departed "in peace".


I consider it my need, right, and duty as a civilised and ordinary-natural human-being, 
 to 'report' this to the world-of-human-beings online.













Pre-December 2016

(1)  "This planet Earth's lifesupports are finite; and some much more finite (or 'scarce') than others:
e.g. titanium is in small quantities "not enough to last the 'space-race' to a second survivable planet") ; whereas Iron is in massive quantities ("enogh to last 'forever') 
-  and both Economics and Religion are wrong
to still allow the beliefs to stand that (a) Earth's resources are self-renewable (b) human-beings are 'insatiable' ...


these spaces for further quotations and summaries



(2)   The primary determiner of civilised-consumption is Need,
not "Right" nor "Want" nor "Wish" nor "Dream".

The 'being' first has a Need; then there has to be an "affordable-how-best-meet-that-need". nextly a "human-right to exercise that 'how'" ...   is this making it 'mindfully-clearer' ?




(3)  The primary determminer of the 'natural-consumption' of all other animals on Earth is "10%" :
each successiove level of 'predation' consumes only 10% of its underlying food-supports.

[Whereas humans-eqauipped with mass-killing tools, instruments and weapons
are "free"
to consume or destroy all 100% 
of any other lower "level-of-life" and of "lifesupports-in-the-ground" on Earth].





(4)  Of all the  Essential-Abilities* of the human-animal, the most impoprtant
but the 'naturally' as well as 'civilisedly' weakest is 

(a)  the human-animal is the only animal on Earth to be born prematurely and unable to adequately self-move 
(b)  The essentials of a lifeform are "MRS GREN" -  
(i)  Movement  (ii) Respiration  (iii)  Sensitivity  (iv)  Growth  (v)  Reproduction  (vi)  Elimination (Excretion)  (vii)  Nutrition (self-feeding).







(5)  "How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth" (David Attenborough, host) 

warns us that Britain is consuming 5-times its fair share of the Earth's Lifesupports






(6)  Dr Paul Pearsall  in Superimmunity advises us to focus on cruising along neither habitually  racing-"hot" nor  sluggishly-"cold" . 

(7)  The only safe and effective way to improve one's body, mind, emotions and 'spiritual' holistic-health,
is to begin 'still', to go slowly, to stay within your comfort limits (and to not "test" any of those limits) 

The Busy Person's Guide To Easier Movement  [Frank Wildman after Moshe Feldenkrais's Awareness Through Movement ]    













This Changes Everything  by  Naomi Klein 2015 

Naomi is focusing broadishly upon "Climate Worsening" [officially that's "Climate Change"]. - and with breathtakingly all-round and penetrating brain-ability and command-of-language;

so we need to place her alongside both Paul Pearsall and a small number of other
and simlarly genuine "human-race and Earthlife savers and sustainworthy-ers".


Briefly and only incompletely introducing Naomi's lifework,
she has to show us  real "barriers" to our human-progress and indeed to our very survival -  
except that in Naomi's case she is simply "pausing" whilst we glimpse the new wave of "ground tremors" of Public Protestation ,

and now ongoingly whilst we all have to  'wait'
patiently and vigilantly
for the next "big pan-public" (but mostly middle-classes) 

big-cities "protest marches"
 "protest-occupations and 'sit-ins'
of individually-capitalistic planet-destroying Offices, Buildings, Parks
and other so-called "Private" Properties
..." .